Interior Design 3D Wall Panels

Wall panels have become a raging trend in the world of interior décor. People from across the globe are using wall panels for their residential and commercial setups. If you have been considering the introduction of wall panels to your interior design, there are several options for you to choose from. To make it easier for you to decide the perfect wall panels for your home or office interiors, we have put together detailed information about the various types of available wall panels. Here’s everything you need to know:

Decorative PVC Wall Panel

Whether it is a residential or commercial building, every element adds to the décor. They tell about your choices and make a substantial impact on those who step in. Among all the décor elements, the wall panels are the most effective. Here is a collection of unique wall paneling ideas for your inspiration.


Maybe your home or space is missing something. If you are not certain how to add character, wall panels could be the prudent choice. You can use them in some ways for revamping the space. This blog has gathered some inspiring ideas on how they can be used in modern areas.

The Art Of Decorating And Designing Modern Offices Explained

The definition of a modern office is so vast a current office is not only a place where administrative and managerial work happens but also a place where there is:

Office Decor Ideas That Inspire Your Teams To Do Their Best

You generally spend an average of 8 hours or 1/3rd of your day at your office. You might also refer to your office as a second home. A comfortable and pleasant office environment can have a positive impact on the productivity and overall mood of the employees. Just imagine if your place of work is drab, gloomy and has molding and old furniture, would you like to go to work then? Not! A cheerless and dull working space will lead to disgruntled and disengaged employees. Demotivated employees rarely contribute to the overall success of the business. An ideal workspace maintains a balance between being comfortable and displaying a professional business image. Here are some effective Office Design and Décor hacks to make your workplace look colorful, vibrant and inspiring:


Wall panels let you live like a champ every day

8 Budget Ideas To Bring Your Hallways And Staircases To Life

As you know, “The Devil lies in the details,” it is quite literally so when you are decorating your home. Paying attention to small details and utilizing all spaces well is the difference between a well furnished and a poorly maintained space. Small spaces like the hallway and staircases form the first impressions about the house but are seldom considered first while decorating the home. Hallways and stairs are the first spaces seen by anyone in your house, they are mostly used for passing through to the main living areas, and so they should reflect the mood and spirit of the house. Here are a few budget ideas for bringing your entryways and stairwells to life:

8 Ways To Build A Smart And Inspiring Workspace In Your House

You get a call from your workspace on a Sunday morning, finally build up the mood to work, but when you look around, all you can see is clutter. When you’ve finally cleared up the mess, the neatly-made bed calls you warmly. We have all been there. It is impossible to work at home, but there is a way out. You can rearrange your house and trick your brain into believing that it is your workspace. How? You may ask, we’ve got you covered in the following words. Keep reading!


A beautiful kids room shows paternal love. Kid’s room is where you can arrange soft toys, electronic cars, talking dolls, kids’ gadgets or anything a little one needs. Designing a kid’s room is not always easy. Kids love playing and running around. So, the place may often get disorganized. Such contingencies must be kept in mind, while the design is in process. It is a bright idea to use kids friendly décor ideas for such a room.

How To Make Use Of Discarded Outdoor Space Of Your House

Okay, so you got that dream house with the patio and the open space outside. The interior is as per your demands, and the bedrooms and living room are as comfortable as you can make them. It also has an ample outdoor space apart from the manicured lawn and the decorative pieces that you are longing to shop for. It’s a home that you love to come back to.

Top 8 Ideas to Make Interior Walls Look Better?

Staring at the expanse of the blank wall can be quite depressing. Filling it up, to look better, also seems to be challenging. Maybe you have these feelings and struggling to find out a solution for improving the walls. Here are some inspiring ideas for livening up the walls.

How To Add Character To Basic Architecture With Wall Paneling

If your home lacks architectural excellence, you are not alone. We dream of an elegant home. But more than often we are compelled to buy based on budget. These mass-produced homes need some architectural treatment besides furniture and accessories. This blog post gives you inspiring ideas on adding character with wall paneling.

3D Wall Panels

Wall paneling is one of the most trendy techniques to make your walls look more elegant, inviting, stylish and sophisticated. Adding decorative wall panels is a simple and promising way of home renovation or home beautification. When the interior walls look unsymmetrical and uneven, the homeowner finds it a difficult job to renovate the room or cover the drawbacks. Plastering of walls is a hectic and time-consuming job. It is cost intensive too. The best idea, in this case, is to add decorative wall panels which can easily conceal uneven surfaces and render seamless surface finish on the walls. Wall panels bring a magical change, which the homeowner will cherish.

3D Wall Panels

Many times you read, look at glossy images and watch movies before doing up your house. Not all that is available in the market may be suitable for your home. Therefore, you end up making mistakes in decorating. After the décor is done and you have ended up spending so much of your time, money, and energy, you may not like the end product!

Gypsum - 3D Decorative Wall Panels

Fine dining is an experience everyone wants. Eating healthy and tasty food is not enough. To make eating more enjoyable and thus to get the best nourishment through your food, you need to sit in a clean and beautiful dining area. Your dining room is also the meeting point for your family members where everyone gathers around the table, and share’s the day’s experiences. It is here that you serve delicacies to your guests too.

Commercial Decor Trends That Deserve Your Attention This Year

Planning on redecorating your commercial space? Well, there is an entire list of commercial décor trends that are taking the world of interiors by storm. We have put together a record of these décor trends that deserve your attention this year. Here’s everything you need to know:

7 Practical Tips To Manage A Bedroom Makeover On A Budget

The bedroom is arguably the most important room. It is your sanctuary to relax and sleep at the end of a tiring day. Your bedroom should, therefore, be a lovely tranquil place for complete rest of the body and mind. Although bedroom makeover on a budget is challenging, this is not impossible.

The Simple Yet Special Office Decor Upgrades You Can Splurge On

Thanks to the proliferation of millennial run web ventures and start-ups, offices have become a lot more informal and intimate than they were a decade back. However, that does not say that office now have stairs instead of slides and hammocks instead of chairs. The changing design trends reflect the changing working attitudes of the workers. Today, it is all about having the best technology and equipment that can engage more employees and enhance their productivity. Here are a few inspiring yet straightforward office décor upgrades you can splurge on;