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Redesign Your Office Space With Movable Modular Walls

If your office design does not foster collaboration, communication, and transparency, then it may be time for a redesign. Fixed cubicles and meeting spaces along with permanent spaces for employees are a thing of the past. They don’t exactly add to the productivity - in fact - they might contribute towards lack of creativity and teamwork. The solution? Movable modular walls. Movable modular walls or temporary partitions improve the flexibility, design and utility of an office space.

Types of Movable Modular Walls

There are many movable modular walls that will help you maximize productivity and make your environment more functional and collaborative. Free-standing dividers are some of the most popular movable walls and are extremely easy to use, taking up only a small footprint. They don’t require additional support or heavy equipment and help in using space efficiently. Demountable walls present another option, made of lightweight materials that can be installed and uninstalled easily. Just like free-standing dividers, these walls can divide the space on-demand. Hinged doors and barn doors are known for their farmhouse character and are also a popular modern choice. They come in two varieties – sliding doors and hinged doors with a hydraulic door closer and are ideal for creating a flexible work environment.

Advantages of Movable Modular Walls


One of the biggest advantages of movable modular walls is that they enhance productivity in the setting. Since they help in creating creative layouts, these architectural elements encourage conversation, collaboration, camaraderie and community. Flexible layouts can be created on-demand to make optimal use of ventilation, natural light and decrease disturbances which bring more comfort to employees and increase productivity in the process.


Some movable modular walls make use of specialized materials that help in sound absorption and reducing echo and reverberation in the setting. A comfortable work environment ensures better employee health, concentration levels and employee retention rates.


Since movable modular walls fit easily and as and when required, they bring privacy and can create rooms/sections on-demand. This allows you to increase the usability of the floor efficiently and for different purposes as per requirement.


Using movable modular walls will help you make the shift from space-centric to people-centric. Rather than being confined to spaces and cubicles, these flexible partitions offer employees a choice to work however they want, wherever they want and at the same time ‘future-proof’ the workplace. 

Timesaving and Money-Saving

Movable partition screens are so efficient; they help in saving time and money. With these solutions, you don’t have to renovate or fix old walls or involve in constructing new infrastructure, you end up saving time, money and resources with much less hassle and business downtime.