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Acoustical Baffles vs. Acoustical Clouds

No matter what business you’re in, every commercial space benefits from acoustical solutions that help to create a perfect environment. Bare, flat, and open-deck ceilings are just like walls in the way they reflect sound, contributing echoes and creating an irritating auditory experience. This is a big problem in modern commercial spaces and open office designs with wide-open shared spaces that create acoustic nightmares. These spaces require ceiling-mounted or suspended solutions that can control noise overhead, and acoustic clouds and baffles are the ideal solutions to deliver the best acoustical absorption.

What are Acoustic Baffles?

Baffles are acoustical treatments that are suspended from the ceiling. They typically consist of a connected series of bars or panels suspended by small-gauge steel cables anchored to the ceiling. Acoustic baffles are incredibly stylish and are extremely effective when it comes to sound absorption and can be customized to fit spaces of any size.

How do Acoustic Baffles work?

Baffles work similarly to wall-mounted acoustic panels where sound energy penetrates the panel which then causes tiny fibers inside the core material to vibrate. The friction caused by these vibrations produces heat which dissipates quickly throughout the panel, converting sound energy into thermal energy in the process.

Acoustic Baffles, Spacing, and Depth

Spacing is the most important factor when it comes to installing acoustic baffles. If you’re working on a tight budget and spacing baffles extremely apart in the ceiling, then they won’t be effective in terms of providing good acoustic control. It is recommended that you space them less than two feet apart so that they’re effective. Also, ensure that they are 12 inches deep or more to provide adequate surface area for sound absorption.

What are Acoustic Clouds?

Acoustic clouds are isolated acoustical treatments that are suspended from the ceiling and help in absorbing sound and providing better acoustics. Consisting of clean lines, stylish design, and eye-catching details, acoustical ceiling clouds are some of the most aesthetically pleasing solutions that provide great performance and a modern appearance. Acoustic clouds come in a range of styles, sizes, and shapes and can be customized to fit spaces of varying sizes and requirements.

How do Acoustic Clouds work?

Acoustic clouds are hung parallel and offset from the ceiling which enables them to absorb sound waves at two points giving them dual-absorption capability. Sound absorption takes place as sound waves travel towards the ceiling and again when it bounces back to the floor. Acoustical clouds, thus, help in reducing echo and dampening noise.

Acoustic Clouds, Placement

Acoustic clouds can be placed right where people are gathering, working, or conversing and creating noise to block and control sound. They can also be used to completely cover the ceiling if people are scattered all over to get better acoustic control. The type of environment you have and the layout of your space will determine whether you should opt for acoustic baffles or clouds.