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Planning A Restaurant Makeover? Use These 8 Timeless Decor Tips

1Planning A Restaurant Makeover Use These 8 Timeless Decor TipsA good choice of interior design for a restaurant can make a lot of difference in terms of how it attracts customers. A good makeover can help you to find the best interior design for your restaurant.

A makeover should ensure that the design of the restaurant fosters a pleasant atmosphere and thereby be attractive to customers.

Given below are some great tips for your restaurant's makeover:

Decorative wall panels

Many magical things can be created with just the right kind of wall panel. They are perfect for giving a modern look to whichever décor theme you have.

Large decorative wall panels are ideal for those walls where you do not wish to have many accessories. Just an elegant panel will do the job.

If you plan to give your restaurant a peppy look, 3D wall panels are your thing. They come in a variety of colors and imageries which will make your restaurant vibrant and charming to dine into.

Some DIY fixtures for lighting

Fixtures for lighting can be made from various day to day objects such as glass bottles, cans, shells, marbles, etc. The fixtures can be based on the themes for the restaurant, with different themes having different combinations for fixtures which can be made with various types of objects.

The fixtures themselves would be very cheap to make, since they would be made with discarded objects, and would add a unique ambiance, look and feel to your restaurant's interior.

However, if throwaway objects do not suit your tastes, then you can always customize the type of glassware used for the light fittings. For more sophisticated touch brassware or even silverware can also be used for the fixtures. Else for a more themed look, seashells can also be an alternative.

A Green Garden theme:

Nothing relaxes people as the sight of green and plants. A garden side set up for the restaurant can be a perfect idea for combining the calming experience of a garden with the delicacies of fresh garden food.

The decors, furniture, and even the lighting, can be based on this theme and using lots of plants inside the restaurant. But do have sunlight coming in, to give the garden a more natural look.

A basement restaurant, with no external light, might not be the best idea for a garden theme.

Let us recycle

While deciding upon renovating your restaurant, nothing can be as important as focusing on the recyclability of the design and décor used for it. Also, it can be useful to use recyclable products for packaging foods and storing foods.

The décor and interior design of the restaurant can also be made from recycled materials such as old kettles and lamps to add a rustic feeling to the place. Old jars, kegs, and barrels can be used as furniture.

This aspect can help to implement an environmentally sustainable aspect to the design of the restaurant and can also help to reduce long term operational costs for the restaurant.
Moreover, a focus on environmental friendliness can also help to earn the trust of the customers.

Some love for art and the artist

Restaurants have always been associated with the appreciation of arts, and several restaurants have prospered after using good technique in their interior design.

Paintings, sketches, and designs can adorn the walls and ceilings of the restaurants and can be as elaborate as a fresco or simple as spray painting, depending on your budget and preference.

These can also be framed and hung on the walls to give that old classy feeling, or a single large painting of the chief matron might also do the trick.

Regardless of whatever art you choose, one thing that should always be ensured, that the paintings are always out of reach, and are well protected, especially if you have spent a fortune buying it.

Local musical instruments as décor

Not a lot of restaurants think this way, but musical instruments are another exciting choice for decorating your restaurant. Various types of tools, such as string instruments, percussion instruments or wind instruments can be kept inside the restaurant in showcases.

Various types of acoustic folk instruments can be used to decorate your walls and panels and can add a traditional look to your restaurant.

On the other hand, using electric guitars and can give the place a more hip and trendy look. Your choice of selection of the instrument can decide the tone of the ambiance and thus the success of the restaurant.

From the woods

Wooden furniture is environmentally friendly and had less carbon footprint compared to plastic furniture's. For a natural look, felled logs can be used to design out tables, chairs, and barstools, while shelves can be made from wooden planks.

Various ideas for wooden furniture can be implemented to give a different look at your restaurant. Oak or other hardwood timber can be used for a more classy touch for the restaurant, while cheaper wood can be used to maintain a rustic and natural look.

Whatever you choose, always ensure that the wood you want is adequately weathered and coated with paint to prevent the growth of mold.

Let there be walking space in the dining area

While deciding to renovate their restaurant one factor which cannot be emphasized enough is to have adequate space in the dining area so that the guests can move around quickly.
This can be done through various ways such as having decorated isles that lead to the tables, having enough space between the tables to prevent clutter, and also having dimmer lights to give a roomier feeling to your restaurant.

Overall, it is essential that the guests should be able to move around their tables and reach the serving areas comfortably, even with plates in their hands. Ensuring the movement space is obstacle free is another important consideration in the renovation process.

Now you know that renovating your restaurant to attract more customers is not necessarily a costly option.

Based on the budget you have, a whole range of ideas can be implemented that can completely makeover your restaurant's look.