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Update the Old Decor of Your Hotel Rooms with These 8 Contemporary Ideas

While browsing for hotel rooms, travelers seek for rooms that are comfortable and are value for money. If your hotel rooms are visually appealing, they will get more clicks and naturally resulting in more bookings.

Do you want to earn some extra cash this holiday season? The small details in décor matter the most and a little renovation and changes here and there can make your rooms look more encouraging to your customers and boost your business.

Here are 8 contemporary ideas to update that old décor of your hotel rooms.

Bedding and linens

When visitors go through your hotel images the first thing, they notice is the bed where they can unwind and relax. This includes linens pillows, blankets, and sheets.

Get rid of those old linens and swap them with some bold patterned fresh linens. Your bedding should infuse color as well as luxury to the room.

Incorporate bold colors with layers of neutral sheets like white and cream. Some monochromatic texture and contemporary patterns will accentuate the look.

A good quality mattress is the foundation of a good night’s sleep. To give that fluffy feel, add layers of sheets with the mattress.

Do not get your bed to be swallowed by too many sleep pillows. The ideal is two medium-sized sleep pillows. You can add some colorful decorative pillows to accessorize the bed.

Bathroom features

The bathroom should be accessorized with all the modern features a luxury hotel contains including beauty items and giant towels.

You can go from pristine white soft bathroom towels with your hotel name monogrammed on it. Some hotels use colored towels instead of the traditional white ones.

Bathtubs can be placed beside the windows to get beautiful views. Tubs with polished slab stones look contemporary. Waterfall showers can be fitted over the bathtubs or separately.

Beautifully printed shower curtains and glass-design basins look elegant.

Giant glass windows

A giant glass window will bring the outdoor nature right into your hotel room. Rooms look spacious, and it gives a clear view of nature outside.

Solar screen shades with sheer draperies allow the sunlight into the hotel rooms but in a controlled fashion.

Avoid darker shades for your windows as it will completely block the light. Instead, use curtains and sheer drapes.

Luxury panels

A beautiful patterned bold divider screen can be used to partition the bathroom area from the rest of the room.

Modern 3D colorful modular plates for the wall just behind the bed will look stunning and elegant. They come in a wide variety of colors and will gravitate any viewer.

Suspended ceiling wall panels in multiple colors can change the look of any room. The grid-like design will look edgy and contemporary for any modern hotel room.

A 2-part sliding door system can easily replace the doors of your suite. They provide full auditory insulation and privacy to the guests.

A beautiful aquamarine lightweight glass floor and ceiling suspension partition wall are perfect for dividing the living area of the suite or partitioning the dressing room.


Stay eco-friendly while renovating and some greenery. Indoor plants for hotel rooms looks rejuvenating and refreshing. Your guests should feel relaxed after their stay. Some green plants and flowers bring you closer to nature so why not incorporate them for your room décor?

You can use them almost anywhere like in the lobby area or at the entrance of your room. Why not use some charming window box container plants or a potted plant on the window sill?

Some freshly plucked dahlias or sunflowers for the center table will make your mornings delightful.

Artificial plants are low maintenance and can give the same look and feel to your hotel rooms. A small metal-potted fake Aglaonema plant just beside the entrance will look gorgeous.

Local art

Don’t shy away from local art and traditional art pieces. They go hand-in-hand with contemporary fusion art and will add to the vibrancy of the room.

Remove those dated pictures and cheap design concepts and invest in some good local arts.

Local art speaks about local traditions and culture. Infusing them into your hotel décor will allow your guests to have a genuine experience of that place.

Why not contact some local artists and get hold of their unique creations? Photographs, art pieces, and sculptures will add authenticity and also promote the artistic caliber of the local area. This will definitely improve the image of your hotel and also promote the works of local talents.

Color for your rooms

Bored of the tried and tested neutral colors? Why not try a burst of new colors this time?

Hotel room colors have a significant impact on customers, and the first look often prompts them to book a room.

Since you are in the hospitality industry, choose colors that are best for your customers. The colors should have a vibe of balance and neutrality.

Some hotels use bright pops of colors for some rooms which they can rent to young couples or adventurous guests.

Though neutral colors seem boring, you can use them with bright textured colors. Light colors are always best as they are soothing and goes well with the furnishings and are easy to the eye.

Blue is a worldwide favorite color, and it invokes peace and calmness. Neutral colors like gray, white and beige can be used with vivid colors like red and orange especially in focal points.

Your hotel room color should pave the way to more customers and not drive them away, so use it wisely.

Comfortable chairs

It doesn’t matter if a guest is in for a business trip or luxury travel; he wants to relax. Give him a chair that is comfortable and functional.

It should be perfectly aligned and contoured to give him that perfect relax pose while he is watching television or just doing some paperwork.


Your hotel room should be the perfect example of a home away from home. It should not only be luxurious but cozy and friendly for your valued guests. If you really want to stand out invest in some good renovation.

A happy customer with a memorable experience will bring in more revenues in the future. A satisfied customer will not only revisit your place but also refer your hotel to his friends and colleagues