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How Colors Affect the Psychology of Your Workers?

Picture this: you have asked the workers about ways to increase productivity. What would be the reaction?

They will be vocal for everything including tools, flexibility, furniture and even incentive. But, it is sure that they will not utter a syllable about workplace color. Whether they realize or not, color has a substantial psychological impact on the workers. Read on to know how color affects them.

Basics of the color world

Our perception of color is closely linked with how we feel. It also affects our thought and awareness. Colors are graded into three categories: primary, secondary and tertiary. Red, Yellow and blue are the primary colors.

Colors formed by combining the primary colors are called secondary colors. They include Orange, green and purple. Colors having a combined name like yellow-green are tertiary colors. Although these are closer to a first shade, there lies a variation as well.

Every color bears a specific meaning, and people start evaluating it as soon as they see. Thus, they cause significant psychological influence.

Color affects mind

There are colors everywhere in nature. We receive continuous stimuli from colors, though we do not realize it. We all feel soothed when we look at the sky. This proves that colors have a significant influence on the human mind.

Colors have multiple effects on us. Colors can affect your memory, feeling, emotion, appetite and even your libido. Studies reveal how users react to different website colors. The big houses are taking advantage of this and using the right color to influence the customers.

Color is a great mood changer

There are places where we feel restless and do not want to stay. We also experience a calming feeling in some areas. There could be many reasons for these. But colors also play a great part. They affect people in many ways including influencing our thoughts.

Colors send strong stimulus that evokes emotional responses. Perception of different colors yields different answers. This is determined by the saturation and brightness of the color.

If you work in an office that has a less saturated but brighter color, it will make you relaxed. On the other hand workplaces with more saturated and less vivid colors are energizing. These result in a change of mood. Selecting the right color can make the workers more positive.

Colors also affect productivity

Among the various attributes of productivity, colors play a vital role. This is obvious. Colors influence our mind and improve our mood. As a result, the workers become more motivated and creative. This helps to shoot the productivity up.

The large corporate houses utilize psychology of colors for boosting up productivity. They paint different departments with different colors based on the works performed.

Effect of different colors

Different colors have different powers. Let’s have a close look:


Red is a bold and vibrant color. It is an appetizer and for that used in food chains. Red is also associated with aggression. Studies reveal that red cause increased BP and also boosts up the heart rate. This is why red is generally avoided in the workplaces.


This resembles sunshine and promotes cheerfulness. A splash of yellow makes people optimistic and innovative. As such, yellow is great for workplaces that are involved in jobs requiring creativity. This also stands for collaboration and comfort.


Having opposite effects of red, blue is a soothing color. It makes people calm also helps to increase concentration. This is perfect for workplaces where complex tasks are done. It enhances productivity by stimulating the mental process.


Orange is a warm color and associated with values. It has the power to enliven the workplace and evoke fun responses. This also inspires people to be creative; an excellent choice for innovative workplaces.


It is a healthy color and is closely associated with balance and tranquility. It also enhances the decision making power. Causing no eye fatigue this is great for long working with a computer.


Purple is a peaceful color. A majority of the people refer to it as soothing off-the-cuff. However, this also stands for royalty. This also makes one confident and so, the works become more thoughtful and focused.


This is a highly reflective color. Despite its clean look, it lends a clinical feeling. This lead to boredom and people are likely to make more mistakes. Thus, it may bring down the productivity level.


Black evokes unhappiness and depression making the workplace oppressive. It also reduces visibility. These cause many negative reactions. However, it can make a bold statement when contrasting with white.


This is a dull color and not generally used in workplaces. It can help to sooth the fatigued eyes in a glaring environment. Like black, gray also evokes negative reactions like depression.

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Colors relieve stress and depression and affect workers in many ways. Since workers spend almost one-third of their lives in the workplace, it should be adequately addressed. Now that you know about color and its effects incorporate a suitable color palette. This will boost your business up.