10 Ways to Uplift the Vibe of Your Client Reception AreaIf you are the proud owner of a business, there’s a lot of things you can do, but never underestimate the importance of your reception area. Your reception area is the mythical first impression on your client. It states who you are, what kind of business you are running and more than anything, what you understand about aesthetics.

You can make an otherwise dreary place look absolutely warm and inviting, thus reflecting the atmosphere of your office. Your clients will know they can trust you when they walk through the door. As such, we are here to help you with some decoration ideas that can uplift the mood of any reception lounge.

1. Classy Wall Panels

Office Wall Panels for Reception Area

Drab, neutral color walls are a thing of the past. While people used to prefer them for the professional look before, wall panels have slowly begun to replace that. Wall panels allow you to add color and life to certain parts of your wall to contrast the rest of the room.

We personally recommend using PoshFelt® wall panels. You have the luxury of customizing the application and style to your heart’s content, unlike with walls where you have to worry about the paint fading over time. PoshFelt® wool also feels great to the touch and the patterns appear soothing for your eyes as well. There is also the added bonus of neutralizing a noisy atmosphere. The felt wall panels will give your reception area a calm, classy appearance.

2. Hang Something Off The Ceiling

This is a small office reception area idea that you can use to design other rooms in your office as well. Choose compositions of relatively plain shapes with monochrome or bright colors and hang them off your ceiling. Your reception area will have a 3D feel to it, making your client feel as if they have stepped inside another world.

The wool acoustic felt from PoshFelt® is a fantastic idea in these cases. You can customize the shapes, colors, how many of these felt you want to cover your reception are. Don’t use too much of it and keep it on the minimum to suit your wall panels.

3. Make Use Of Tiles

Ever looked at the wall behind the reception’s desk and thought it looked empty? You can fit in a bookshelf there to fill the space and give it a professional feel or go for a more modern aesthetic. How about placing some interesting shaped tiles there?

Again, we are aiming for PoshFelt® because the tiles tend to have distinct colors and it doesn’t fade easily. It helps that if you surround a room with felt materials alone, you will have a completely hush, relaxed room.

The quietness in the reception area can give your clients a wonderful opportunity to collect their thoughts over the business. They would also appreciate the classy atmosphere. You are bound to make a favorable impression with PoshFelt®.

4. Some Greenery


You can truly never go wrong with green. Add some pots, flowers to elevate your small office reception design and you feel an instant change in the atmosphere. The place will look more lively and there will be no shortage of fresh air supply. In fact, even with the tiles, you have the option of adding some greenery to it if you use PoshFelt®.

5. Artwork


Any space looks prettier when you have actual art in it. You can hang some paintings or some photographs. Go for something that’s eye-catching yet sophisticated enough. Those artwork will convey to your clients who you are so choose well.

6. Arrange The Reception Desk

Less is always more, especially when it comes to your reception desk. Don’t make it too cluttered with files and different accessories. Keep it minimal and stick to cool or warm-toned color scheme, depending on the overall mood of your reception. It should feel uncluttered and have an airy look.

In case your receptionist does have a lot of things, just keep them safe inside the drawers.

7. Decorative Books

We mentioned you can put up a bookshelf to cover the wall behind the reception desk. Naturally, the attraction there would have been the arrangement of books in that case. Even if you go for tiles, you can still use books as decor.

You can strategically place some books on the coffee table in front of the furniture. Magazines are part of the reception design in general but keeping some interesting books such as some travels tales or even extremely short storybooks can make you look quite sophisticated.

It also keeps your client from getting bored while waiting.

8. TV On The Wall

A nice, medium-sized flat-screen television set on the wall opposite where your client would be sitting would give them something to look at. It will fill up that particular blank space.

Some people keep TV on a stand in reception areas but it simply doesn’t have the same sleek, modern feel. It also becomes a problem to maneuver around it.

9. Furnishing

For your chair and couch, select the ones that come with pretty covers and you can wash them easily. If your clients accidentally make a mess while having a cup of coffee or something, you will be able to easily wash the covers.

Certainly beats having to throw those furniture away, doesn’t it? The chair and couch should be enough so people can sit but not so much that it takes up the entire room.

10. Personalized Reception Counter

This might be the last points we have mentioned but it is pretty high on the list of things you should do to finish your reception area design plan. At the front of the reception counter should be your company’s logo.

This will do wonders for brand recall when it comes to your client.

We hope you find all the resources to build the reception area of your dreams.