10 Reasons Your Office Space Needs Acoustic Drop Ceiling TilesWhen there are a lot of unwanted sounds everywhere, it can be tough to get the work done, which can lead to less efficiency and higher stress. But you can’t stop people from having important conversations nor can you ask the printing device on the other room “to keep it down”. So the solution to your problem is acoustic drop ceiling tile and 10 reasons why you should install them in your office.

1. It Soundproofs the Place

The acoustical drop ceiling is excellent for soundproofing. Its sound blocking nature will make your workplace serene even on the busiest Mondays. It will provide speech privacy even when everyone is collaborating in a business meeting in one room and cheering another employee for his new promotion in the other.

It has up to 0.95 NRC, which helps it to deal with noise, generates in larger places. If the noise problem is really high in your workplace, you can also install acoustical clouds and canopies to manage it more effectively.

2. Acoustic Drop Ceiling Tiles Are Versatile

It can be made using a variety of materials such as mineral fiber and fiberglass. Fiberglass has a high Noise reduction coefficient which helps it to block sounds more effectively. While painting them might seem tempting, that may reduce its efficiency. So instead you can browse through its variety of style, color, and texture. Try buying one above 80 NCR to enjoy a full soundproof environment. It also has a high ceiling attenuation class which prevents noise from cross the ceiling and reach other places.

They are available with both rough and smooth appearance. And can have prints or designs engraved on them.

3. Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Are Durable and Pocket-Friendly

I know it may sound unbelievable but acoustic ceiling costs around the same or depending on some cases a little bit more than your drywall ceiling. But the drywall isn’t soundproof at all and it also doesn’t look as great as Acoustic drop ceiling tiles. An average tile will cost around $30.00 to $55.00 per case, and the installation price is adjustable mostly.

They are highly durable since it will never rot or change color and is non-hygroscopic.

They are impact resistant and eco-proof as well.

4. the Acoustic Drop Ceiling Tile Enhances the Interior of Your Building

Soundproof suspension tiles are mostly available in plain white color just like drywalls but they can also be customized depending on the demand. The price range may vary depending on your choice but it’s always better to look into some patterns than a plain white color. While the drop ceiling may cost more than the exposed ceiling but it is easier to renovate a redecorate without wasting a lot of working hours of the employees.

5. Soundproof Drop Tiles Are Eco-Friendly

On top of all the above-mentioned qualities, the acoustic drop tile material is also sustainable and eco-friendly. Fiberglass is used to make this tile which has a recycling rate as high as 70%. 6-7 PCF fiberglass is used to make this suspension tiles, which makes it highly biodegradable and eco- friendly.

6. They Are Fire and Moisture Resistant

The moisture resistance prevents it from sagging and deteriorating. Therefore, acoustic drop ceilings need very little repairing. While the exposed ceiling demands more attention to its repainting and maintenance, the drop ceiling is naturally more cost-efficient.

In case of fire resistance, the acoustic drop ceiling is A-rated which means they act as a fire barrier or shield during emergencies. It can provide safety of one hour in case of emergency, additional fire safety types of equipment can be installed if required. Those ceiling which has an only Class A rating for fire spreading and no fire barrier rates are bad quality ceilings and should not be used for construction in public places.

7. They Can Hide Ugly Wiring and Other Defects

Sure, these decorative acoustic ceiling tiles make the ceiling appear lower than it really is, but it compensates well enough for it by giving your ceiling that refined look. Moreover, it hides all the visual imperfections such as ugly wiring, ductwork, cracks or dirty plumbing, that tend to take the aesthetic away.

8. Accessibility

The acoustic ceiling tiles are fit on a grid made by joining metal parts, this frame and tiles are supported by the hooks that are attached to the beam. This makes it easier to work on the dirty pipes and ducts and other defects relative to the drywall. Changing the defective tiles fixes the problem while keeping the rest of the tiles intact and untouched. This allows for hassle-free renovation.

9. Easy to Install

It takes less than a day to install the ceiling in a room. They need to follow some quick step such as

  • Drawing the dimensions of the room accurately on a sheet.
  • Quick review on where to hang the lights and any wiring issue that needed to be fixed.
  • Then, they would continue on installing a frame, tightening some screws!
  • And they will quickly place the tile and make your cubicle completely sound and echo- proof with minimal wastage of your precious time.


10. Less Maintenance Cost

Easy installation of the acoustic drop ceiling costs lesser money making it more economically efficient all the while maintaining its other virtues such as soundproofing and maintaining aesthetics of the interior. The acoustic drop ceiling materials are such that they provide insulation against heat and since drop ceilings reduce the height of the building it is easier to maintain the temperature without spending much on the AC bills. They allow easy access to defects; you can simply repair faulty wiring by removing a panel of the ceiling. Other electrical appliances are relatively easier to install as well. There are even slots made to fit electric bulbs in some tiles.