Office DécorRamping up office décor can be a challenge and hamper daily activities, which is why most offices avoid going through the pain of an overhaul. Hence, it is crucial to make minor changes at a time to avoid overwhelming the employees due to ongoing repairs and fixes.

Minor changes that are subtle yet easy-to-install are a dream come true for office décor planners. However minor, these changes should be well-planned and coherent. This is to avoid upsetting the professional environment with random changes as people come together to collaborate and innovate.

Here Is Our Smart and Creative Guide for Office Décor on a Budget:

Pick a Color Theme

The easiest way to light up your office is to decide on a color scheme and get the walls painted over the weekend. Let’s take a step further to understand the color psychology in workspaces:

1. Instill the Brand Values: Accentuate certain walls or pillars with your brand colors using lush acoustic panels for offices. Subtle bursts of these colors will set your office space apart from the conventional beige-grey offices.

2. Enhance the Light in the Space: Choose tones and felt patterns that suit the light coming through the windows. You may have to take care of dark colors in case your space is in the basement or does not get any light.

3. Leverage Classic Color Psychology: While green is established as a color for relaxed working extended hours, yellow is used for optimism and red for energy – great for meeting rooms. Similarly, a blue-themed office has been proven for imparting calming and productive vibrations.

Conduct a fun activity and involve the employees with a poll to choose a color for their space, thereby making this a great way for boosting productivity and morale.

That being said, ensure your furniture and décor follows the same color theme while maintaining a balance. Too much or too little of color will fail to achieve its objective. Use white or grey acoustic panels to balance out your color scheme evenly.

Minimalist Furniture

Minimalism is in. Recycle that heavy couch and bring in single-seater furniture – these will soon be occupied during break time or used by executives to work in comfort. Go for simpler designs and sleek styles that will be easy on your pocket – so you have your cake and eat it too.

Make the best use of blank walls and attach a floating desk to create additional spaces. Trendy spaces choose to replace or install high tables and bar stools at the common eating area. It not only lends a chic look but also encourages employees to eat together.

Lastly, as modern workspaces become more and more open, you may want to ditch the heavy desk dividers. A space separator is great for open office cultures where even the top brass works in the common area. These hanging acoustic screens or acoustic room dividers come in various designs – choose one that fulfills your objectives and provides your office space the much-needed oomph.

Décor on a Budget

A few elements that catch the eye are always a bonus. A large wall clock, a few planters, motivational posters, digital paintings, eccentric lamps, and lighting are your go-to accessories. Showcase your awards and accolades, internal appreciations and team photographs to instill a sense of pride in your colleagues.

Add fashionable suspended acoustic panels for the dual benefit of absorbing noise on the floor and being pleasing to look at. They come in a wide variety of patterns, designs, and utilities. For a stylish look, get a customized one-of-a-kind wall panel with the natural texture of stones, granite, marble, wooden finish.

To make the most of functionality, you may choose a mobile acoustic panel or sliding soundproof door that provides noise control on demand. For a pleasing design, acoustic hanging baffles are another way to decorate the most ignored parts of your office - the ceilings and walls. Some of these also come with movable parts that change the design as you need, reflecting light the way you want.

Add Storage

Keep it easy to organize. Employees should be able to store their devices and other daily necessities in easy-to-access drawers and cupboards. Use every possible wall space to mount drawers that go inside the wall, without hindering the workspace of your office.

It is also recommended to separate the panel or area for storing official documents and warehousing. You can get creative with your storage ideas – install quirky umbrella and raincoat holders at the doorstep or attractive pen holders that let your employees keep the clutter at bay.

Clean It Frequently

Cleaning and de-cluttering is a great way to minimize excesses and freeing up space. Hold an official clean-up drive for documents and hide the jumble of wires to elevate the pleasant-quotient of your workspace. At the same time, make sure the problem areas such as a pantry, canteen, and washrooms are neat to complement the swanky new additions.

Change that dull and drab carpet, or remove it altogether. In case you are worried about masking the footfall in the busy areas, install lush felt on your walls or sound-absorbing ceiling panels. A great way to showcase your brand at the same time is acoustic picture panels.

Embellish Your Reception Desk

Your reception desk has to be immaculate and reflect the culture of your company. You may want to imbibe the color scheme of your company, or mix and match according to seasonal trends – for instance, light-up fairy lights and a decorative Christmas tree for a welcoming touch during the holiday season.

The latest trend is to install green walls and fountains/ freshwater ponds for keeping Zen in the waiting room. As greenery is often expensive to maintain, a good option is to go for artificial greenery and recycle them as per seasons. Go floral during summers and tropical during monsoons to reflect the seasonal change outside.