Desk Divider ScreensA collaborative environment. Spaces which encourage easy interaction and team-work. A transparent workspace. There are so many reasons why offices opt for an open layout. And in order to achieve all this, they end up sacrificing employee privacy and subjecting them to higher decibels of noise. Yes, open space layouts do foster communication and transparency but they also affect your employees because of the increased level of noise in the environment. And its not just about offices. These acoustic and privacy problems exist in a myriad of commercial spaces from classrooms to retail stores to healthcare facilities. The noisy environment doesn’t just affect productivity and well-being but increases stress levels. So, what do you opt for? An open space or one with privacy and better sound absorption?

You can have both depending on what you need at the time. You need solutions that are easy to use and help you switch from open to private zones in no time. And there are multiple such free-standing screens available that will help you divide your room or your desk without any special equipment or effort. These office-dividing solutions have become extremely popular in commercial spaces of late and can be spotted in almost every space. They allow you to maintain the open space layout which can be turned into private workspaces or multi-use rooms in no time.

Types of Free-Standing Screens for Offices and Other Commercial Spaces

Desk-Divide Screens

From classrooms to offices, desk dividing screens are great when it comes to cutting down noise from the surroundings and blocking eyeballs from your desk. These are stylish, highly-effective and elegant acoustic barriers which will bring privacy to the setting. Highly-flexible, temporary solutions which can be installed and removed whenever necessary, desk-divide screens are thin and excellent barriers which will help you create a workspace where things get done.

Desk-Fold Screens

Desk-fold screens are brilliant solutions which allow you to maintain the open layout and at the same time cater to individual privacy needs. These are reconfigurable, flexible, portable desktop screens which can be introduced on desks, anytime and anywhere. The panels are manufactured with wool felt and come with hinges which allow reconfiguration by simply shifting the faceted sections. You can add sections or remove sections to create screens that are of appropriate length.

Free-Standing Room Dividing Screens

Room dividing barriers are nothing but panels which can be easily installed without any special equipment and will give you private, informal zones anywhere, anytime. Free-standing room dividing screens are designed as movable partitions allowing new configurations as per requirements. A perfect way to divide a big room into a multiple-use zone, these privacy screens are ideal to create informal meeting rooms.

Foldable Room Dividing Screens

If you’re looking for solutions to bring temporary privacy in any room or large space, then foldable room dividing screens are ideal. These movable room partitions are easy to put up without any special equipment requirements. Once you’re done using them, they can be removed, folded and stored away easily to avoid clutter. You can minimize these privacy screens or enlarge them as per your requirements and are highly essential office commodities.

Where to buy room/desk dividing screens or panels?

Whether you have an open office space or big cubicles without any barriers, it will always lead to chaos, more noise, and lesser productivity. If you do not want to change the style with the help of permanent barriers, then do opt for temporary barriers which will not just bring better sound to the setting but will help in bringing in some privacy to the setting. And room-dividing screens are just that. At CSI, you will find a range of room and desk dividing panels which are not just functional but aesthetically pleasing and will help you get the best out of your space. Available in a range of colors, styles, sizes, and patterns, we have room and desk privacy panels which will help you create an ideal work environment. If you have special requirements for your big or compact workspace, then do get in touch with us. Our team will create custom sound absorbing panels and custom dividing screens according to your exact requirements and specifications.