Sheer 2Acoustic panels are extremely essential for office and commercial spaces to create an environment where things get accomplished. From classrooms to conference rooms, offices to shopping malls, you need to create a space with good listening conditions and one which is free from intruding noise and vibrations, echo and reverberation. You need to create an environment with great acoustic comfort in order to ensure productivity and well-being of everyone who spend their time in there.

But, whenever there is a discussion over acoustic solutions for offices, business-owners assume or picturize highly utilitarian, unattractive elements which will completely destroy the look and feel of their interior design. However, let us assure you that those are products of the past. Improving sound quality in any commercial space is no longer an eyesore. There are highly decorative office acoustic solutions available which offer effective noise control and highly stylish appearance. These modern acoustic solutions for commercial spaces don’t just provide industry-standard acoustics to the setting, but they fit in any décor or atmosphere and complement the design scheme.

High-End, Decorative Acoustic Solutions

If you’re all set to improve the acoustical qualities of your commercial space without compromising on its aesthetics, then do consider the following sound absorbing products. These are high-performing, effective acoustic solutions for commercial spaces which will ensure productivity and well-being of everyone who spend their time in the space.

Acoustic Baffles

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Acoustic baffles are highly stylish solutions which offer design versatility along with excellent sound absorption across all frequencies. They are perfectly suited for spaces where the available ceiling and wall surfaces are insufficient for optimum sound absorption. Incredibly chic, rectangular panels which are suspended from the ceiling and can absorb sound from both their sides. Boasting of sleek, linear, highly stylish design, sound baffles help in lowering the noise level in a room and improving the acoustics and aesthetics of the setting. Baffles can be retrofitted quickly and easily and will attract eyeballs in any design scheme.

Acoustic Clouds

Acoustic ceiling clouds are some of the most attractive acoustic solutions around which help you with your architectural design goals and at the same time address the noise problem of the setting. Elements that are suspended horizontally from the ceiling, they combine noise reduction with a highly attractive, modern appearance and will reduce reverberation in any interior space. Stylish lines and soft shapes give these accents high visual interest whereas their exceptional sound absorption helps in creating an ideal work or study environment.

Suspended Ceiling Acoustic Panels

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While acoustic clouds and baffles are extremely popular elements, there are other suspended ceiling acoustic panels available that are designed to reduce reflected sound in large and open environments as well as bring a stylish look and feel to the setting. From wavy shapes to blade-shaped ceiling panels, colorful canopies to wings, there are a large number of suspended ceiling acoustic panels for office spaces that will help control the noise in the setting and add dramatic visual impact to it.

Art Acoustic Panels

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Art acoustic panels (also known as decorative acoustic panels or custom printed acoustic panels) are exactly what they sound. These sound absorbing panels are made-to-order and feature your selected image providing you highly effective, functional soundproofing art. From company logos to favorite painting, family pictures to patterns and color combinations, you can select any image which will be imprinted on the panels and will give you a unique display. Although, they’re artsy and decorative but that does not mean that these panels compromise on the acoustic aspect. They consist of powerful sound deadening and sound absorbing materials and will give you effective noise control with pleasing aesthetics. Win-win!

Buying Office Acoustic Panels for Noise Control

No matter what business you’re in, every space requires acoustic solutions. Every space has its own unique requirements and hence, every space needs its own noise control equipment. You can control the noise in your commercial space easily and affordably with our collection of office acoustic wall and ceiling panels. At CSI, we have a large variety of sound absorbing solutions which will help you solve your noise problems with easy, effective, affordable fixes. As mentioned before, that every space requires its own solutions, and as such we provide custom acoustic panels as well. Get in touch with us and we will help you create an environment free of harsh noise without extensive spends.