Ceilings Conceaaled SemiIf you’re a business-owner and somehow landed up here, just take a moment and look around your space. Whether its an office space or retail store, hospitality space or healthcare, chances are high that you’re sitting in a monochromatic space with some of the dullest walls imaginable. Behold the modern corporate space, where clean lines and neutral shades dominate the interior design. Nothing wrong with it, but its just a little bland and uninteresting for most. Why not trade it for something more unique and more attractive? Why not consider adding decorative wall panels to your design scheme which will bring in a much-needed spark and energy to the setting?

Decorative wall panel options for offices and other commercial spaces

Whether you’re a vibrant startup or corporate headquarters, hospitality space or theme park, there are so many interior decorative wall panel options available that will help you set the perfect tone in the setting. From bold and energetic colors of acrylic wall panels to rich and dramatic wood paneling, fun and unique textured 3D wall panels to the incredibly cool geometric wall panels, there is a large collection of interior decorative wall panels that will give you a highly attractive, jaw-dropping interior design on a budget. There are also gorgeous decorative sound absorbing wall panels which will help you address the noise problem of your setting.

Each wall panel comes with its own striking features and USP, so you can choose the one which fits in your design scheme and business culture beautifully. Here are some of the most popular decorative interior wall paneling options which you can consider for your commercial space.

  • Textured 3D wall panels

    Also known as 3D tiles, textured tiles or 3D wall panels, these are some of the most eye-catching wall panels and will give you a striking setting. From bold patterns to elegant ones, 3D decorative wall panels come in a variety of styles which will give you an absolutely special space in no time. They’re cool, they’re quirky and are known to be amazing wall coverings for any commercial space that lacks personality.
  • Decorative wood panels

    Wood panels are a big hit among homeowners, but decorative wood wall panels are finding their place in commercial spaces as well. Afterall, there are very elements that can warm up a space better than wood. From bringing a wonderfully real texture to introducing rich, dramatic hues, there are a variety of options available when it comes to wood look panels. From smokey brown to hazelnut, classic oak to walnut effects, you can find decorative wood effect tiles in a variety of styles.
  • Stone effect decorative wall panels

    If you’re looking for office interior decorating ideas that will bring a pleasing look and feel to your space, then stone effect decorative wall panels are ideal. Beauty and elegance are two words that you always associate with stone. And this exactly what you get with decorative stone tiles. A great way to bring an earthy appeal to your office interior design or other commercial design scheme, stone look wall tiles will introduce finesse and natural touch to your space without any fuss.
  • Geometric wall panels

    Everywhere you see, you’ll come across either square or rectangular wall panels. But, why to go that way when you can introduce absolutely modern and edgy-cool geometric wall panels? And there are so many wonderful options available when it comes to decorative geometric wall panels. With their multiple sides, unusual angles and quirky appeal, geometric wall tiles look incredibly sophisticated and fun. These decorative office wall panels come in a range of shapes, styles, colors, patterns and finishes and are known to bring wonderful illusion and depth to the setting.
  • Decorative acrylic wall panels

    If you’re one of those business-owners who prefer all things shiny and vibrant, then decorative acrylic wall panels are for you. These are vivid splashes of colors, clear accents which bring a nice, fresh touch to any setting. Decorative acrylic wall tiles have a shiny, translucent effect and have an extremely stylish and lively look. Designer wall panels which allow you to get creative and exciting, these panels have a wonderful energy and can be used in fantastic ways.
  • Decorative metal wall panels

    Metal, once upon a time, evoked humble, durable imagery, but of late it has become a really popular, offbeat element to style up a space. And this is what has given rise to decorative metal wall panels. Metal look tiles are known to bring glamour and an attractive personality to any interior design. Since, these days the industrial look is popular, these decorative wall panels fit right in.


Where to buy decorative wall panels?

Designer wall panels don’t just make any office space design more attractive but they also bring a protective cover to the wall and guards them against spills, wear and tear especially in high traffic areas. If you’re on the lookout for unique decorative wall panels, then have a look at our collection. At CSI, we have some of the most unique, stylish and elegant wall panels for commercial spaces that will take your design scheme to the next level. And they’re not just all about great looks. We have a range of decorative acoustic wall panels as well which will add aesthetic as well as acoustic value to your setting. We can also create custom wall panels exclusively for your project.