Wood Paneling Makeover Ideas

Here are the tips and ideas which we give to our clients and will serve you good for decades to come – If you’re looking to bring a rich, timeless appeal to your office or any commercial space, then opt for wood look in your interior design. Trends come and go, but wood look has always stood the test of times and is going strong as ever. Wood look is classic. It is always current and you never have to worry about having an outdated design with it. Warm and classy as ever, wood look perfectly captures the luxury and elegance of nature. To sum it up – Makeover with wood paneling works perfectly in any office interior design style and can help you set the perfect mood in the space, from premium to rustic to moody.

From wood look ceilings to wood effect wall panels, there are so many options available to bring this inviting look to your interior design. And we’re not taking about matching the wood effect with each other. The days of going with just one style and finish are gone. You can use different wood shades when decorating multiple elements of your space to add variation in color, texture and pattern to inject more interest and drama in the setting. Or you can just use one variety if you’re using it in a single place such as walls or ceilings or cabinets. No matter what, wood effect will bring a cozy, comfy look and feel to your office design.

Wood Look for Office Ceilings

One of the best options to bring wood look to your commercial space ceilings is by using ceiling planks which mimic the patterns and color variations of real, solid wood with none of the hassle. Whether you’re working on a new space or on an office remodeling project, wood effect ceiling planks are incredibly striking and offer ease of installation. Most of the decorative wood ceiling planks come with groovy edges which help in minimizing the gaps and are extremely easy to install and maintain.

And its not just wood planks, but there are a number of wood look panels for ceilings which will help you create a delightful interior design, full of flair and warmth. The best part about these wood ceiling solutions is that unlike solid wood, these don’t crack when exposed to changes in humidity or temperature. They’re gorgeous options which come in a range of patterns and colors which will help you set the perfect mood in your commercial space.

Wood Effect for Office Walls

If you’re looking to add rich colors and drama to your walls, then wood look is ideal. It’s really easy to dress up the walls of your office or commercial space using wood wall paneling and the result will be a spectacular, intriguing design. Although, there are some wood look planks that can be used on ceiling as well as walls, there are specialized panels available that are made exclusively for walls. They don’t just offer a fantastic alternative to the good, old flat paint coat but add so much charm and elegance to the walls.

You can use decorative wood panels and planks on your entire wall or you can create a show-stopping statement wall using them. No matter how or where you use them, wood look wall panels are absolutely charming and will give you an interesting, textured backdrop with minimal fuss.

Wood Laminates and Wood Cladding for Commercial Spaces

Yes, we know the hate for wood laminates and how much of a bad rep they have, but times have changed now. Wood laminates and HPL panels have really evolved over the years and business-owners have warmed up to them and designers have embraced them in their designs. Modern day wood laminates and HPL panels are not like their older, ugly counterparts of 80s and 90s, but they have evolved into elegant, sophisticated elements. They now have a delightful blend of hues, texture and style and can give any space a strong dose of character.

Whether you’re looking to cover all walls or want to create a statement accent wall, want to give your cabinets or other furniture a rich, polished look or want to mask the flaws of other surfaces, these wall panels are all you need. They will blend in beautifully in any setting and will make your space pop.

Order your Wood Look Ceiling and Wall Panels Now

Wood look is extremely popular in residential spaces, but increasing number of office spaces are going for this luxurious look in their commercial spaces. At CSI, we have a large selection of wood look ceiling planks, wood effect wall panels, decorative wood cladding and wood look laminate panels that will give your office interior design a stunning, premium appeal in no time. If you’re working on some large, special project and have unique requirements, then do get in touch with us. We will create custom wood look ceiling and wall solutions exclusively for your design scheme. A great way to prep up boring or neutral palette, wood effect panels will add a timeless appeal to the setting.