Restaurant Decor IdeasThe market of the restaurant is growing so vast so fast that you need to depend on external factors other than food to stand out in the competition. The décor of your restaurant will determine whether you will retain your customer's as long term friendly faces or it will be a one-time entry. Today, hopping in restaurants is much more than just the right menu and serving palatable dishes. 

Whether you want a café or just an elegant dining area? Whether you want a good experience for customers or also have a mission statement associated with food? Whether you wish to have a meat-based menu or be completely vegan, all of this will have an impounding effect on the design of a restaurant.

The idea is to make your customers glued to the interior of your restaurant; to make them fall in love with it much more the menu is opened, and food is served. So here is an entire bucket list of the décor ideas you can use to build or rebuild a restaurant. 

Wall panel that suits the restaurant theme

Paneling the wall is a very practical idea because it is easy to maintain. All you need to do is clean it with a soft fabric or even use the vacuum cleaner carpet brush for it. Wall panels last for a long time and even when you wish to change it, there is no need to destroy the whole wall. 

If you have a big budget then wood paneling giving an antique touch which is evergreen. These architectural wall panels are like a backdrop to your whole restaurant arena, which is as much as a worthy addition as any furniture. 

There are many options which are even cheaper than wood wall panels such as pebble wall panels or even leather wall panels. Having one or both of these will eliminate any need for decorating the wall further. 

Menu on wall

Your restaurant wall can be given a much higher value than paints, colors, and pictures. Having the entire menu displayed on the architectural wall panel is a marker of your confidence in serving the food. It also gives the servers a chance to communicate with the customers while they walk up to the big board. 

The menu can be printed on a wallpaper with images of several dishes. While it is seen in most of the restaurants, what is not seen is having a huge blackboard on the wall where the menu is handwritten. 

Prepare your chefs in a manner that every day, there is something new that can be added to the menu and something old that can be retained. If there are special requests made by your regular guests that can also go in your blackboard. 

Use different colored chalk and manual writing. Yes, this is additional labor but at a low cost. 

The furniture selection

Where your customers sit is a matter to be given enough thought about. A restaurant is a place where over a meal, thousands of discussions happen. Sometimes you will have students drop in to take a break from their studies. Other times there will be a family gathering.

Your seating arrangement needs to be such that it keeps all age groups and herd at ease. For the younger generation, you can choose to have a couple of floor beds and recliners just so that they can sit and relax against the pebble wall panels.

For a more formal set of visitors choose wooden tables and chairs with a leather coating that will go with any theme and wall color you want. Arrange the furniture according to your need so that a table of four can be turned into a table of six. This will be a perfect partner with leather wall panels.

Embrace local artists

You do not need to go and sit for an auction to buy one of those trendy paintings. Nor do you have to spend thousands for grabbing a perfect painting or artwork. Many local artists are as much talent and down to earth to make you the perfect set of the painting you want.

Why just paints? Many hidden gems have such a good hand at art crafts like lamps, centerpieces, planting, and so on. Bring in this collection of enthusiastic artists and use their art to enhance the interior of your restaurant. 

Play with colors

No one wants to eat in a place that looks sad and dark. Food is what makes us the happiest. The best way to cheer up even a frowning face is a good meal and lots and lots of colors. 

While choosing to have colors on walls is one idea, even better is to have standard wall distemper and have colorful accessories. Use curtains that are made of fabric which are light and have a combination of a variety of colors or patterns. 

Throw in some nice velvet cushions at every seating area you have. Go a step ahead and have multi-colored rugs at the floor seating area. You can also have wall hangings and dream catchers around this area to give a positive feeling. 

DIY lights to cut the budget

While you have spent a lot of money on everything else, this is where you get the chance to save. Use natural light for the day time. There is nothing better than the kiss of the sun right through the big windows. An addition to this would be a nice and warm fireplace. Did you know you can make fire logs using old newspapers?

Electric lights are perfect if you plan to host shows in your restaurant. For every table, there must be lights so that the food meets the eye first. These lights can be hand made using glass bottles, threads, papers, wooden pieces, and so many other items. 

A greener room with a greener diet

It is the generation of health cautious people. There is a reason why there is so many vegan or organic pure veg restaurants opening at every nook and corner of a busy street. So what makes you different? 

Along with greenery on the plate, you should add some in the ambiance as well. Bring in low maintenance plants and flowers and place them in the front door, near the bigger tables or even just outside the restaurant. 

You can also have hanging plants from the ceiling or creepers on one of the walls. Ensure that there are hidden lights on these plants because in the evening this will grab a lot of attention. 

The confidence of the open kitchen

Restaurant’s biggest assets are its labor force, the ones who bring the magic of raw ingredients into a finished meal. Bring this effort into everyone notice. They deserve the credit. 

If you are confident with your chefs and what you have for the customers then having an open kitchen having custom wall panels is your deal. An open kitchen gives a sense of confidence and transparency to your customers. They can rest assured as to how the food is cooked and what it is made of. 

At the same time, you can have your chefs trained for giving tips and tricks while everyone is enjoying the show. It is, however, it has a glass barrier in between, so it maintains the hygiene and the comfort zone of your chefs. 

Pick an eye-catching theme

This is perhaps the most challenging task before opening or redoing a restaurant. What theme to pick that will allure everyone? 

There are many ideas that can be used, but the best ones are those which declare who you are and what inspires you. For a person who loves music, having instruments, old CDs and records all around speak for itself.

For a sporty person having bicycles, ropes, and pictures of the highest peaks of the world will do the trick. For a child at heart, colorful patterns and cartoon characters or even comic characters will reveal the innocence. 

Whatever the theme may be, it is important that this is planned out prior to setting up because everything else you choose from here will depend on the theme. 

A stage for musicians

Have you seen people swing as they eat? Could there any better feedback for your restaurant? Music is a pleasure for people coming from any background at any stage of life. Investing in a small raised platform and having some live instruments is worth it. 

You can have local bands come and show their talent every evening. On special days you can also have special guests. At the same time, the customers can be given the freedom to go and play whatever they wish to. 

If setting up a whole stage is too much, then having a good music system with a screen will also cover the charm to an extent. 

Where the thirst gets quenched 

The restaurant is not just about solid food. A good bar will seal your restaurant with regular customers. Having exotic drinks on the beverage is not enough. There has to be a place where you can show them off. 

A wooden cabinet at one corner with different kind of royal drinks from all around the globe will set you at the top of market competition. Every special drink much has a focal light so that it attracts the taste of your visitor. 

You can always have trained chefs making the mocktails and cocktails in such grace that that itself is a visual pleasure. 

A takeaway section for rush hours

It is not always possible to accommodate all the customers as you gain fame, popularity or as festive seasons knock on the door. You do not want to close the door for these customers. 

A takeaway section right at the corner of your restaurant entrance will ensure that even if people are not sitting inside and taking their food, they will always get food. Unlike the common food trucks, have a custom made food truck from a minibus or chair car and convert that into your take away section. 

To simplify and control the procedure you can have just selected items displayed on a mini-blackboard and the visitors can choose and pick from there. Do have a couple of wooden chairs on the outside for the waiting period. 

Pet-friendly section 

We all love dogs and cats at the least if not snakes and spiders. Having a restaurant that is pet-friendly just keeps you in the good books because there are not many pet-friendly restaurants around. 

You can have a special menu prepared for the diet of dogs and cats and earn a bit from that too. In case you wish to not disturb the other customers, having a separate section for the pet lovers will be a good idea. 

Have graphics of animals on the walls to make them bright. You can also have some toys for the lovely animals just to keep them engaged as the visitors enjoy their meal. 

A separate smoking zone

Smoking is a prevalent habit, and as a business, you need to take into account the needs of all types of customers. A separate smoking zone will, at the least ensure that no one else is getting disturbed.

A smoking room does not make big a big area but a small cabinet with exhaust fans, some electric lighters, a cupboard filled with cigarette from around the world, few ashtrays and some benches to sit on too. 

It is always better to make this a temporary place to stay to avoid having too many people huddle in one place. 

You can be the master maker of your restaurant or choose to have someone hired with professional degrees. In either way, you need to ensure that your thoughts on what you want are clear so that the décor turns out to be what you dreamt of. 

There is hardly anything basic about coming up with an interior décor plan for a restaurant. The fact that a restaurant is a place to please customers of all kinds, there are too many details one needs to keep in mind.

Your customers should go back every time with a big smile on face not just for the mouth-watering food but also the great service and environment.

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