Try These 29 Diy Ideas To Streamline Your Wall ArtArt can transform any ordinary space into something beautiful. In our homes or workplaces, walls take up a great deal of space, but they often go overlooked.

Putting up the right art on your walls can make or break the whole vibe of your space. And to choose this touch of delight on your walls, you do not even need to get outside help as you can DIY most of these wall arts.

If you are looking for some wall art inspiration, you are in the right place. Check out the top 24 and easy DIY wall art ideas you can try today.

1. Frame the wallpapers

If you are worried about going overboard by using wallpapers for the entire room, you can always frame them up. For this, you need to pick up your favorite wallpaper patterns, cut them in rectangular and square shapes, and frame them with old vintage, or wooden frames and put them up for display.

2. Textile wall art

Choose your favorite textile pattern, rug, or scarves and frame them up. Make sure that the design and color of the material go well with the color palette of your room. Iron the fabric well, before putting it up for display.

3. Abstract DIY painting

For this idea, you will need a masking tape, canvas, and your favorite color. Use tape and stick it on a zigzag pattern or geometric patterns on the canvas.

Once you have secured the tape and happy with the pattern, paint over the entire canvas. Remove the tape slowly and carefully once it's semi-dry, and your DIY abstract design is ready.

4. Wall art constellation

Want the effect of the skies right in your own space? Here’s a great DIY that you can try any day. Poke a few holes in the canvas in the pattern of constellations. Make sure you make a cluster of holes for making one constellation. Then draw the fairy lights through these holes and light them up to get a constellation art on your wall.

5. Antique mirror wall art

Are you a person who collects antiques? Here’s your chance to flaunt all your collections in the most creative way. Use old mirrors of multiple shapes and sizes to form a mirror medley on a wall. Mirrors bring a personal touch and warmth to any space; hence, this look will work very well on both living rooms and bedrooms.

6. Stencil wall

Make a pattern of your choice on your whiteboard to use as a stencil, and cut it out. Use the stencil on the wall and draw out the design using a pencil. Once you have the layout on your wall, paint the insides of the model with colors to achieve a beautiful wall pattern. Chevron patterns are the most popular stencil patterns used in walls.

7. Vertical indoor wall garden

Make use of the vertical space of walls creatively. Make an indoor wall garden by installing vertical garden planters or pots on your wall. Plant your favorite plants and see them bloom on your beautiful wall. Succulent wall gardens are uniquely beautiful and need minimal maintenance. If you hesitate on installing an entire garden on the walls, you can bring in garden plant stands and align your plants on them.

8. Headboards on walls

Whether it is your cozy sitting area or your bedroom, use headboards that are unusual but beautiful. Make use of a rug with colored patterns, as per your taste and pin it to the wall as a headboard. This will add in the extra burst of color and life into your room.

9. Hand-stamped wall art

Pick a geometric pattern of your choice and carve a stamp of it on a potato. Color your canvass with a base color of your choice and use a different shade of color on the potato stamp. Print it on your canvas to have a fantastic DIY art for your wall.

10. Clothesline photo wall art

Display your favorite polaroid photos on the wall following the fashion of a clothesline photo display. For this idea, you need to attach your favorite polaroid photos in the manner of hanging clothes in a line, by securing them with wooden clips. Secure the strings of pictures from one end to another using a wire or ropes. You may then frame the whole thing and put it up on the wall, or hang the photos on the wall by securing the pictures to the strings using wooden pegs. You can also paint the pegs to make it look more vibrant.

11. Vintage window or door

Many a time we possess old doors and windows that do not match the contemporary styles of our homes. If you have any such unique door or window that is old but unique, pick it up and paint in some color, preferably white, and nail it against the wall. Vintage shutters can miraculously beautify any wall.

12. Twigs and branches DIY wall art

A nature lover? Here’s a great DIY idea for you- Pick up some twigs from the outdoors and fix them with hot glue on a wall panel frame in the pattern or design you wish. It is a great home decor idea for Bohemian style or minimalist style homes.

13. Floating leaves art

Pick framed glass panels of different sizes, but the same shape. Glue your leaves and flowers onto them from the backside of the glass to create the illusion of a floaty, minimalist look. Put the different sizes of frames up on the wall, preferably a wall with a lot of natural light coming in.

14. Floral monogram

Love monograms? Pick out a letter or shape of your desire and cut it out of a cardboard box. Use a glue gun to stick the flowers on top of that letter or design cut-out hiding the cardboard on the back and display a beautiful floral monogram. You can try this DIY during Springtime.

15. DIY Painted spoons

Painted spoons fun DIY can be performed using regular kitchen items. Pick up some dessert, teaspoons, or tablespoons, and paint the inside of the bowls with different colors. To bring a variation to this, you can paint the handles of a few spoons with colors too. This is a brilliant art that you can try any time to spruce up your regular walls.

16. Tissue paper flowers or pompoms

Crafting pompoms and flowers from colorful tissue papers are not very new, but using them to decorate your walls is unique.

You can either choose multiple colored ones for white or light shaded walls, or numerous shades of a single color to make the flowers. Choose different sizes of flowers and put them up for display.

17. Wallplates

Pick up some plates with beautiful patterns or some minimalist ceramic plates with minimal design- whatever your choice- and pin them onto the walls. Use colorful plates with intricate patterns only on walls that are painted with lighter shades.

18. Decorative wall panels

One of the best yet easiest ways of beautifying your walls is by using decorative wall panels. There are many variants you can choose from a range of 3D wall panels, acrylic wall panels, architectural wall panels, or even decorative coconut shell wall panels. To create the added texture, you can avail some 4D sculptures too.

19. Washy tape patterns on the wall

Whether you love polka dots or geometric shapes like triangles or hexagon, you can easily use them to create a pattern on the walls and beautify them to the next level. For this idea you have first to print out a template of the design, then use the template and stick washy tapes of different colors (or shades of the same color) on the outer corners of the model. Keep repeating until you are happy with the whole design.

20. Buy storage hooks and hang up your favorites

Hang up your favorite and most used items, whether they are coats, hats, or several musical instruments you have. Hanging panels is an excellent way of displaying beautiful collections while using the vertical space of the wall for organization and storage. You can use this idea to present any collections you may have.

21. Wooden crates wall art

The use of wooden crates can create brilliant art for the walls. They can be used both as storage shelves on the walls or use them to display fun home decor accessories, and they look equally good. If you have a room paint of very light shades, you can also paint the outer edges of the crates to add in vibrancy.

22. World Map

Buy a vintage/classical/modern style world map and carefully cut it in two or three horizontal sections. Paste each part of the cut-outs on canvasses of same sizes and put it up on display. Maps on walls bring a sophisticated but old-school vintage charm to living rooms and also study areas.

23. Magnet wall

Pick up sheet metal and cut it as per the size you want to use on a wall. Nail the custom cut sheet metal into cardboard utilizing a hammer. Nail them together at the edges. Once done, mount it on the wall. Use letters or other display items to attach in the giant magnet wall.

24. Build a gallery wall

Make a gallery wall on your living room by framing up all your exclusive photos both personal and collected, on a single wall. Use frames of different sizes and shapes to create variety and add dimension to the wall. For a different look, instead of using frames for the photos, you can display them by using clipboards that serve as frames. Instead of using regular frames, you can use hanging frames to bring a special effect.

25. Macrame wall hangings

The Macrame woven wall hangings of the ’70s are again a significant home decor and art trend. Hand-woven hangings add texture to the room and brighten up empty places. You can make your own, or buy them anywhere online.

26. Mural on the wall

Why should you keep your bathroom walls bare while your whole apartment is well designed? Choose a mural for one particular wall of your washroom, and add a large photo framed on the center of the wall. You can choose a dark black and white painting if your walls are relatively painted in neutral shades. Don’t forget to bring in some plants to bring in added freshness to space.

27. Botanical art

Instead of painting or framing up regular leaves in a way almost everyone does, you can opt for a rather moody and classy look. Pick leaves of your choice, and spray paint them with gold color, fix them up in a canvas frame, and set it up on any space. You can also pick up lean branches and spray paint them with silver to evoke the same mood.

28. Metal artwork

Art is now leaving the two-dimensional box to fit into a greater picture. As such, metal wall art pieces are now becoming extremely popular for showcasing 3D art. You can opt from a wide variety of options such as metal wire sculpture, animal metal art, framed metal leaves, etc.

Although they are a little more expensive than most artwork, its beauty and grandeur are worth every penny. And nevertheless, you can always learn and make your own.

29. Install floating shelves

Floating shelves are one of the most stylish ways of installing open shelves on the walls. Pair these shelves with floating consoles to create the best focal point of the room. Decorate the shelves by keeping home decor accessories, books, plants, sculptures- anything.

Artwork can be of different types, but most of them bring in a unique personality to each room. Pick up any of the above ideas and try it on your home or office to accentuate the looks and vibe of the rooms. Feel free to share your unique ideas and concepts with us.

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