7 Alternatives To Bathroom TilesBathrooms need a lot more respect than what they get! That’s the place where you shed off tiredness from your body. Standing underneath the shower, washing away the dirt and grime, that’s rejuvenating. But going into the shower and looking at the same tiles for years – well, that’s boring. So, go ahead, revamp your bathroom. If you’re thinking of alternatives to time-consuming installations, here's a list of materials you can use instead of boring bathroom tiles.

Using Stainless Steel Sheets

You can make use of 4×8 feet stainless steel sheets instead of bathroom tiles. While making the cut, ensure that you overlap it with a machine so as to remove any sharp edges. If you feel that stainless steel will be too drab and cold, then try pairing it up with some wallpapers on the areas which are don't get wet. This will give some pop and color to the bathroom. The installation process regarding stainless steel sheets is similar to bathroom tiles over concrete. But there are little things which you should take care of, like using stainless screws to prevent rust since they are bound to come in frequent contact with water in the bathroom.

Using A Bathroom Carpet and Brick Tiles

Installing normal carpets will be a hassle as it will surely build up moisture. But there are carpets which are made for bathroom use. They are constructed like tiles, and you can remove them to wash whenever necessary. Rest assured that they come with antimicrobial protection to prevent moldy growth of bacteria and such. Moreover, they come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures so as to suit your decor style. But if you are still hesitant in using it then pairing it up with brick tiles could work well to give a rustic feel to your bathroom. The mortar used when laying the bricks might be porous but using a bathroom carpet can cancel that out. A combination of the two will energize the bathroom vibe.

Use Concrete

Bathroom flooring is already made up of concrete, and so you can always opt to revamp it a little and give it a classic look. Don't forget to get a textured finish on the concrete since it will help prevent a fall after a shower on a wet floor. For design, you can opt for a boulder or stone style to give your bathroom a more rustic look. Using paint along with concrete will also work wonders since it will allow you to incorporate a variety of designs. But one drawback is that it won't be much resistant to splash areas. You can also try adding acid staining to give the concrete surface a more detailed and yet abstract look. To maintain this, just polish it at periodic intervals. This combination might be unheard of but is certainly well worth a try.

Putting in Waterproof Wall Panel

This is the best option out of it all, as one might have surmised. Using bathroom panels instead of tiles makes it is easy to install and clean as well. This is because the surface is waterproof in spite of being made up of laminated plywood. You can also use wood tile shower with pebble floor to add some extra sleekness and modernity or perhaps go with 3d wall panels installation to get something different. Waterproof brick flooring options are also available and contrary to popular views, brick flooring prices aren't high at all. Here's a little additional tip: Make sure that you buy the ones which come with waterproof material on the back of the panel as well to prevent moisture from getting a hold.

Opt For Rubber Leather

Imagine having the sleek look of leather along with the ease that comes with washing rubber. This is certainly a viable alternative to bathroom tiles, and you can even purchase them in large rolls to spread and then fit into your bathroom floor. With a bit of dedication, you will also be able to roll it out, then cut it according to the space you have and then install it. You might think that leather could turn out to be too dull. So you can also use wood tiles with it to give it an overall western vibe. Make sure to wax the leather and wood tiles periodically so that its shiny look remains intact but if you would much rather not invest in that then just use soap and water to keep it clean.

Putting In Hardwood Floors

This might ring some alarm bells as it can seem to be a very risky alternative. Having hardwood floors will make the bathroom look more sleek, shiny and modern. There is, of course, a risk of gradual water damage, but it can also easily be avoided by just taking some precautions to protect the flooring materials. For example, putting in wood putty in between the cracks at the time of installation will prevent water seepage. Apart from this, you can also apply three layers of polyurethane (oil based) or more coats of varnish to the floor.

Make Use of Ceramilite

Ceramilite is a product which is perfect for showers since it comes coated with a polymer that makes it appear like traditional tiling. To install it, just use liquid nails instead of a saw. This is caused using a saw will cause splinters from the caramelize to fly around which might harm others and you. But in terms of ease of use, caramelize is very durable and it can be easily cleaned up with just water and a cloth.

Bathrooms are the few places in a house or establishment which is rarely paid attention to during construction. This ensures that everyone almost always opts for the conventional go-to material, which is tiles. But there are plenty of alternatives which are durable, easy on the pockets, waterproof and much more easier on the eyes.