Revamp The Decor Of School Classrooms With These 9 IdeasA classroom should infuse a sense of belonging, attachment and a positive impact on the students. Students should feel motivated, safe and comfortable when they visit their classrooms.

But do you think your classroom has been able to make that impact on your students? If not, it’s time to make some changes and give your classrooms a new inspired look.

Summer break is closing by, and it can be an excellent opportunity to re-decor the rooms and surprise your students.

Here are 9 smart ways to revamp the classroom décor

Get rid of unwanted stuff

You want to start afresh, but don’t know where to start. Well, the first step to any revamp process is to get rid of the clutter. Free your classroom of some space.

There are often tons of things in the classroom that are outdated and needs to be removed.

Remove piles of papers, broken toys or unused items from the closet. Declutter the rooms. Scrape off torn wallpapers or cut out pictures. Shelves or cabinets that are of no use can be removed or given a new look later on.

Crate stools

Now be that creative teacher. DIY crate stools look innovative and artistic. Get some foam cushions and make sure they are fluffy enough for the little ones to feel comfortable. Now stitch and cover them up with some beautiful patterned fabric to give it a new look.

They are easy to make and can be kept at the corners or near the activity zone for kids to play and relax.

Color schemes for classrooms

Colors are an integral part of any classroom. It has a visual impact as well as stimulates our moods.

Bright colors alleviate our mood, and soft colors create a sense of calmness and balance. Colors should be used in combination so that they compliment each other and stimulate the child rather than distracting them.

Pale blue and green are positive colors and can be used along with grey and beige. They import natural light to the rooms and are not stressful.

An all-white classroom looks beautiful and fresh but can be used with a touch of some other hue to break the monotony.

For primary sections, yellow and pastel colors like pink look bright and sunny and will definitely be mood boosters for the little ones.

Acoustic wall panels

Now that you are revamping, why not use some new features to your classrooms. Perfectly tailored wall panels can bring a natural look and break the monotony of the walls.

Beautiful and luxurious thick felt floor mats could cover the floor and give it a new look. They are available in varied colors and are best for high traffic areas.

A freeform suspended dividing panel can be installed virtually anywhere. It can be helpful if you want to partition a portion of the class. Let’s say for example the toy section from the rest of your class.

Why not use a stylish sliding mounted door with a track system for the senior class. It looks chic and classy.

A beautiful red and gray striped wall slab looks elegant and colorful just perfect for the playrooms.

Custom made mural collections come with unique designs. They look artistic and reduces noise to a great extent.

Create space for creation and learning

Students need space for creative learning and projects. There should be enough free space to cater to the chaos and brainstorming sessions of young minds.

Round center tables and soft cushions save space and will allow students to sketch, draw and do their classroom activities.

Make space for collaborative learning. There should be ample space for mobility and for learning and teaching. Cabinets to store tools and project works should be kept at the corner to facilitate the learning process.

Classroom furniture

Round preschool heavy-duty activity tables are a must for any classroom. Kidney activity tables are best where you can sit right in the middle and guide your students.

Get some lift-top drawing and activity tables. Kids can store their pencils and art supplies. This will keep the desks clean and tidy.

Easy portable plastic mobile cabinets are movable and can be kept anywhere. You can also remove them from your classroom say if you want space for your upcoming drama rehearsal.

Get rid of those old wooden chairs and buy some folded plastic chairs this season. They come in different colors and also come with arm-folding and can be kept aside when you don’t need them.

Keep some soft cushions and couches for the young ones to unwind and relax. Some polka dot bin bags will look refreshing for the classroom. Mobile modular soft sitting couches in bright colors look elegant and plush.

Whiteboard for your classroom

Do not forget about the whiteboard. They are a must for every classroom.

Children and teachers need writable spaces to sketch notes, explain topics and to demonstrate lessons.

Children need to express themselves, and a big tall dry-erase whiteboard will give ample space to their creative minds.

A big whiteboard can be expensive but why not make a onetime investment and make learning more interactive and fun.

Artwork for your classroom

Decorate the classroom walls with artwork of your students and give them recognition and inspire them to be more creative.

The artwork of your classroom should invoke a sense of learning, positivity and the creativeness of your students. Do not go overboard with artwork and try to keep it simple by focusing more on the curriculum, events and holidays.

A touch of green

Green plants break the monotony and add freshness to the rooms.

Fiddle fig leaf and succulents look breathtakingly green and need little maintenance. However, it is important to keep them in places out of reach of young children to avoid accidents.

If you worry about child safety, you can opt for artificial plants. They bring the same essence and feel like real plants minus the risk of pollen allergies.


Children spend the majority of their time in school. It is like their second home. If you really want to make your classroom an ideal and balanced place for young minds, try to make it simple and comfortable. After all, a relaxed mind is more open to new ideas and learning.

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