The Definitive Guide To Christmas Decorations For Retail StoresYou are a retail shop owner and are looking for some big sales this Christmas season. Well, it’s time to make that extra effort and make some eye-catching window displays to encourage your customers to enter your store.

Christmas is the best time of the year for shoppers too. Stores are flooded with customers who are in a shopping spree to buy gifts for themselves and their loved ones. People generally are in a joyous mood and do not worry about expenses. They just want to go with the flow of Christmas.

So, are you ready to make some extra cash this season? The 9 amazing Christmas décor hacks will guide you this season.

Christmas lights

Lights are an integral part of any holiday display. Christmas celebrations are incomplete without the Christmas lights. They can make any place look magical.

Add strings of colored lights at the entrance and the display window. Mannequins can be draped in white string lights. It really works if you are trying to highlight and sell that specially branded fall-winter sweater this season.

White lights along the display tables and register looks beautiful and festive. Do not forget the Christmas tree. Light it up and make it the focal point of your store.

While buying lights go for sturdy ones that will last few seasons.

The colors of Christmas

Want to stand out in the crowd? Go for Christmas colors. Green, gold, and red are the most favorite colors of this season.

Try to be creative and add much of these colors to boost up your sales. The right color palette can do wonders to your purchases. You can also try some off-beat colors like blue with gold or deep plum contrast to give that royal look to your store.

Some plum magnolia garland on the front doors looks elegant and fetching and is the best way to welcome your customers to your shop.

Santa Claus motifs

If your store is marketing children’s goods like toys and clothes, Santa Claus motifs are an absolute necessity.

You can dress up some child mannequins with elf uniforms or a small Santa at the window display to cheer up the little ones visiting your shop.

Santa hats and stockings or some beautiful hanging reindeer along the Christmas trees can liven up the entire space.

Some interactive window displays

Some retail stores go for interactive window displays with personalized advertisements.

Digital interactive shop windows come with a face recognition mechanism that will identify its customers and display products based on who is watching the ad.

E.g., a child walks in, and the window will automatically project the toys or the accessories that the child will be interested in. This is a very tactful idea that will pitch sales and will attract a lot of prospective customers.

Sweater trees

Do you own a clothes retail shop? Do you specialize in sweaters and mittens? Then why not make a sweater tree. It’s new and innovative.

A beautiful red and green sweater tree looks adorable and will spice up the sales of any clothing retail shop.

You can make a rough tree made of cardboard and gently pin some exclusive bright sweaters in the shape of a tree. They symbolize the holiday season and also looks unique from a sales point of view.

Do some renovations

Christmas is the end of the year and its time to do some renovations. Give a new look to your store.

Some beautiful grey and white horizontal slats just behind the reception will look majestic and bright.

You can also replace that wooden door of yours with a new edge sleek soundproof sliding door mounted on a track. It looks modern and is hassle free.

Custom made rust-pink color acoustic wall panels look amazing for the sitting area. You can also go for some light-weight partition wall panels. It acts like dividers, and the hinged design will add privacy to a particular zone.

Beautiful suspended acoustic dividing panels along the reception area can divide the area from the main store and also add visual elegance.

Wreath chandeliers

Beautiful hanging wreath chandeliers are a must for any Christmas season. It can be hung on doors or along the entrance way. You can also suspend some of your products like if you specialize in ceramic cups or bone china mugs, you can hang them.

They look intriguing and can also be used to hung toys and other accessories. Hang some microlights along the chandeliers and brighten up the place.

Outdoor lights

If your store has some front porch, you can easily decorate it and make it more inviting to your customers.

Some yellow-white LED Christmas lights along the railings or some festoon lights on the ceilings will look magical.

An outdoor Christmas silhouette light on the front door will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Add greenery

Go green with Christmas garlands and foliage. A beautiful frosted red berry foliage gives that wintry ambiance to your store. The beautifully crafted garland looks refreshing just like the fallen snowflakes.

A silver and gold foliage decorated with gilded green leaves looks breathtakingly beautiful and features that perfect Christmas setting. Add some golden leaves and LED lights and you get the perfect Christmas evening for your store.

Fake garlands come in unique designs, and each year they are redesigned with some fresh new ideas. Some people are allergic to real pines, so fake foliage is a wise choice.
Some artificial mistletoe fern will complete your Christmas decorations.


The décor of your store should bring out the joy and festivities of Christmas celebrations. But you definitely do not want to get overboard with the décor or else it will impede with the shopping experience of your customers.

The main idea is to allure the shoppers into your shop. Go for a subtle and tasteful look which looks pleasing to the eye and also does not hinder with the business. Highlight your products and showcase them as much as you can. After all, it is Christmas time and who doesn’t want to make some extra bucks.