Explained How Smart Decor Can Improve Office ProductivityDesigning the office space to motivate the workforce is not rocket science. It just needs the right feel and inclusion of the right ideas to get that inspirational décor to your office space.

So, what does it take to have such a motivating office space? What makes your office place happy and enjoyable?

Well, worry no more. Here are some smart décor ideas that can improve your office productivity in a jiffy.

Space flexibility

Do not constrain your employees into small cubicles and work throughout the day. Offer a more collaborative and smart approach that is flexible and adheres to the various work needs of the day.

Employees spend almost half of the day in the office. So, their comfort is of utmost importance. There should be ample open spaces as well as private space for employees.

Private spaces where they can unwind and have a “me-time” and relax with friends. Modern offices nowadays have separate conference rooms, meetings, activity areas and personal booths to carry out different workloads.

For that brainstorming session, open hubs and wide rooms will give them ample space for work. The rooms should be spacious enough to host a big team of the workforce.

A clutter-free workspace

Do you like walking into a cluttered and untidy room after a whole day’s work? So, imagine what impression does a messy workspace does to your workers.

De-clutter the rooms and keep things organized in shelves and cabinets. There should be ample space to keep all records and paperwork in the correct order.

Keep bins beside the desks and encourage your workers to keep their private spaces clean and tidy. Set out some rules and make your workers aware of cleanliness and discipline.

Printed leaflets about the importance of cleanliness can be stuck on the walls of washrooms, doors, and hallways as a reminder.

Invest in modular furniture

Your workers are the backbone of your company. A healthy and happy employee will automatically improve the productivity of your organization.

Invest in some durable, good-quality furniture that lasts long and is also comfortable for your employees.

You obviously do not want your employee of the year to have back pain and take the rest of the day off.

Well-cushioned adjustable chairs are mandatory for workers who spend a lot of time sitting and working before computers.

Demountable modules and folding walls save office spaces and increase collaboration. Make the workplace more creative and innovative with beautiful, innovative designs.

For the hallway, a pristine white 3D modular panel will look authentic and contemporary. The washrooms are a vital part of any office space and should look clean and fresh. Customizable textured wall tiles come in different colors, and they can definitely brighten up the bathroom walls.

A complete soundproof compact mounted sliding door is a must for any office space. The automatic doors are hassle-free and block the banging of doors.

Do you want your lobbies and reception areas to stand out and look vibrant? Sleek and dynamic wall panels in bold colors can turn any office space into a magical place.

Free-form floor-to-ceiling colorful attachments are custom-made and are perfect for the cafeteria and free zone.

Work on office colors

Colors have a powerful impact, and it encourages a specific mood and stimulates physical activity.

Bold colors like yellow and red are energy boosters and are meant to increase physical activity. Cool colors like blue and grey are meant for deep thinking and concentration. They can be applied to the walls for board meetings and conference rooms.

Pastel colors are good for lounge and reception rooms. If you have a small office, it is better to go with a softer palette. Bold colors like red and deep blue narrow down space. Light yellow, white and beige will make the rooms look spacious.

Lighter colors also ignite natural lights into the rooms and add freshness. You can be little creative and use color-coding methods. Mix and match some colors and come up with some combination which will look great for your office décor.

Employees obviously do not want a dull, boring office space. The right amount of light and color texture can do wonders to the office environment.

Encourage natural light.

Dark and gloomy office space is a strict no-no. Office rooms are generally air-conditioned, and windows are kept shut throughout the day. So, this blocks the sunlight to some extent.

Use glass doors and windows especially in the corner areas where privacy is not required, and the daylight is blocked.

Studies show that natural light increases overall happiness and prevent sleepiness of workers.

Go green

Provide green zones for employees. A touch of green here and there can create a calm and peaceful ambiance. It refreshes the air and removes mold and bacteria. Flower pots especially in windows, lounge areas, and balcony will be refreshing to the body and mind.

Keep some small potted green plants along the desks. It looks cozy and feels wonderful to look at.

You can also use some artificial plants. They look real and does not require much maintenance.

Artwork for your office

Now that you have got the perfect furniture and colored the walls of your office, it is time to do the artwork.

The artwork is a significant motivational factor, and it should bring out the ideals and beliefs of the office. Work out artforms that increase productivity and drives your workers positively.

Trophies and awards are reminders of your company’s success. Photographs of young achievers and group photos should be hanged in the walls. Employees should feel like they belong to the organization. Do not go for heavy motivational speeches. They sound boring and monotonous.


Your office should speak about you and your employees. They should feel important and recognize their contribution.

A beautiful and innovative office décor influences people to work better and perform more efficiently. A comfortable environment ensures workers how much they mean to the organization.

After all, a happy and content workforce is the key to success for any organization.