8 Design And Architecture Trends To Watch Out For In 2019If your home has great style, then no one but you deserves all the credits. That’s for the efforts you have spent in while scrolling through lifestyle magazines, blogs, Pinterest ideas, etc.

The style isn’t static; it changes all the time. Even your most beloved décor accessories can seem to belong to the Stone Age if you don’t update your decor once every few years. So what are you waiting for? Read these design trends of 2019 and start working!

1. Everything isn’t white or black

Let’s start with the walls first, because that is the first thing most people notice after stepping into a room! Move on from the simplicity of white and the boldness of black and try something quirky yet sophisticated. Don’t think so hard, and it is nothing but gray! Gray, the subtle blend between the palest and the deepest hues of the palette has earned fame for imparting neutral tones.

The trend of 2019 suggests that you go overboard with gray, from the wall tones, the couch, and even the napkins and cushion covers. To achieve this look, you need a pastel shade of gray. You might find it hard hunting for the perfect shade of the wall paint, so opt for pastel gray modern wall panels instead.

Experts say this trend is going to last at least for a few years due to the easy availability of interior faux wall panels in multicolor.

2. The trend of pop color is back

Do you remember a few years ago when pop wall tones were in vogue? Smile the brightest; it is making a comeback this year. If you aren’t a fan of corals and hot pinks, then consider green. It seems that interior designing is pulling a lot of inspiration from Mother Nature!

If you, like the rest of the world is going gaga over green; why not coat each accessory of your room in different hues of green?

Make sure to keep a ton of things on your mind before choosing the shades.

For instance, a shade of emerald sound absorbing decorative acoustic panels would brighten up your rooms. But it would look hideous for your bathroom.

Likewise, you can opt for lighter shaded green waterproof bathroom wall panels as this will visually expand the space of your tiny bathroom.

3. Call out the elements of nature

Yes, apart from incorporating green elements in your house you can still play with nature. Wood, another gift from nature to us, has sprung up in trends. Studies suggest that decorative wood wall panels set a welcoming and calming environment.

That is why; it is apt for not only houses but also hospitals and offices. To satiate the growing desires for airier, lighter and even brighter spaces, wood is coming to revolutionize the floorings.

You can even design your kitchen because it deserves your love with wooden kitchen wall panels.

4. When all is natural, why can’t floors be?

The dark hardwood floors are on the decline, and thus it is time to welcome lighter colored floors. Besides light wooden floors, a demand for matte textured floors is on the rise. According to designers, this imparts a natural look to the floors. As glossy floorings used to look all artificial the charm of it has lost somehow. If you love wooden floors, then opt for recycled and engineered wood rather than the typical wooden floor because the former option is sustainable.

For the ones who don’t prefer natural wooden floors, there is something you would like!

Yes, floor tiles manufacturers are producing floorings which look like wood but are made of vinyl.

5. Even your kitchen yearns for some splash of color

Gone are the days when you only had one color option for your kitchen cabinets and furnishings; white! With the interior designs undergoing a huge makeover, why can’t your kitchen have a bit of fun? Make a statement and give your friends reasons for envy.

  • Stay away from white and go near black and other bold tints.
  • If your soul loves everything bright then why not a hint of neon green and fuchsia pink! Yes, that would work!
  • Even usual grays and blue-washed grays are in demand this year.

Do fun things with your kitchen, and after that, you would love to spend a bit longer there, improving your culinary skills!

6. Don’t be afraid to embrace your eclectic side

Although everyone’s comfort levels and preferences vary, you should never be shy to showcase your likes and dislikes. If you love darker and bolder colors, then don’t be content with paler colors like white!

  • Black décor items are selling like hotcakes even in this year; from furnishings to wall tones, but not floorings, sorry!
  • If you are anxious about the impact of black on your bedroom, then ponder over either jewel tones or bright colors. How about a blue shade coupled with orange, yes layering is very much in right now!
  • If you are an artist, then create a canvas for yourself and make a silhouette painting with shades of yellow, orange and black! It would ace in fabricating the focal point of your room.

7. Be creative and home DIY furnishings and accessories

You should learn this fact that all handmade items are in this year. Prediction says that the sustainability of these items has been their biggest supporter. You can create or buy pieces made of rice paper, Jute and clay. This will help you be in constant touch of nature.

8. Boho vibe is back but with a modern twist

Thank god our dear friend is back but with a twist of cleaner and brighter patterned lines. Vintage designs with curved furnishings are what you will see a lot this year.


Before incorporating these hacks, always remember cluttering is out. So shed away all unnecessary accessories. Also, don’t attempt to turn your wall into a gallery because the style has gone out of trend and absorbs a ton of dust!