10 Things To Consider While Hiring An Interior DecoratorEver wondered why is it so difficult to hire an interior decorator for your office space or pub renovation?

Hiring the perfect decorator for your upcoming project can be daunting at times. You have probably googled every possible site on the internet but still is unsure who can do justice to your dream project.

Well, the wait is over. Here is a complete list of the 10 most important factors you should consider before hiring an interior decorator.

Know about your project

You should have a clear idea about what you want your interiors to look like. Be a prepared client who can guide the decorator. You do not want to confuse your designer with vague and confused ideas.

A confident client always sets a positive image and inherently gets better results. The work also becomes easy and smooth for the designer.

The budget

Now, that you have planned out your project, it’s time to work out the budget. The budget is the most crucial factor, and you need to consider it before hiring a decorator.

You must be realistic about how much you can actually pay your decorator and also how much new furniture or raw materials you can afford.

If you have a strict budget, be sure to be upfront about it and let your designer know about your limitations. This way you can restrict any unprecedented costs in the middle of the process.

A clear budget plan will also help you to locate the right decorator, and there are many who can do wonders even in a low budget.

Time frame

Next, you should plan out the probable time frame you want to complete the project. Be clear about it to your decorator and also be ready for some flexibility.

If your project requires a more extensive renovation, then be reasonable enough to allow your decorator enough time to complete the task.

Special requirements

Do you want some specific styles or requirements for your interiors? Focus on them at the beginning of the project so that your designer can plan the rest of the work accordingly.

Does your restaurant need some freeform cut panels for walls or ceilings or some echo prevention horizontal crisscross multicolored slats? Let your designer know about it in advance.

Noise reducing walls are quite a trend today. Many public places have started using it in abundance.

Customized Fin wall panel collections come in multiple colors. They are perfect for your office cubicle or hospital buildings.

Mosaic wall tiles in fresh urban colors look beautiful for kitchen areas and restaurant halls. They look urban and chic.

Mirror mounted portable sliding door system is sound protected and can be used in any commercial space.

Designer style

Now that you know about what you want from your commercial space, it is time to collect some images and references from magazines and the internet.

Done your homework? Now it’s time to hire designers who specialize in that style. It will help you to zero down on specialized designers. Look into the portfolios of the designers, and you will get an idea about their specialization.

Your reference images will also help your designers to get an idea about what you want your interiors to look like.

Experience of decorator

Look for a decorator who has legitimate and valid references and credentials. Go through their portfolio and look into their previous work.

Look for customer reviews. It is a great indicator and helps you to narrow down your choice.

If your budget is low, you can hire a new decorator with moderate fees. But, be sure to evaluate their references and have a clear discussion about their ideas. Schedule a meeting. It will help you to have an idea about the efficiency of a decorator.

Charges of the designer

How much does the designer charge for their service? What services does your designer offer with the package? These are some probing questions you might like to ask yourself before you hire the decorator.

Space planning, purchase of materials, site measurement, project planning, and consultation are some of the basic services that any designer will provide. Does your designer provide all those?

What are the payment options your designer is offering? Some charge by the hour and some want a lump sum in advance. So be sure that you are comfortable with the payment plans.

Be clear about your payment plans at the first meeting with your decorator. If your budget is strict, let your decorator know about it beforehand.

Involve with the process

Communication is the key to success. Be personally involved with the process. Let your designer know that he or she can communicate with you at any time of the process.

If you want a good result and implement your own ideas be prepared to be involved directly into every part of the process. Help out your designer in times of crisis and other important decisions like buying the furniture or deciding the wall colors.

Always be available to answer their queries. On the other hand, ask your designer to keep you updated with their work progress.

Purchase of furniture and furnishings

Be specific about the must-haves of your interior. If you want to go with a particular color or style be specific about it.

Be confident about what you don’t want in your office space. Your decorator must know about your preferences and buy furniture accordingly.

Always adhere to strict guidelines before purchasing the furniture. Ensure that it does not exceed the budget. The best way is to accompany your decorator while you buy some really expensive artwork for the décor.

Post-install support

This is a vital part of every designing process. Does your decorator offer post-install support or you will have to figure it out yourself?

A good decorator will always ask for your feedback and will help you out if there is any problem after completion of the project.

Arrange for a postdelivery consultation, and discuss matters of concern like upkeep of your favorite wall panels, etc.


Trust is the key factor in any communication process. Learn to trust your decorator as it is the foundation of any relationship. It will not only improve productivity but will also help them to be more creative and comfortable in the work process.