Acoustic Wall CoveringAre you bored with the way your home and its decor look? Do you want to change it and make it classier in appearance? If yes, then, you have come to the right place as we are here to surprise you with some fresh and trendy ideas that will bring a sea of change to the way your house looks. Read on …

Add a fresh coat of paint

Old worn out homes have one thing in common-their chipped paint. Worn out painted walls are unsightly features and must be dealt with immediately. Nothing can do much to a home’s decor if the paint was chosen is not of the correct type. If you are looking to create beautiful walls throughout your house, then you can go with monochromatic color palettes like white or black. If it's the bold colors that make your heart flutter, then, you must choose such a paint scheme that will add an instant punch to your interiors, like bursts of orange or mauve or even shimmering purple.

Going black is a good choice if you want to add an expensive feel to your decor. Though, it sounds rather gloomy when you think of black as your main paint color. But, when you combine the black painted walls with matching black accessories, you will automatically bring chutzpah to your interiors.

Stylize with wall panels

Interior wall paneling is a new trend to have hooked many homeowners. This is so because you can add a lot more drama and class to your interiors using different types of wall panels. Wall paneling is much in demand these days, especially when a home remodeling or renovation projects are considered. These panels are easy to install and are economical too. One can create accent walls in their living rooms or bedrooms with 3d decorative wall panels.

3d wall panels lend a stylish touch to even the blandest of any room in an instant. You can make your accent wall stand out among the rest of your features without doing much. A 3d wall panel helps in adding a new dimension to your room, even your bedroom. Instead of using a headboard, try using a 3d wall panel with an intriguing print or texture. You will see your bedroom change into a classy zone in a blink.

Use a mix of shades and textures

Combining colors and textures may be a little daunting at first, but, when you accomplish it, the results you get are simply amazing. If you are someone who likes many styles and are not restricted to one, then, you can give a whole new dimension to your home by mixing different kinds of elements that define your flexibility. Rather than going with one particular style or color, say, for example, a modern style with white as the predominant color scheme, choose an array of traditional accessories to give a contrasting look to the decor. Instead of plain white, add an accent feature comprising of watercolors. This will surely set the mood for relaxing and having fun.

Choose the right type of lighting

Poor lighting is often the main culprit behind your house looking gloomy and dark. Why don’t you give a complete makeover with designer light fixtures when you remodel your home this time? Well, lighting can play a huge role in adding style to your decor. Be it your living room, dining room, bathroom or bedroom, and if the light is not right, then, your home will not appear airy or bright.

These days, you can get your hands on designer pieces that look not merely elegant but are also available at affordable prices. You can get vintage light fixtures from thrift stores if budget is your concern. Once you have bought your light fixtures, you must replace the old ones immediately with the new pieces and also focus on ambient as well a spotlighting. If your living room has an accent feature, then try to highlight it with a spotlight fixture. Placing table lamps at corners helps a good deal in making a signature style statement.

Choose natural elements to add to the decor

Go all natural when trying to add class to your old decor. Nothing says it better than stones, wood, and greens when you want your decor to look chic. If you have an old bathroom that needs a makeover, then try using stone walls or flooring to add more character. This can be done in other rooms like living areas where you want the decor to look more inviting and warm. Create the wall above the fireplace with stones or bricks. Choose a coffee table that is made out of driftwood. Adding greens to your decor increases your chance to bring the outdoors in easily. Place ceramic pots on console tables with orchids or branches. Doing all these will make your decor tasteful.

Choose tasteful furniture

Furniture is a vital element of any home decor and without it; your interior will not look complete. Choosing the right kind of furniture is very tricky, but not an impossible feat. One can research before investing in sofas and couches. You need to choose such furniture pieces that complement your decor and suit your budget as well. Visiting thrift stores that sell good and affordable furniture is a good idea. But, at the end of the day trying to pick something that will last longer and prove to be value for money. If you want to have a soft decor for your living area, try using grey toned tufted sofas as these will bring a touch of sophistication to your interior. Go bold with leather sofas if your decor is masculine.

Play with printed rugs and carpets

There’s another very cool way of adding an instant bit of glamour to your old decor, and that is using rugs and carpets of different types and sizes to cover your bare spots. Rugs are an additional accessory to be used to stylize interiors, but, they are nevertheless very essential to lend a complete took to your decor. One can invest in simple rugs with geometric patterns, or even go in for fluffy designer ones that are sold in boutique stores. The choices are varied, and you have to select the ones that will define your taste. Carpets, like rugs, are also an accompaniment to the main elements of decor, but, if you give them a miss, you will not get a cohesive look that you are aiming for in your decor.