Interesting Decor Ideas For Valentine S Day That Will Look Fabulous All Through The YearAfter the New Years last week, the Valentine’s Day is approaching. So, you have to add a cupid touch to your home. It means you have to think about the decoration again. This is not easy for busy people like you. This blog reveals some Valentine’s Day decor ideas that look fabulous throughout the year.

1. Make your bedroom sensual

The Valentine’s Day is encroaching upon. The countdown has already started. It is high time to bring back the sensual feeling in the bedroom. Your bed is the prince in the bedroom. Make it bold and celebratory by adding a canopy and an elaborate headboard.

Varieties of bed canopies are available in the market. If you have a bohemian feeling, go bold in color and design. Use a colorful tapestry or a macramé for the headboard. If you are a minimalist, make it monochromatic by matching shades of white and ivory.

2. Personalize the cushions

Personalized cushions and pillows are great to show your love to your sweetheart. Heart-shaped cushions are perfect for Valentine’s Day celebration. Put both of your initials by stitching ribbons on that. You will always be in your partner’s thought.

You can also embroider initials on the cushion or pillow covers. If you have square cushions, embroider the replica of the heart and your initials on that. They will look make the decoration fabulous. Since these exude a romantic feeling, you can use them in the bedroom all around the year.

3. Have fairy lights

Valentine’s Day gives you an excuse to illuminate the rooms with fairy lights. The heart-shaped lights are the most popular. But you can add it some extra glamour by adding stars and balls to the assembly. Using the DIY string lamps gives a personal touch and lifts up the ambiance.

You can have these lights over the bed. Or you can drape them over the headboard or a bookcase. Since these glow on batteries, you can use them in many ways. These also come handy for backyard parties in the warmer months.

4. Make it romantic with candles

The Valentine’s Day is synonymous with love and romance. Nothing can be better than using colored and scented candles for decoration. Get one that exudes a favorite fragrance. It will be sure to lift up the mood and also make the ambiance soft and relaxed.

Put them in attractive candle holders. This gives a timeless decoration. You can use them on any other time. With their warm glow, they can take the ambiance aplomb to the next level.

5. Brighten up with wall decals

Wall decals offer a brilliant decor to spruce up the room. Have wall decals in the living room, bedroom or any other place you like. These trendy decor elements are great to lift up the spirit for the Valentine’s Day.

Many varieties of wall decals are available in the market. You can get lovebirds, the replica of hearts, butterflies, flowers and many more. These are great to create a beautiful and romantic environment in the home. The effect also prevails throughout the year.

These come in peel and stick forms and also offer easy removal. These are available in a wide color spectrum. If you like, you can get them personalized to showcase your style.

6. Include a beverage cart

Creating a beverage cart is a great Valentine’s Day decoration. Put it on the wheels so that you may take it anywhere you like. Build it up with two shelves. Load the top one with hot chocolate, soft drinks, champagne, etc.

Display your wine collection in the bottom shelve. Adorn the cart with ribbons and flowers to give it a festive look. This will never be obsolete. You can use these for any gathering with family and friends.

7. Give a floral uplift

Flowers, especially the roses are the symbol of love. Giving the interior a floral lift makes it perfect for the Valentine’s Day celebration. Decorate the entryway, porches, living room, etc. with flowers. This will make the place awesome.

Also, use a diffuser to fill the rooms with the floral excellence of roses. No matter if it is the Valentine’s Day or not, it will enhance the interior atmosphere.

8. Infuse the traditional red

Red exudes the essence of Valentine’s Day better than any other hues. Introduce this color through pillows, cushions, throw blankets, etc.

You can also use red in the photo frames. They make a good contrast and create a beautiful vignette on the wall. No need to remove or replace them. You can let those be there for the rest of the year.

9. Apply a Jungalow touch

Valentine’s Day is for surprising your sweetheart with decoration. Giving a Jungalow touch to the interior is a cute idea for that. This lets you go for more. You can add plenty of texture, color and plants in the room to impart this style.

You craft leaves out of old magazine covers or anything else that is colorful. Adorn the bed with this will help you show a cool bohemian style. These will deliver a great show round the year.

10. Glam with wall panels

The architectural decorative panels can add a cupid touch. They are made from different core materials. Their varieties include felt wall panels and fiberglass acoustic panels among others.

Besides improving the aesthetics, the 3d decorative wall panels also protect the walls. They have other uses as well. You would not like to be heard in your bedroom. The acoustic wall panels do that for you with their high sound absorption capacity.

These are light in weight. Coming in geometric shapes, their installation is easy. These stellar products also hide wall flaws and protect the walls.


There are many ways to express love. Some follow the sweet and sentimental paths. There are others who prefer to be bold and celebratory. The above decor ideas include both of these. You may apply those in your home. They will turn every day into a V-day for you.