False Brick PanelsSpring stands for cheerfulness all around. The blooming flowers, chirping birds and warmer temperature make us happy. Everything looks refreshed and joyful. Well, would not it be great if we can bring in such vibes in our homes? You must be looking for that. Here are spring decor hacks that can make your home bloom.

1. Remove cold weather accessories

With spring coming upon there is no need to fight the cold winter any more. All the heavy blankets, pillows, etc are obsolete now. So, tuck them away in the drawers and replace with a new set. Also, de-clutter the room and shelves and open the windows. Let the bright sunshine come in. This will be your first step to welcome spring.

2. Add color everywhere

Color is synonymous with spring. So, you must burst your home with vibrant colors for welcoming the spring. Even, the unexpected corners should also be full of colors.

Paint the front door and also create an accent wall with bright contrast. Do not spare the laundry, staircase, and the dead spaces. Pop these places up with paints. Sea-foam green and sky-blue is excellent for a springtime appeal.

Moreover, you can think of wall decals and can also have a gorgeous runner for the staircase. These will help you have a mindset for enjoying the spring to the full.

3. Bloom your house with greens

Make the hose bloom with live greeneries. This is the best way to decorate the homes after the months of snow and freezing temperature. Place live plants and flowers at all strategic points in the house for a perfect spring vibe.

Have two plants in every room. Place the large plant on the floor and the small plant on the window. They will cheer you up in a great way. Moreover, they help to clean the air. Thus you will have a fresh interior environment.

Decorate the lawn and the backyard with live plants. You can also have wreaths on the porch and at the front door.

4. Bring in natural elements

Spring is all about to enjoy the vibrant nature. So, decorate your home with a variety of natural elements. Introduce twisted branches, large seashells, pine cones, leaves, and colorful stones. Using a terrarium is also a great idea. They will create a cheerful environment and enhance the spring-like vibe.

5. Freshen up with fragrance

Spring takes you out of hibernation to bright sunshine. So, why not welcome the change with scents? Scented candles are great for this. You can get them in lavender, orange, strawberry, vanilla, lemon, and many more. Other than filling up the rooms with fragrances, they also create a romantic ambiance.

But candles have open flames. In case you do not like them, you may use aroma diffusers. They come in a variety of attractive design and shapes. Fill them with the essential oil and connect to power. They will infuse a spring appeal in the rooms.

6. Boost up the bookshelf

Bookshelves are no longer a literature storing unit. These have turned out into a multipurpose decor element. Organizing the bookshelf is a great spring decor idea. Display some natural elements like succulents, seashells, colored pebbles in the bookshelf. This will break the monotony of the rows of books.

You can also line some of them flat for a new look. Sorting them color wise also gives a nice punch. Also, paint up the shelf, or you may also add wallpapers. This will build a spring-inspired ambiance in the home.

7. Infuse color through accessories

Introduce color though carpets, rugs, and tapestries. They can be very useful for imparting a spring-like ambiance in the home. These are available in vibrant colors and bold textures. Depending on the budget you have a wall-to-wall carpet or use an area rug.

Tapestries also make a colorful addition to the rooms. They are available in floral and many other attractive designs. You may hang them loose, or can also use them as a throw cover. They will spruce up the room.

Also, update the pillow covers and the cushion covers and go for light cotton linens. If you have heavy drapes, replace them with curtains with floral prints.

8. Update your furniture

Spring is the time to float with nature. The wicker and other garden-inspired chairs are perfect to offer such an environment. Better to replace the old furniture with these lighter options. If that is not possible, you can also paint those up in shades of green or other soft colors. This will make them match your spring decor theme. Putting a slipcover is also a great cost-effective idea.

9. Get creative

Embellish the old pots and vases you have. You may paint them for a new look. Or give them a facelift with fabric. Cut a piece and wrap it around the pot or vase. It will have a whipping fresh look. You can also repurpose old items like jars, teapots, etc.

Brighten up the home by introducing a pop of yellow. Fill a bowl with lemons or oranges. This will add up a sunny vibe into the room and enhance the spring decor.

10. Improve the walls

Spring means new life and colors. You must add life to the walls for successful spring decor. The 3d decorative wall panels are perfect for this. You can get them as acrylic panels, gypsum 3d wall panels, MDF panels, wood panels, etc.

You can use the decorative wall panels for improving the basic architecture. Available in a wide range of patterns and colors, these can make your home bloom. The acoustic wall panels also let you reduce the reverberations in the interior.

These are non-pollutant, non-toxic, fire retardant, and cost-effective. They are great to hide the wall flaws.


Spring is the season for rebirth and rejuvenation. Nature bursts with color after the cool and dull winter months bringing new hopes. The above decor tips can simulate the same vibe in the interior. Follow them to be a part of the joyous season.