Textured Wall PanelsFeng Shui is a traditional Chinese term which means “wind-water” in English. This is known to be a pseudoscience which originates from China, and this claims to utilize the energy forces present in the atmosphere to blend and balance an individual with the environmental structure. The Feng Shui decoration is very essential to generate a sense of positivity. The main entrance needs Feng Shui designs so that it can absorb its initial and main Feng Shui energy to keep the home nourished with energy.

Why is Feng Shui Important for The House’s Entrance?

There are a lot of reasons why the entrance of your home should have good Feng Shui decoration. A house with positive energy passing throughout, starting from the initial brick of the house to the last helps the people living in it to experience greater heights of welfare and happiness.

In Feng Shui decoration, the main entrance/gate should be of an eye-catchy and vibrant color to attract more chi energy.

The direct alignment of more than two doors can form a negative quality of Feng Shui in the house.

Mirrors facing the main entrance of the house is also not good for the positive Feng Shui in a home. This is because the front door attracts the energy to the other parts of the house. Having a mirror installed in front of the main entrance can push away or reflect all the positive energies. That can be counted as a bad Feng Shui arrangement

The bathroom is not supposed to face the front door because all the energy that comes in starts escaping through the bathroom, leaving almost no energy to circulate through the house. The main entrance door should always open inwards and not outwards. This ensures the clear passage for chi energy into the house.

Wall Panels for Positive Feng Shui Energy

The main entrance can be followed by the walls on either, and wall panels with vibrant and happy colors can enhance the amount of chi energy. Spiritual and positive thematic wall panels can be used in the main entrance so that the environment stays calm and composed. The wall panels of Wooden Buddha enrich the house with serenity and impart the essence of tranquillity. The main gate/entrance is significant for the Feng Shui planning. Because this is the initial part of the little empire, you are living in. This It is known that Gold Buddha Panels attract the auspicious Feng Shui energy into the house is placed in the front door.

Guidelines about Feng Shui for the Entrance:

1. The Size of the Door itself:

Any kind of disproportionate door in the entrance can be a problem or threat to the career and wealth of the people living in that house. A huge house, cannot have a small entrance door or small house cannot have a huge entrance door. The most important thing is that the front door must be larger than that of the other doors inside the house. Feng Shui doesn’t prefer doors inside the house to be bigger than the front door, because it affects marriages, relationships, and emotional control. So, it is likely to have a proportionate door at the main entrance, and the other doors should never be larger than the main entrance door.

2. The Colour of the Door:

The color has to be determined by looking into a lot of factors like the direction of the door towards which it is facing, the Kua of the person, which is determined by the person’s birth year and, the location of the main entrance in the house.

Usually, the color should be very vibrant and eye-catchy. The color can also be a comfortable one that you would like to look at every day, and it will be a feast to your eyes.

3. The material of the Door and Its Maintenance:

The preferable materials of the front entrance door should be of metal, wood or fiberglass. The door must make you feel safe and protected. The door should be aesthetically appealing and decent.

The maintenance of the door is very simple. All you need to do is keep the area of the main entrance including the door, clean.

The door should never make squeaky sounds and be rusty. You should never leave your main entrance door with paints falling off. A door in the main entrance if left out with poor maintenance can deflect all the positive energies, leaving zero amount of positive energy to enter your house. It can also deaden your mood as soon as you enter your home.

4. The open space:

There must be an open space before and after the main entrance. It should be free of obstacles. This area is known to be the “bright hall.” This is the place where the chi energy gathers. This place must be kept organized as well as clean. Space should be proportionate and should have a logical size. The size of the area can easily be determined by placing screen room dividers so that mistakes can be avoided.

5. Alignment with the backdoor:

The experts say that the front entrance door and the back door should never be in alignment. Money flows inwards and straight out of the house, which means the person living in the house will not be able to keep money or save money. The solution to this problem is to add furniture between both the doors or obstacles so that the energy doesn’t flow away.


The area and the location of the front door should be kept clean always. The Feng Shui energy flows from the entrance initially, so it is very important to know the right things about Feng Shui energy. The kitchen should not be visible from the front entrance, because that can affect the Feng Shui energy and the people staying in the house might face problems related to the expenses and also savings of the money. The staircases facing the front doors can also be a threat to the lives of the people staying there, experts say that they can face unnecessary ups and downs in their lifetimes.

It is always suggested to consult with an expert before improving Feng Shui on your own. Feng Shui is the natural way to enhance your lives with positivity and lead a better life.