Amplify The Productive Vibe Of Your Work From Home Space 8 TipsWork from home is a dream job for people today. The changing work culture and work environment have made this dream come true for many. The internet, the smartphones, platforms like Skype, Whatsapp, etc have brought people closer globally And have created this concept of working from home so very possible.

Work from home spaces have grown drastically also because of these factors:

Self-start ups and entrepreneurship are promoted and encouraged on a large scale by many governments. Young minds are setting up their businesses and thus, are setting up work from home spaces. They don’t want to lose precious money on buying office spaces or paying rent for the same.

Companies are feeling to let their employees work from home as it is mutually beneficial to both. Companies save on costs of space, workstations, electricity, support staff, internet, telephone bills, etc. And the employees are happy being at home and giving their best to the company without the hassles of going to office daily.

The increasing traffic and pollution on the way to work is a big de-motivating factor for people. A lot of time is also wasted on the way, tiring out mentally and physically. You can thus save time and travel expenses.

The last, but no the least, is the flexibility of time. Organizations and self-bosses have this flexibility to work at their own time and pace as long as things get done in time.

Therefore, the concept of work from home spaces is here to stay and will only see growth in the future. It becomes imperative that the productivity vibes of these spaces be enhanced. Let us examine 8 tips to do this.


Depending upon the space and room available in your house, you need to set up a private area for work from home. It could be a separate room, a garage, a covered balcony or any other option available with you. Whatever it may be, you have to ensure that you work in an area demarcated from your personal space at home. You can’t sit on an ad-hoc basis in the bedroom one day, and on the dining table, in the living room on the sofa, out on the balcony or terrace the other day. This hampers productivity the most.

It has to be a fixed place, and preferably with a separate entrance to both areas. You can quickly fix some 3d decorative wall panels or interior decorative wall panels to mark off the spaces.

Space management

Once the area is identified, plan out your requirements for your work from home office. This could be the furniture, office supplies, accessories, electric fitting, décor, connectivity needs, etc. Make a budget and explore how to get these in the best and cheapest possible way. Keep in mind the need for storage. You can’t keep running to your personal space to look for items needed at the office.

Keep space for a reception area if you are planning to hire an assistant too. Fix some acoustic fabric panels or translucent stone panels for the privacy. This little tip can help both you and your assistant to work more efficiently. You can carry out with your work without having to worry about who is visiting your office. Let your assistant handle this.


The items of furniture depend upon the kind of work you do. It may be that you need only a working desk, a comfortable chair to sit on, and some storage cabinets. You could also need a couple of visitor’s chair or sofas if you expect a lot of clients walking in and you have space too. You will need tables, stools, or other shelves for placing the printer, fax machine, shredder, etc. A coffee machine or a small fridge may also be on your list.


The very purpose of working from home is defeated if you are not well connected with your office, in case you are an employee, or the outside world if you are working for your self. Good connectivity is crucial. You will need the right internet service provider or telephone connection. Don‘t make a compromise on this issue at all. This will badly affect your productivity and output if you are struggling with the internet connection on a regular basis. Have a landline if needed. Place it on a stool or fix it on the wall to save precious countertop space.

Electrical Fittings

Since you will work from home and need to be connected with people all the time for meetings, discussions, training, etc, you have to have an uninterrupted supply of electricity. Go in for modular switches which come in beautiful designs and colors. Fix them on architectural decorative panels or 3d modular wall art panels in the room. Ensure a power back up through an inverter or a silent mini generator. Don’t let this hamper your work efficiency and productivity.


Office supplies should be kept in the area that you have marked as work from home space. Buy or get made enough storage spaces like cabinets, shelves, drawers, cupboards, etc. Give them a beautiful finish with 3d decorative panels, wood veneers, or even architectural wall panels. Keep a supply of other office accessories like a bell, files, papers, stationery, stapler, scale, a pair of scissors, etc. Fix a CCTV camera for security.


A clean, well organized, and pretty looking place will always motivate you to work harder. Make this space look good with some wall panels like architectural decorative panels and 3d bamboo wall panels. Hang some wall art, certificates, photos, etc against these wall panels. Keep a vase or two with some flower arrangements. A few potted plants at the corners look great. Inhale the pure air and keep yourself it for work.

Sound Proofing

Working amongst any noise pollution is counterproductive. You may want to listen to some soft music playing in the background while you work. You may have visitors coming to the office for discussions and meetings. There may be your children playing at home, other family members watching the television or listening to loud music. In any case, you need to soundproof the space. An excellent way is to fix some modern acoustic panels acoustic fabric panels.

Follow these simple tips and increase the work out from your work from home space. Keep your organization happy too.