How To Add Warmth To Office Spaces With Wood Paneling 2The beauty of wooden paneling is that it can make any space look utterly fabulous and stunning. The natural and warm appeal of wood makes it a perfect option for commercial setups. It will give any office space a classy, upscale and sophisticated vibe. If you’re looking for ways to add warmth to your office space with wood paneling, we have a bunch of ideas and suggestions that you can use. These fantastic ideas have transformed the simplest of office spaces into the most amazing and fabulous ones. Here’s everything you need to know:

Create A Smooth And Monochromatic Wooden Décor

One effective and fantastic way in which wood panels can be used in an office environment is by ensuring that the furniture in the office is made from the same wood as the panels. When the wooden furniture and wooden panels are made of the same kind of wood, a smooth and monochromatic décor will be created in the commercial setup. People who are looking to give their office décor an upscale and luxurious appeal will find this suggestion ideal.

Dark Wooden Panelling For The Office

If you want to give your office space an imposing and dignified allure, then you need to source wooden panels that are dark in the shade. Dark shades of wooden wall and ceiling panels will give the surroundings a decorous and lordly vibe. When opting for dark tones of wood wall panels, make sure that you add rugs and carpets to the floor to make the office décor stand out more. When selecting rugs and carpets for the floor, always opt for neutral colors like beige, off-white, light browns and other earthy tones.

Dark Wood, Beige Ceiling – The Perfect Blend

Not everyone prefers a monochromatic decor for their office space. Some people like a slightly different décor. If you’re looking for contrasting décor ideas, you can always pair your dark wood wall panels with a ceiling that is painted with a shade of beige. This contrast will make the office décor look elegant and noble and will leave visitors and customers utterly impressed. If you’re not one for beige, you can also opt for an off-white ceiling or a light brown ceiling and so on. Make sure that the upholstery that you select for the chairs also matches with either with the wooden panels or with the ceiling shade.

Decorative Panels That You Should Consider Using For The Office Décor

There are several different types of wood plank walls that you can select for your office décor. These modern wall paneling options are showy and distinguished. Using these unique wall panels in your office space will make the surroundings stand out like never before. Here are a few options that you can choose from for your office:

  • African laminate mahogany wall panels
  • Chocolate cherry 3D laminate panel
  • Concerto wood accent wall
  • Reclaimed wood wall
  • Praline pine reclaimed wall panels
  • Composite wood panels
  • Formica wall panels
  • The tea party in Boston wall panels
  • Coffee groups wall panels and many others.

Mix And Match The Wall Panels With Tapestries

When an entire office is decorated with wooden wall panels, the décor can get a little monotonous. One effective way to break the monotony of the décor is by adding several different varieties of tapestries to the office. You can get curtains, wall hangings, and other such items to add a little bit of contrast to the office décor. Choose bright and captivating colors when selecting the tapestry products.

Leather Armchairs For The Office Setup

The leather is another excellent option to give your office an upscale and classy appeal. Making sure that you use leather upholstery for the armchairs and couches in your office will make the surroundings look very sophisticated and majestic. You can opt for dark shades of leather like brown, black or grey so that the upholstery blends well with the wooden wall panels. Do keep in mind that leather can be pretty expensive and using it for upholstery will cost you a hefty sum. If you have a limited budget for the office décor, you can always opt for PU leather, which is probably half the cost of real leather and just as good.

Gold Hardware For The Wooden Office Room

If you’re going all out with wooden wall panels, matching wooden furniture and an office room that is entirely wrapped in wood, you should get gold hardware for the doors, cabinets, and drawers. Engraved and polished brass door handle, cabinet handles, drawer handles and door hinges are just what you need. The mix and match of the gold hardware with the wooden wall panels will make the office room look classy and elegant. You can also opt for curtains with shimmery gold embroidery to add to the décor of your office.

Wooden Wall Panels With Chandeliers

Since wood is a lavish and regal décor option, you can add to the luxurious décor of your office by installing beautiful and old school chandeliers. The chandeliers will give your office a very rich and captivating appeal. You can visit your local décor store to get slightly modern and contemporary chandeliers if that’s what you prefer. However, for people who are looking out for old style chandeliers, the local antique store or the second-hand furniture market is the best bet. Brass or crystal chandeliers are the best options for your office.

Well, now that you have a myriad of ideas that are worth considering along with your wooden wall panels. Incorporating these ideas will give your office décor that rich and classy appeal that you hoped to provide it. Some of these ideas are affordable and budget-friendly too. These tried and tested ideas will give your office that much-needed décor upgrade. Your visitors and guests will be thoroughly impressed with the new décor. Corporate head offices are excellent places for the wooden wall panels and decorative accessories. Well, get to it and start transforming your office today.