Office Decor Ideas That Inspire Your Teams To Do Their BestYou generally spend an average of 8 hours or 1/3rd of your day at your office. You might also refer to your office as a second home. A comfortable and pleasant office environment can have a positive impact on the productivity and overall mood of the employees. Just imagine if your place of work is drab, gloomy and has molding and old furniture, would you like to go to work then? Not! A cheerless and dull working space will lead to disgruntled and disengaged employees. Demotivated employees rarely contribute to the overall success of the business. An ideal workspace maintains a balance between being comfortable and displaying a professional business image. Here are some effective Office Design and Décor hacks to make your workplace look colorful, vibrant and inspiring:

Natural Lighting

Good lighting is an essential attribute of well-designed office space. Most offices use the overhead fluorescent lights, but having natural light plays a significant role in realizing unobstructed, creative energy. If you have windows make sure to keep the blinds open during work hours. To keep the office space naturally lighted, the closed offices should be built in dedicated areas, and the bullpen can be created alongside the windows. Keeping the private offices in the interior and the open cubicles-“bullpens” in the exterior will certainly brighten your space.

Customizing space according to the departments and members

A coder and a salesperson will require different skill sets and tools to do their job; they will also need different space settings. Using a uniform office design may not suffice for all departments and individuals, it may even have detrimental effects on the productivity of the employees. An “open Office” concept with shared desks may be good for a more socializing and collaborative team but is not desirable for groups and individuals who need to focus and concentrate on their job. Space should be customized based on the requirements of the teams like the engineers might not appreciate the disturbances caused by having an open office, accounts, and sales departments are more collaborative and need to communicate to each other more.

Similarly, the color schemes throughout the office should also not be the same. Different spaces in the office should have a different feel. For instance, the Conference Room is the place where most discussions take place; it should be more professional looking with neutral colors and furniture to match. The break room can be brighter, so you can use bold colors, some board games and types of furniture like bean bags and couches.

Mission and Vision Statement

You can make creative ways of displaying the company’s Vision and Mission statement and plaster it in the wait areas and common areas. Having the vision and mission statements showcased frequently boosts the employee morale. You can also display the overall numbers and short-term goals of different teams; this leads to a sense of ownership between the employees and their increased inputs in the success of your business.

Integrate your Brand Colors

Using brand colors signifies what you and your business are all about; it also provides a consistency to the workspace. Display your product where ever possible; it works like space filler and a motivator.

Using Art

Unique art can make your space look thoughtful and interesting. You can use wall art pieces which may be custom made to suit your space, and hang it in places like the common areas, waiting for areas, conference rooms, and corridors. Great art can be a good conversation starter. The catch here is to keep the art simple, specific, discreet and colorful to brighten a dull day.

Green Touch

Flowers and plants in the office uplift the mood of the place instantly and also make for a pretty picture. Real plants and flowers can be used in the office, but they come with watering and maintenance hassles, they require sunlight as well, which might be a little awkward, if the plants are placed in corridors or conference rooms, the best alternative to real plants and flowers are artificial trees, plants, and flowers. Tall Artificial Trees and commercial artificial trees can be installed outside the office for a natural touch. Faux plants can be placed anywhere inside the office; they may be placed on the window sill, on the work desks, in the corridor or passage, in the conference rooms, in the reception area, the waiting area, etc. Plants like artificial dune grass, artificial prairie grass are well suited for wait areas, artificial Bonsai trees do well for the passages. Flowers, fake corn stalks and small artificial cactus are generally good choices for the office desks.

Colorful Supplies and peripherals

Organized stationery and supplies help your mind to function unhindered. Color coding stationery and having the same color of holders for them make the desks look neat and vibrant. Administrative tasks and filing can be daunting and boring, to make it fun and less dull you could use colorful folders and color code the file arrangements. Other things which add color to the workspace are funky hanging calendars and framed photographs of the teams. Place a colorful big clock or clocks in the center of your workplace to keep track of time.

Adding different wall colors

It is good to keep the overall tone of the office in the color of the company logo, but in places which seriously lack colors like the conference room or cabins, you can add some bright color on a particular wall. In case the color of the walls all around is dark, hang a large whiteboard on a relatively empty wall, this can also be used for noting the short-term goals of the company.

In addition to the above tricks remember to keep the office neat and uncluttered; also encourage your employees to decorate their personal space according to their preferences. Motivate your employees to keep their family photos on their desks for best results!!