/A beautiful kids room shows paternal love. Kid’s room is where you can arrange soft toys, electronic cars, talking dolls, kids’ gadgets or anything a little one needs. Designing a kid’s room is not always easy. Kids love playing and running around. So, the place may often get disorganized. Such contingencies must be kept in mind, while the design is in process. It is a bright idea to use kids friendly décor ideas for such a room.

Apart from being a loving and pampering hub, a kids’ room helps you to inspire the naive kid to have ambitions in life. Since the home is the first school of a child, a kid’s room is his first classroom or play station. A creatively designed kid’s room helps a tiny toy grow and gradually learn to imagine. With some simple tips, you can add more color and frolic to a kid’s room. You can refer an interior designer or architect for best design inputs. Here are some suggestions to transform the kid’s room into a nice dream-space.

1. Add delight to walls

Walls create the background of a kid’s room. So, add some charisma to your walls by coloring them in attractive colors. You can get the room walls painted with vibrant colors like fluorescent green or Ruby red according to your or the kid’s choice. Alternately, you can cover the walls with glazed or patterned wall panels. Else, you can let the walls shine with glitter wallpaper. These are very easy to install.

You can add personality and dimension to the room by decorating its walls with photo frames and pictures. You can have natural sceneries like landscapes on your walls. Decorate your room wall with hanging silk flowers is a beautiful design idea. Select the colors wisely to contrast against wall colors.

2. Add accents

You can add accent pillows or colorful pillows such that they contrast the color of the walls and that of the bed sheets, to create a delightful atmosphere. Use designer pillows and accent pillows. You can select from various fascinating designs and shape such as starfish shaped pillows, heart-shaped pillows, etc. You can add accents in other ways like curtains based on Disney themes.

3. Decorate your cabinets and shelves with lovely items

Shelves and closets keep the room organized and impart visual acuity. Have cabinets in your place where the belongings of the kids could be adequately maintained and are viewable at a distance. Articulate the cabinet using your creative instinct. Decorate your shelves and cabinets with artificial flowers to add colorful feel. You can keep fairy tale books like Cinderella or Snow White. You can also put models of monuments or musical instruments like kids guitars.

For adventurous kids, you can decorate shelves with interesting games and gaming devices. You can invest in a wall system taking due care that it conforms to your room size. Planning with a futuristic mindset is essential. As the kid grows up, specific alterations may be required.

4. Invest in smart ideas to maximize usable space

You can augment spatial efficiency by having a trundle bed. Such a bed allows you to store extra items like woolen wears, toys, fabrics, sketchbooks, etc. which you might not need immediately. In this way, you can make a space look neat and organized. On one side you can have a swinging light to create a strong point. Use portable storage accessories for the kid's room. It is easy to displace them inside the room or elsewhere if need be.

5. Add handicrafts and flowers

Dress the space with handcrafted materials at strategic locations. You can have vases with flowers. However, it is risky to have real plants in a room with a tiny tot. It is a good idea to have fake flowers instead. Silk flowers look beautiful under soft to touch. A kid gets a delightful feeling when he touches the sweet and beautiful petals. Before purchasing fake flowers ensure they are built of good fabric. They must have inherently fire retardant characteristics.

6. Create a theme with accessories

You can create a theme with curtains and nets. Else, you can also have paper butterflies to decorate your room. You can introduce a pattern by balancing new or modern items like gaming devices with old ones such as sculptures or antique items. You can include any items the kid has created like sketches or fancy items, which act as sweet memories for the future.

7. Express your heartiest feelings with the floral touch

Express your feelings by articulating the room with glittering props and artificial flowers. You can have artificial topiary with cute designs.

The artificial flowering arrangement looks excellent near the periphery of the room. Decorate the windows sills with fake flowers. Choose interesting colors of blossoms like violet or crimson. You can create a naturalist space with tropical silk flower arrangements. Choose plants wisely for providing the most realistic floral touch to your home.

8. Floor decorum

Decorate your floors with beautiful designs and rugs. You use a floral drug it can create a lively playing area for the little ones.

9. Interesting dustbins

Keep your dustbins colorful for making the room look prettier. You can have a designer dustbin representing an animation character which the kid loves.

10. Furniture design

Invest in kids’ friendly furniture. Use colorful furniture sofa chairs and recliners to make the room special.

Kids’ rooms are cute places where you can show your creative intent and love for kids. With a few simple strategies, you can create a lovely space for kids. Have your walls painted or covered with wall panels to initiate the magic? Have some cool kids’ friendly furniture. You can have portable shelves to arrange items like fairy tale books or gaming devices properly. You can express your heartiest feelings by decorating the space with beautiful artificial plants and flowers. Create a kid’s friendly play space using a soft rug or carpet on the floor. Balance new items with old elegant pieces to create a theme in the kid’s room.