How To Make Use Of Discarded Outdoor Space Of Your HouseOkay, so you got that dream house with the patio and the open space outside. The interior is as per your demands, and the bedrooms and living room are as comfortable as you can make them. It also has an ample outdoor space apart from the manicured lawn and the decorative pieces that you are longing to shop for. It’s a home that you love to come back to.

How can you make the outdoor space attractive?

One area in the house that is given less attention is the outdoor space. We feel that it is an area that visitors or guests will not even notice. The result – often unwanted or less needed items are dumped in these outdoor spaces. Since they are kept outdoors, the items often tend to get damaged due to their exposure to the sunlight, rain and other elements. This also means these spaces are neglected or given lesser importance in the home decoration plan.

But you will be surprised to know that visitors – guests or close relatives do not turn a blind eye to certain corners or spaces of the house and only see the interior furniture or décor which you’ve spent so much time and money on. They see everything, and they are consciously or unconsciously making mental notes of what they see.

Here is a hack to avoid this.

Fake flower arrangements, artificial palm trees, and other articles are top contenders for the outdoor décor. But that is not all. There are some surprising uses of this space that usually goes discarded. Read on till the end to know what else can be done.

Some of us are extraordinarily selective and possessive about the type and style of articles that adorn our house – be it the wall clocks, the bed sheets that compliment the wall décor or the showpieces that sit on display on your living room wall.

Why not use the open space that is usually discarded or ignored, to make another impression. From the moment they arrive at your house to the time they leave, they will praise and appreciate you and your Efforts. The meticulous planning you did to make sure every square inch of the available space, inside and outside was decked up with articles and décor that reflected the real sense of the vibes that your house gives out.

What do the experts recommend?

Landscape designers and architects are now acknowledging the possibility of using such spaces to bring out some great designs and further enhance the beauty of the houses. These often neglected and flat areas are suddenly becoming hot material for artificial plants, boxwood hedges or even artificial plant walls that bring a completely different and yet attractive look to the house in general.

What we don’t realize is that each house is unique and every corner or space can bring out the best in the house décor. It is not always needed to work with expensive décor designers or architects to give your house that jazz.

Here is a quick list of things that are available to you.

Look at things to cover that outdoor space with something that’s durable and will enhance the look of your home manifold. These don’t cost a bomb, and once you visit the shops that sell out these décor items, you will realize yourself what will work in your house and what won’t work:

 Fake flower arrangement – You can choose from some options depending on the season. The English lavender or the tropical bliss of the deep red and yellows will liven the spirits of your home and make it stand out amongst others in the neighborhood.

 Artificial Palm Trees – a palm tree is a classic and can always give your house the eternal theme look of an oasis in the desert. Artificial palms are very close to actual ones and guess what, no worries if you have to go away on work or vacation for a few weeks. These do not need to be watered.

 Silk Ferns – a silken fern gives the space a classy look that can be coupled with earthen pots and plants to give the whole space a compact look. The whole outdoor space will have a vast openness to it.

 Artificial boxwood – build a simple creeper wall with this or a hedge that has artificial boxwood or drape a part of your fence with artificial boxwood hedge and you will always have greenery around the house all year round.

 Artificial Bonsai Tree – for the lovers of small and minimalistic designs, a bonsai tree is a treat. But the amount of care a bonsai would need may be challenging to manage. Artificial trees come to the rescue. It looks good all the time and is lightweight, can also be moved around as needed.

 Artificial Topiary Trees – if there is a small space that needs to be covered, a topiary tree pot would be ideal. It occupies very limited space on the ground and can be raised to a considerable height of up to 6 feet or so. Thus covering a house window sufficiently to prevent direct sunlight yet, allow enough light through during the day.

 Artificial seating arrangement – for those beautiful barbecue dinners or play dates for the little ones, get old tires and stack them up on top of each other to make a couple of stools that you can easily perch upon while the kids enjoy in the open area or have that coffee with the dear friend.

A final word on using artificial plants

Of course, a natural plant or hedge cannot ever be substituted with these but considering the convenience and the cost of maintenance, fake items are finding their ways into people’s front and backyards and their houses too.

These are some options available to deck up the discarded or neglected outdoor space of the house. If you know of more space saving and delightful ways to brighten up the outdoor area and make an impression on your visitors, feel free to let us know by writing to us.