Out Of Decor Ideas For Your Cafe Read This

The fast pace of living has enhanced socializing as well. But, there is a difference in the socializing today and in the days gone by. Earlier, people had the time, energy, patience, and desire to invite people home for meals. Today, people still meet, but they prefer it to be a common ground where there is the least effort involved.

Cafes have sprung up like mushrooms penetrating even the local colonies and gated communities. People like to meet up here for meetings, finalizing deals, exchanging college notes, sharing memories, catching up on old friends, celebrating events and much more. So, you need to keep your café looking great to attract college goers, office workers, young crowds, and the older generation alike.

Keeping abreast of the competition is tough. You may be out of ideas to decorate the café you run. Well, read on for some tips.

Innovate and Create

Remember that creativity and innovation is the highest form of thinking. Even Edward de Bono has ratified this. Thus, be creative and innovative. Don’t curb your imagination, yet don’t be bizarre in the décor. What you might think is a silly or childish idea may be a big hit among your clients. You may have wanted your room, as a child, to be done up with sci-fi, a Disney image, superheroes, jungle book, cinematic, musical and more decors. Try out any.

Create the Ambiance

Set the mood right in your café and the clients will come back for more. And they will bring back friends and relatives too. Make a wish list and choose a themed décor for it. Budget yourself and then go about looking for the best deals. You will always find several sales on and going in for second items is not a bad idea at all. Keep in mind the seating, crockery, décor items, and lots of artificial plants. Have a welcoming and clean entrance too.

Entertain the clients

Though people come into your café to chat, catch up, and meet their friends and relatives, they can do with some entertainment in the background. Don’t disturb their conversations, be in the background. They will thank you for this and appreciate your efforts too. Play some soft music, some jazz, or some rock to attract people of all age groups. Hang the speakers on an artificial cherry blossom tree or some silk trees. Let them enjoy the music and also like the innovative way of placing the speakers. If you can afford a live band and have the space for it, do that too. Have a bandstand well decorated with artificial trees.

Set up Plant Walls

One of the best ideas for decorating a cafe is to set up a plant wall inside and even outside if you have some area out. There are several options like an artificial green wall with artificial vines, imitation bark, fake corn stalks, or even decorative tree branches. These artificial plant walls look simply classy and beautiful. Highlight them with some led lights in soft hues to set the mood. You need not to do anything else on this wall. It’s done and done for good.

These artificial plants are a huge advantage in today’s world. They require the least efforts to clean and maintain. They will save you on workforce and person-hours of cleaning, watering, weeding, or pruning. These plants also do not lose their sheen for years and won’t shed their leaves seasonally! Look at them and appreciate them for a long time as they look as good as real too.

Decorate Tall Walls

There will surely be some tall walls in your café. If decorated well, these walls standout from the places, walls, or rooms nearby and make the café look spacious and excellent. If you hang just a painting or two on these walls, they will look out of place. Since such walls are usually rectangular, hang paintings or wall art which are vertical, not horizontal. A huge single vertical image will do wonders. Try ducks, flowers, sailboats, butterflies, trees, hills, etc. A large fruit, vegetable, or a dish from the café will look odd even though you serve food here. Match it with the theme of the café.

You can also arrange several geometric patterns, photos of clients visiting your café, floral designs, etc. Highlight them by hanging some artificial vines around them.

Lay the Tables Well

Shabby looks in a café area put off and a sure shot way of reducing client numbers. Layout the furniture, especially the tables and chairs well. You must keep the room looking neat and clean. You could have wooden or stone benches; high or low stools with corresponding tables; sofas and armchairs for small tables and large groups.

Set the floor rolling with beautiful and lush looking fake mondo grass or artificial pampas grass. Place a colorful planter on a fake tree trunk with beautiful silk trees, artificial snake plant, etc. in it.

See that the crockery is clean, un-chipped, and unbroken. Set the tables right with clean mats and suitable clean cutlery as well. Place small vases on these tables with fake corn stalks or an artificial cactus. A candle stands with a candle or two will also go well.

Maintain Cooking and Serving Areas

Partition the cooking area to keep out unpleasant odors and dirty looks as well. Set up an artificial plant wall between the diners and the kitchen. An organized and dirty kitchen is neither good for hygiene nor the looks. It’s a real put off for the clients if they see dirty kitchens preparing food that they want to eat. Similarly, take care of the serving points. Keep the service quick and efficient.

Have the visitors to your cafe eating out of your hands with a beautiful, welcoming ambiance. Add charm to it, and you will see that people don’t mind waiting in queues to come inside and dine.