7 Waterproof Bathroom Wall Options

Planning the décor of any bathroom can be a little complicated. You need to find wall options that are completely waterproof to prevent any disasters. If you’re planning on redecorating your bathroom and are looking for bathroom wall options that are waterproof, we have a list for you. These options are tried and tested and will not cause any damage when exposed to water and moisture. Here’s everything you need to know:

1. Gypsum Wall Panels

If you’re looking for bathroom wall options that are classy, upscale and sophisticated, then you need to go in for one of the many available choices of gypsum bathroom wall panels. These bathroom gypsum board and panel options are completely waterproof and easy to install. They will not deteriorate in quality when exposed to water and moisture. There are bathtub wall panels that are available to place on the wall where your bathtub is fixed. All of these panels have gorgeous and captivating designs and patterns on them. You can select a model that best fits the theme and overall décor of your bathroom.

2. Tiles For The Bathroom Walls And Floor

Tiles are another excellent and waterproof solution for walls and flooring in the bathroom. The most significant part about tiles is that they are easily available and affordably priced. You can get tiles in all kind of sizes, colors, and patterns. A bathroom that is fully tiled will remain waterproof and will even look classy and upscale. Tiles are available in a plethora of materials for the buyer to choose from including marble, ceramic, stone, granite and more. They are easy to install and once installed can last for years and years on end without deteriorating in quality or cracking. Tiles can be used for bathroom floors too.

3. Acrylic Walls

Acrylic walls make effective and waterproof bathroom wall options. Acrylic walls are easily available, affordably priced, durable, sturdy and long-lasting. You can get them in a difference of colors, shapes, and sizes too. These walls can even be installed tub area or the shower area without needing to worry about deterioration of the product due to the excessive and regular moisture and water exposure. Further, these acrylic wall options are straightforward to install too. You can carry out a self-installation without needing to hire a professional installer.

4. Single Plastic Sheets For Your Bathroom Walls

This is the cheapest, most readily available and most hassle-free waterproof bathroom wall option. Single plastic sheets can be purchased at almost all hardware or interior stores. They are available in countless unique colors and are easy to install too. You will find these sheets to be extremely useful and effective in waterproofing the bathroom. Plastic sheets are available in many different prices ranges and size in the market too.

5. Laminate Walls Are Evergreen

Laminate walls are an evergreen waterproof option for your bathroom walls. They are easily available, affordably priced and have that upscale, sophisticated and classy appeal to them. The high gloss finish of the laminate walls makes them a hot favorite amongst homeowners. These walls blend into all types of home and bathroom décor.

It doesn’t matter whether your bathroom has an old-school charm or it has a completely modern and contemporary appeal; the laminate walls will fit in perfectly either way. These walls are easy to install, lightweight and are also available in a myriad of colors and patterns.

6. Stone Walls Are Classy Waterproof Options

If you have a liberal budget for the insulated walls, then you need to get your hands on stone walls for your bathroom. Stone walls will give your bathroom that classy, and high-end spa style appeal. Stone walls are slightly difficult to obtain, but if you’re unable to find them, you can always go in for gorgeous stone tiles for the bathroom walls. Stone walls are massive, long-lasting, durable and sturdy. You may require help for the installation of these tiles or walls.

7. Glass For The Walls

When it comes to bathroom waterproofing, glass is another option that fits in perfectly. Glass walls look utterly fabulous and futuristic and at the same time guarantee a waterproof surrounding. Glass can also help in making the bathroom feel more spacious and roomy. If you live with a lot of people, you may want to opt for frosted glass wall options in your bathroom so that the privacy is maintained. The glass walls are sturdy and thick, and they will last for several years on end without any hassles. You can even install the glass walls in the shower and bathtub area of your bathroom without any worries. Typically clear glass is always installed for shower cubicles, but you can get glass walls in other colors and options too.

Additional Information For Bathroom Waterproofing

While all the materials as mentioned earlier by themselves are completely waterproof and safe to use, you need to make convinced that you also use sealant to prevent any moisture and water from seeping through any cracks that may exist in the walls. If you find that water continues to leak through the walls and other areas in your bathroom, you may need to call in a professional to check where the problem is arising from. Waterproofing your bathroom is very important to avoid any mishaps, and unforeseen walk collapses in the future.

There you have it, seven of the best wall options that are completely effective for all bathrooms. If you're planning on improving your bathroom, or you're getting a new home constructed, make sure to pay attention to the detailing of the bathroom to avoid water collection, leakage, and cracks in the area. All the materials mentioned above are tried and tested and have given positive results. These materials are durable and long-lasting and have been used as bathroom walls for years on end. If you continue to have any doubts or queries, you can always consult with your contractor or plumber before installing the bathroom walls.