Top 8 Ideas to Make Interior Walls Look Better?Staring at the expanse of the blank wall can be quite depressing. Filling it up, to look better, also seems to be challenging. Maybe you have these feelings and struggling to find out a solution for improving the walls. Here are some inspiring ideas for livening up the walls.

1. Consider using wallpaper

Wallpapers form an affordable interior décor option. This temporary option also lets you keep pace with the ever-changing décor trends. These are available in a wide quality of varieties from nature to geometrics. You can use them to jazz up the walls and the room eventually. They require no-messy installation and can make a gorgeous statement.

Wallpapers can be used anyplace in the home to make it charming. They deliver the best look when used continuously with similar colors and designs. However, you can also use farmed wallpapers for a part of the wall. This is great for the kid’s room as they often change their mind.

2. Board and Batten are a great way to improve walls

Using board and batten is the traditional way to get rid of plain walls. These work great in the bungalows and farmhouses. This is an inexpensive way of decorating walls and can be undertaken as a DIY project. Although simple, this can add a unique style and texture to any room.

This involves using a wide board and narrow batten between the boards to create a robust structure. If you do not finish these, they will deliver a rustic look. It will impart a modern look when it has a nice finish.

3. Improve by hanging textiles

You must have tapestries, quilts, rugs, and blankets in the rooms and keeping those folded. You can hang these to glam up the walls in an unexpected way. The easiest way to do this to hang by clips from a rod. These colorful textiles will add a character and texture to the interior. The sense of softness will be an additional dividend.

Hang a single piece or multiple pieces side by side, if you have massive walls. This will create a good contrast in the room and uplift the atmosphere. Other than improving the walls, these also help to mute the noises coming from the adjacent apartment.

4. Build a bookcase

There is a saying that a guy is known by the book he reads. Consider building a floor-to-ceiling bookcase. The living room is excellent for this purpose. Accessorize with a library ladder for an improvised look. If budget permits, you can also make it from one wall to the other. This will impart a new look to your walls and make it a beautiful focal point.

Display some collectibles within the bookcase. This will make your room look like a museum. Also add, reading stools to your mini library. It will create a minimalist décor in the home.

5. Infuse personality with a gallery wall

If you are a design enthusiast, you can use the wall to display your collections. Creating a gallery wall will infuse color and personality to the interior. When you modern arts on the walls, they reduce the negative space and spruce up the place.

You can also display family photos along with the art pieces. This will take you down the memory lane. Better mix and match the items. This will create a great visual display. You can use simple frames. This will let you have a minimalist décor. Alternatively, you may also use ornate frames for an easy show.

6. Pop up with Mirrors

Do not forget the mirrors! They make everything bright by bouncing light off. Using mirrors is one of the most natural and most effective ways of interior decoration. Hanging a sculptural mirror can significantly improve the wall. Mirrors can offer the illusion of more space. So, if the room is small, this will help expand the room visually.

Using a large mirror is an excellent idea to improve the walls. Hang it with a stylish frame. This will embellish the wall and improve the overall ambiance in a great way.

7. Adorn with wall decals

Using wall decals is one of the most affordable methods for improving the walls. Coming in a variety of designs and patterns they can beautify the walls. These are easy and simple to install. Even you can fix them on the weekend.

Although there is a misconception that these are for the kids, you can use them anywhere you like. These are available in a plethora of options. Just be sure that you choose one that matches with other things in the room.

8. Enhance with wall panels

Blank walls make a room dull, boring and unimpressive. Paneling the walls can take you out of such situations making it look bright and elegant. The popularity of the 3d wall panels is continuously rising. Having an almost limitless design potential, they can improve any place.

For improving the basic architecture, the architectural wall panels are second to none. They are available made from Gypsum, MDF, Acrylic, Wood, Metal, Stone, and Fiberglass, etc. Available in modular forms these eco-friendly panels are easy to install. Coming in a wide variety of colors they can match any décor need.

Other than these, you can also use felt wall panels. Made from 100% wool, these are soft and have excellent noise dampening quality. Using them in the living room and study is a good option. These acoustic wall panels are excellent to cover ceilings and for using as a room separator.

These decorative wall panels are made with repetitive textures. Using them continuously on the walls delivers a unique pattern with the right illumination. These also have many functions beyond improving aesthetics. They can also hide the wall flaws and blemishes.


Making the interior walls look better calls for creativity and imagination. Adorning them with something decorative or functional makes them unique. You may follow the above ideas for your home. They will make the walls burst into life and turn the interior into a visual candy.