3D Wall Panels Many times you read, look at glossy images and watch movies before doing up your house. Not all that is available in the market may be suitable for your home. Therefore, you end up making mistakes in decorating. After the décor is done and you have ended up spending so much of your time, money, and energy, you may not like the end product!

You need to take the best of whatever you see and also avoid some of the glaring mistakes you might have made while doing the décor.

Let’s see some 10 most common ones and also see some simple solutions for them.

1. Furniture

Darker shades in furniture; bulky and heavy pieces make the room look tinier than it is. One odd item as a standout is good to go, but not all of them. Go in for sleeker and trendier furniture. Take tables, cabinets, beds, and chairs which have legs to make them stand out from the floor. A lighter veneer and finish add brightness in the rooms. Also, don’t make the mistake of setting all items of furniture against the walls, Keep something away too.

2. Tapestry

Darker shades in tapestry, walls, flooring, etc. make the room look small. Go in for lighter shades for that spaciousness and openness in the room. Similarly, paint the walls in lighter shades. But, you can highlight one wall to give it depth. Try the urban architectural panels which are attractive and trendy. You can easily maintain them. The floor too should be a medium shade or the room will look cramped up.

3. The height of wall decorations

People often make the mistake of hanging wall décor and wall hangings, paintings, clocks, etc. at a great height. This may be to keep them out of reach of children or to free up lower wall space for storage and other purposes. Well, this is a big blunder. Paintings and other wall hangings should be just above or very close to eye level. You don’t want sprained and craned necks, do you? First, do up your walls with panels like wood wainscoting panels, 3d decorative wall panels, and interior decorative wall panels. Then, hang those pieces of art against them. See the wow look!

4. Size of furniture

If you place everything of the same size in your room or house for the sake of uniformity, you will make a big décor mistake. It is essential to have different sizes and shapes for variety in height, shape, and design. Uniform looks to make the place dull and dull. Keep in mind the principles of scale and proportion while buying furniture and fixtures. Variety is the spice of life.

5. Sources of Light

Just one light above the center of the room is not sufficient. Think again. It is better to fix some lights on the walls as well. Highlight special paintings, plants, photos, or other wall decors and corners. Fix some translucent stone panels, with lights behind them, for that luxury effect. These panels are easy to maintain, fire resistant, and durable.

Place some small and significant table lamps in the rooms rather also. Ensure that all wires are inside the walls, and loose and extra long wires don’t hang out from various places.

6. Carpets and Floor Rugs

You like to place in some carpet or rugs on the floor to give in that special touch. Make sure that the size of the rug is big enough to take in all the chairs or seating around it. Avoid small rugs thrown in just here and there. They make the room look very disharmonious. A more massive carpet or floor rug will always give a grander and more elegant look to the area.

7. Personal Touch

You watch so many movies and see so many beautifully decorated homes that you forget your own identity in them. Always decorate your home to give it your personality, not your neighbor’s, or someone’s from the world of movies. You will never be satisfied, nor will you enjoy your house the way you want. Avoid gender biased themes. A pure masculine or feminine look for the entire house, the bedroom or the bathroom is a big no-no.

It should be decorated the way you are, and not the way the world is. Keep up the trends, but mostly make it your style statement. Don’t try to match out everything with everything all the time. Be bold, be creative. Don’t be afraid of others’ comments. They decorate the way they want to, and so should you.

8. Large Tables and Cabinets

Buying a dining table larger than your family’s requirement is a waste of space and money. A small family does not need a massive 12 or 10 sitting dining table. A smaller one will suffice and give you that extra space in the room. Similarly, the size of a study table, other tables and cabinets should be according to your requirements, and not accordingly to what you see at someone’s house. Try to avoid too many open shelves.

9. Clutter for decoration

In the name of decoration and showing off, you often clutter up your home. The extra items are neither needed nor required. Throw away the clutter and keep only those things which are either beautiful or necessary. Keep some walls, and floor spaces blank too. If you want to use up the blank spaces, then fix some shell mosaic wall tiles. These are enough to beautify the room. Your house is not a museum or a shop selling items. It’s your living space; therefore, keep it clutter free.

10. Trying to Save Money

Being pennywise and pound foolish is not a very good idea. You often end up buying low-quality stuff that does not last very long. You also end up buying unnecessary small items thinking that you are saving money by buying lots of small items rather than the bigger more expensive ones! The maintenance, repair, and replacements are costlier than the items. Go in for fewer items or pieces of furniture which cost a bit more but better in the long run.

Avoid painting walls before buying furniture and other decors. Place them in the rooms, and then paint up the walls. It will save you unmatched décor finishes.

Think over these common mistakes that people make while decorating the house. Eliminate them and do it up with smart and successful ideas. Enjoy elegant and straightforward decors. Happy living!