Commercial Decor Trends That Deserve Your Attention This Year Planning on redecorating your commercial space? Well, there is an entire list of commercial décor trends that are taking the world of interiors by storm. We have put together a record of these décor trends that deserve your attention this year. Here’s everything you need to know:

Clutter-Free And Minimalistic Décor

Whether it’s an office, restaurant, coffee shop or a boutique, nobody likes to walk into a commercial space that is overly cramped and cluttered. A lot of business owners are now opting for a minimalistic décor for their retail space. A minimalistic décor is all about clearing the clutter and only installing furniture and other products that are needed. As much space as likely should be left open and clutter free in order for the minimalistic décor idea to be a success.

Allowing Natural Light To Flow In

Natural light flowing into any space makes it look prettier, roomier and larger. A lot of business owners are now expanding the lengths of their windows to allow natural light to flow into their offices, restaurants or boutiques. Allowing natural light to stream, it has multiple benefits. Not only does natural light add to the charm and positivity of the place, but it also reduces your light bills because you will require a lot less support from artificial lighting.

Installing Wall Panels For That Extra Class

Another décor trend that’s being commonly seen in commercial spaces is the installation of wall panels. This modern wall paneling can make your commercial space look like something that has been taken out of an architectural magazine. 3D wall panels, wooden wall panels, textured wall panels, brick panels or faux interior stone wall panels are just what you need to give your commercial space that upscale and classy look. Besides their aesthetic aspect, these decorative wall panels are also ideal for covering up ugly wall flaws. Further, courtesy of these panels you won’t need to worry about chipped paint on your walls and neither will you need to paint your walls every few years.

Sky Lights For The Ceilings Of The Commercial Space

The installation of skylights is a hot new trend that is gaining popularity the world over. Skylights are like windows for the ceilings that allow natural light to flow in. Further, skylights come in a plethora of shapes and sizes and create excellent and captivating light and shade patterns on the floor when the sunlight flows through them. Skylights are also useful because they are energy saving. The vents in the skylights minimize the need for an air-condition in the summer too.

Monochromatic Theme For The Interiors

A large number of interior decorators are now convincing their clients and customers to opt for a monochromatic theme in their commercial setup. A single color or various shades of that specific color are used for the entire décor of the retail space. The furniture, carpets, rugs, wall paint, products and all the other detailing of the store, office or restaurant are of that specific color only. A monochromatic decor makes space look more prominent, more spacious and classier.

Carpeting The Commercial Setup

Carpets, rugs and other floor tapestries have never run out of style and are hot in trend yet again this year. Whether you’re looking out for thick and gorgeous Persian carpets, or you want to opt for a single floor carpet throughout the commercial space, having carpets and rugs can add to the charm of your commercial setup. When choosing for carpets, make sure that you go in for darker shades to avoid an ugly stain if something gets spilled on the carpet.

Unique And Energy Saving Lighting Options

When a commercial setup has excessively bright or extremely dim lights, it can spoil the entire show of the installation. The lighting in any commercial space needs to be perfect. You can opt for energy saving bulbs that are not blindingly bright, or you can choose for solar lights that are energy saving. If you happen to have bulbs that are incredibly bright, make sure that the bulbs are covered with frosted glass light fixtures so that the brightness doesn’t bother your staff members, employees, and clients. You can also get string lights, rice lights, Japanese lantern lights, mood lights and other such options installed in your commercial space.

Accent Walls Are A Hot Favourite

While all the walls in your commercial setup are painted a single color, one wall should stand out and be painted in a unique, captivating and vibrant color. These accent walls break the monotony of the singular wall paint and add a little something extra to your setup. You can opt for a cerulean blue, turquoise green, amber yellow, fuchsia pink or any other bright shade for your accent wall. Accent walls are a décor trend that is picking up globally and can make your commercial setup look fabulous.

Wooden Flooring Is Making A Comeback

The rustic and rugged wooden flooring is making a major comeback in the commercial décor world. Distressed wood flooring, wooden floorboards, dark cherry wood flooring, tan wood flooring and other such options are trendy this year. The wooden flooring will make your boutique or restaurant look more natural and upscale. The best part about a wood floor is that it is neutral and it blends perfectly well with almost all kinds of furniture.

There you have it. The hottest, most happening and sought after commercial décor trends of the year. If you’re remodeling your commercial setup, be sure to incorporate at least a couple of these ideas and suggestions. Most of these tips are tried and tested and have had positive feedback. Staying on top of the latest décor trends can help you attract a higher number of customers and clients. Make your commercial setup look trendy, happening and fabulous with these effective suggestions. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.