Looking to renovate your home Let wall panels weave their magicDecorative wall paneling is extremely proficient and enjoyable to create a unique home design. The current trends show a splurge in the use of these materials for home renovation projects. In place of painting your walls with outdated textures, you can go for wall panels that are available in a wide range of choice to select from. Since each of them is unique and different in composition, color and texture, its appearance varies from panels to panels. You can either choose the wall panels that go harmoniously with the interior décor of the room or mix and match them with various components to create an individualistic look. Whatever your plans are, you will never run short of options, and you are sure to gather appreciation from your guests and visitors for your wall panels’ selection.

Beautifying your interior walls

Designer wall panels are the most viable source of dispensing an additional beauty to the interior walls of the home. These wall panels are very easy to install and are environment-friendly. It proffers the look and feel that no other wall coatings, wallpapers or panels can match. Different patterns that resemble the natural look of the bubbles, waves or ripples bring about a feel of movement on the blank numb interior walls. Use of accent colors produces an alteration of shadows on the walls with the proper deployment of excellent textured wall panels.

A brief sneak through the manufacturing process

Decorative CSI Wall Panels are made of a wide range of materials, and before the finished panels reach to the consumers finally, they have to pass through several processing steps including designing, manufacturing and finishing.

  • Designing: The design patterns and textures are created by the professional designers and experts with the help of latest computer technologies. The plans are solely based on the imagination of the designer and the current course of the industry.
  • Manufacturing: This is the most comprehensive aspect of the 3D wall panels processing in which the material is treated with the necessary treatments to endow with the required 3D effect. In some instances, the mechanized hand processes are needed to be performed so as to deploy a unique depth and accurate precision plates for machination. This is commonly performed in the processing of 3D wall art panels that are mass produced or custom crafted.
  • Finishing: This is the last and vital step of creating three-dimensional wall panels with an effect of volume. The type of finishing effect is dependent on the kinds of materials used and includes metallic effect, matte and fluorescent effect, glossy effect among others. In order to make the panels even more durable, sometimes a protective coating is also applied.

Most creative wall designs for modern home décor

You can trace the use of various bio-degradable materials like PVC, bamboo, reinforced gypsum and sugarcane waste. These panels provide a personable beautification to your home as their looks are entirely different from traditional wall coats. 

Decorative gypsum wall panels

These kind of modern wall panels are the most popular wall panel design available in tile format for adding an excellent appearance in the home walls. These panels are strong and durable enough with moisture retarding abilities. This is the best wall panel type for offering a matchless decoration to the walls of the bedroom and living room.

These types of wall panels comprise of high-quality gypsum and are easy to be fixed on the walls with seamlessly filled joints. The glamor of the gypsum made wall panels can be increased manifold with proper lighting forms and colors. Though these panels are available in a huge range of hues, you can also paint them with any preferable colors.

Awesome wall panels constituting leather

The use of leather is not limited to making shoes, bags or other accessories; it is now used for creating wall paneling in living rooms, bedrooms and even offices. But you have to be careful about moisture contact from the walls. Its manufacturing process is quite like that of panel fabric but is softly segmented. The faux leather wall panels then provide the look of tiles, and it comes under a premium category of wall panels.

Designer wall panels made of wood

The decoration of interior walls with wood wall paneling has recently gained prominence owing to their outstanding posh look. You can either cover up the entire wall or some areas with the wood panels to add a tinge of elegance to your interior décor. 3D wall paneling technology is the modern procedure, and it presents an attractive and traditional idea of home décor. For beautifying your home, you can either go for natural wood planks or MDF panels of different shades.

Exciting fabric wall panels

The best part of the fabric wall panels is that they are very soft and feathery to the touch but you have to ensure proper care to maintain them. They are mostly available in square or rectangular shapes and can bring about a divine posh look to your home interiors. It is particularly suitable for the walls of the drawing area where your family, friends, and guests would come and get together and inevitably appreciate your creative ideas and thoughtfulness.

Elegant bamboo panels for a change in look

The bamboo wall panels are devised to set your domestic ambiance along with your mood considerably.  These can be affixed along all surfaces with proper adhesives and the task of fixation could either be carried out onsite or the CSI Wall Panels could be first manufactured in the factory before they are installed onsite. Once the panels are appropriately mounted, they can be either finished with an off-white coat or custom prepared to generate a special monolithic effect with the application of sealer or gap-filler in between the panels. These bamboo wall panels are sure to create a dazzling effect within your home.

Irrespective of the materials, every single variety of wall panels is well efficient and competent to refine your domestic ambiance. Most of them are fire repellant and water retardant with a few exceptions which could either be coated with fire-retarding chemicals or proper management. The fitting perfection and easy installation methods make them the first choice among both amateur homeowners and professional designers.