Redefining Modern Living Spaces with 3D textured wall panelsInterior decorative wall panels increase the aesthetic beauty of the house that will catch the attention of every visitor visiting your home. Wall paneling has gained immense popularity over the years and is significantly useful for large living rooms with minimal furniture. A great makeover to your house can be made possible by decorating the walls of your living rooms with 3D textured wall panels that offer an additional dimension to your living spaces. 3D decorative wall panels are made of eco-friendly products that are available in a variety of designs and are the cost-effective way of changing the beauty of your living spaces with little efforts. CSI Wall Panels offer different wall panels that will adequately suit your outdoors, living rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms, giving them a unique and vibrant appearance.

Different Types of 3D Wall panels

3D wall panels are available in many variations regarding their structure, pattern, design and material and also a variety of themes like natural scenery. Different types of materials are used for manufacturing 3D wall panels that include

  • Gypsum 3Dwall panels
  • PVC 3D wall panels
  • Leather 3D wall panels
  • Fabric 3D wall panels
  • MDF 3D wall panels
  • Bamboo 3D wall panels

Where to affix different 3D wall panels?

Gypsum – 3D Decorative Wall Panels

Gypsum based 3D wall panels are the most common and popular wall panels, which can be installed in tile format offering gorgeous grandeur to the home walls. These panels are strong enough, but their use should be avoided infrequent mechanical usage and moisture content areas like balconies. Thus living room and bedroom walls are the best places to use this material for interior wall decoration. They are also very useful for decorating offices that will completely elevate the visual appearance of the office interiors. These wall panels comprise of high-quality gypsum and can be easily affixed to the walls, giving them rich 3D effect. 

Leather- 3D Decorative Wall Panel

Leather-based 3D wall panels are highly suitable for areas that are free from moisture particularly areas like living room, bedroom, and offices. Artistically designed leather-based 3D wall panels will enhance the aesthetic beauty of the living space significantly and is relatively more expensive as compared to other types of 3D decorative wall panels.

Wood Decorative 3D Wall Panels

Wooden wall paneling can be either made for the entire wall or part of the surface that will provide extra beauty to the living area. 3D wooden wall panels are designed with panels of natural wood or MDF panels and are in available in different modern designs to elevate the richness of the room. 

Fabric –Decorative 3D Wall Panels

Fabric decorative 3D wall panels are very soft to touch and are available in rectangle and square shapes. This special kind of modern wall panels require proper maintenance, and they are mostly suitable to decorate the wall of night clubs and restaurants. 

Why choose 3D wall panels?

The significant functional benefits of 3D wall panels are that they are durable, sustainable and have the capability to hide uneven walls apart from providing unique visual effects and vibrant colors to the room. 3D walls are easy to install, and they add volume to the living space thereby increasing their size regarding visual appearance. CSI Wall Panels manufactured products are specially designed to offer additional dynamics and sound insulation to your living rooms. The homeowners have the option to download the favorite images or themes from the internet and use them in creating their desired 3D textured wall panels for the different areas of their houses. These 3D wall panels have great potential to cast tremendous impact, providing the living spaces with a designer feel at a reasonably lesser cost.

How are 3D wall panels manufactured?

Decorative 3D wall panels undergo several processing stages before they reach the customers as finished products. The major steps include

Design stage

In this stage, the professional artists and designers use their creative ideas and imagination to prepare a variety of modern designs with the help of latest 3D computer technology. The designs are chosen based on the current trends in the industry, and selected models are then utilized for mass production of 3D wall panels.

Manufacture stage

In this stage, appropriate technology is applied to the selected material to create a desired three-dimensional effect to the wall panels. This is the comprehensive stage in the manufacturing process of custom made or mass produced 3D wall art panels.

Finishing stage

In this last stage, various finishing effects are applied to the wall panels depending on the type of material to create 3D textured wall panels. Also, an appropriate coating is also applied to the panels to ensure the durability of the finished product. Some of the major finishing effects used include

  • Metallic effect.
  • Fluorescent effect
  • Matte effects.

Installation tips of 3D wall panels

Interior wall surface has to be ideally flat and smooth to fix the wall panel with required glue to decorate the walls with 3D paneling.  In the case of some little defects on the wall, the panel can be installed on a metal lathe. It is important to choose special mounting slots for the desired choice of panels to ensure proper installation of the 3D textured wall panels. Before installing the panels, panel surface should be cleaned and dried completely to be free from dust, wax, and grease for better fixation and durability.

The CSI Wall Panels manufactured 3D wall panels are crafted from superior quality, durable materials consisting of finished edges that are easy to install with little assistance. House owners have to simply follow the easy to understand instructions and can customize the painting colors as per their requirements.