10 Reasons Why Wall Panels Are Perfect for Home and Corporate MakeoversThe makeover of any place is more than shifting furniture or getting the texture paint done. The real makeover demands to experiment with the appearance and enhancing the functionality of the space. The latest in the world of interior decoration is implementing 3D wall panels. These wall panels are the perfect blend of technology and creativity. Depending on these decorative 3d wall panels you can run your imagination wild and get that crafted on the walls of your house or office. The 3D wall panels are popular as they are affordable, customizable and highly durable.

Explore and Experiment to Get Unique Decor!

To transform the outlook of your current space, begin with exploring the world of 3D panels. 3D panels are available in wide variety of shapes, sizes, texture, colors, and themes. These panels will add uniqueness to the current decor of any home or office. Apart from home makeovers, 3D wall panels can be used for revamping the outlook of Medical centers, community centers, commercial spaces, retail outlets and education centers. Experiment with themes, colors, and textures to make the decor attractive. You can also choose from numerous variety of finishes, materials, designs, and mode of installation depending on the kind of makeover you need.

Choosing the Right 3d Decorative Wall Panel Material for a Perfect Makeover:

As 3D wall panels are available in various materials, one needs to be cautious when choosing them. The material must infuse with the decor, theme, and space.

  • Stone: If you are implementing wall panel for the bathroom, choosing stone bathroom wall panels will help in creating an eye-pleasing outlook for the same. The 'stone' material is ideal for spaces that are exposed to weather, harsh lights or water, etc. As this material is sturdy, it will retain its texture, design, and appearance for many years.
  • Brick: Brick material is highly suitable as cover for background walls, to create a focal point, etc. The brick wall panel fulfills your need of having a rustic decor that is durable too.
  • Metal: Textured metal wall panels give your home or office space a classy outlook. Available in various designs these metal wall panels can brighten up your space through eye-catching patterns, bright colors, and elegant artwork.
  • Gypsum: Gypsum wall panels are another option that can enliven your home or office with ease. The elegant designs and colors make them suitable for both home and office decor. Easy to install and easy on the pocket, the 3D gypsum wall panels will not disappoint to bring uniqueness to your decor.

Other popular textures include leather, wood, steel, plastic, MDF, Acrylic and translucent wall panels. The texture plays a vital role in uplifting the overall effectiveness of the design and color of the wall panel. Therefore, one should choose the texture of the wall panel keeping in mind the space it is being used for, the color coordination and other decor elements like a light.

Wainscot: the Trending 3d Wall Panel for a Trendy Makeover!

Be it home or office, if the intention is to provide an elegant yet stylish charm to the walls, then choosing Wainscot wall panels will do the justice. For making any big or small space visually pleasing, needs thoughtful decision over what properties must be used. If it's a small space then choosing Wainscot will help you avoid clutter that other decor items might add. The beautiful wainscot 3D wall panels add beauty and brighten up the small space to make it look larger. Similarly, using Wainscot wall panels for big space like corporate buildings helps in covering empty spaces, creating focal points and beautifying otherwise dull background walls. Installing modern Wainscoting panels is an easy, affordable and latest decorative that can be used for renovation, makeovers or fresh buildings.

Adorn the Living Room with Classy Designs and Themes!

Most preferred wall panels for living rooms are the ones with themes, classic artwork, and stunning colors. The living room is the only area that sets your first impression in front of the guests. It is the only room that is majorly exposed to guests and speaks volumes about your style statement. Therefore, creating a living room that reflects your style can be done only by installing stunning 3D wall panels. Available in spectacular designs, themes, colors, shapes and sizes, these 3D wall panels will leave no stone unturned to set your remarkable first impression. They provide character to your space and enhance the visual attractiveness of it effortlessly.

The 3D wall panels are not merely props to beautify any home or office but also have functional benefits attached to them. The major benefits of introducing 3D wall panels to your space include:

  • Durable: First and foremost benefit of these wall panels is their durability. Made from quality material these 3D wall panels once installed will become lifetime partners of any space. They are sturdy, chemical, water, abrasion, fire and stain resistant.
  • Eco-friendly: If you care for nature and wish to make your home eco-friendly then there is no better alternative then choosing 3D wall panels. The 3D walls are non-toxic, and even the designs components are made from raw materials that have been recycled. This saves polluting the environment at large.
  • Customizable: The best part about using the 3d wall panels is that no matter what is size is your home or office is, there can be customized to your space requirements. Available in wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, textures, designs, materials, etc., they can be modified to best fit your residential or commercial setting.
  • Highly functional: 3D wall panels serve two purposes in one. First, they provide charm to your space. Secondly, they add functionality to it as well. They are popularly used for hiding wall flaws, creating the focal point, as background walls and much more. The functional designs also include chalkboards, magnetic solutions, tackable surfaces, and whiteboards.
  • Fast installation: Be it a new building or renovation, 3D wall panels are easy and quick to install saving both time and money.