Things to Know Before You Purchase Custom Wall Panels for Interior MakeoversNo matter if it is a home or office space, there is always a regular flow of guests in every setting. When you confine a space by bare walls only, it delivers a dull and drab look and suffers from monotony. In fact, the walls of your home space or office are canvases that can be embellished to make the place impressive so that people have a memorable stay.

Among all the interior makeover options, paneling of walls enjoys a prime place. The present trend is to cover the walls with 3D wall panels for giving a nice facelift. 3D wall panels have many variants, designs, and color and are the most effective option for enhancing the charm of your residential or commercial interior at minimal cost and effort. With the right type of light setting, the repetitive textures of the wall panels can create a magical ambiance.

Why to Panel Walls?

Many reasons are there for paneling walls. It makes the walls enchanting. Panels provide protection to walls, hide wall flaws, durable and take the interior ambiance aplomb to the next level for making an everlasting impression on everyone present. 

World of 3d Wall Panels

3D wall panels have many variants. These are manufactured from rigid or semi-rigid material and usually named after that. You can pick any form the following based on your requirements.

Acrylic Wall Panel: With its vibrant color these are ideal for creating a contemporary look. This is cost effective and great for large areas.

Bamboo Wall Panel: This is eco-friendly and cheap. Delivers nature-oriented interior designs. Can be glued to the walls and painted to complement color of the other areas.

Brick Wall Panels: A classic option for commercial and residential interiors. Fake brick paneling delivers a rugged look to the space. 

Fabric Wall Panels: Very soft and need special maintenance. This is a costly panel used mainly in commercial interiors.

Glass Wall Panels: Made from tempered glass, this is also expensive. Coming with patterns these are mostly used in commercial interiors and can also be used as bathroom waterproof panels. 

Gypsum Wall Panels: An affordable and popular option; can deliver magical ambiance with right lighting. This is ideal for offices, living rooms, bedrooms but not to be installed on most walls. 

3d Leather Wall Panels: Coming under an expensive category, these are ideal for home and commercial spaces. Deliver a royal elegance to the place installed.

MDF Wall Panels: This is a cheap but very useful wall panel for both home and offices. While these deliver the contemporary look, you may improve the look by coloring.

Metal Wall Panels: This is a very expensive option used in commercial applications. Made of Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Zinc etc, these are extremely durable and offer a rugged look.

Plastic Wall Panels: This is an affordable option and is ideal for commercial applications like luxury hotels, healthcare facilities, institutions and corporate offices.

Stone Wall Panels: This is a hot pick for the rustic and ancient Roman look it delivers. These can be used for home, office and other commercial settings.

Wood Wall Panels: When you want to have a formal but striking ambiance, these traditional options can deliver you a decoration second to none.

Wall Paneling Has Multiple Benefits

The 3d wall panels can let you enjoy multiple benefits like

1. Making the wall chick and classy. 

2. Improving the ambiance of the room bringing in a live and trendy look.

3. Can choose from many varieties

4. Masking various defects.

5. Provides thermal insulation. 

6. Can damp noise. The 3D wall panels can be customized to make those totally soundproof.

7. Onetime investment.

Plan Your Decoration Theme

It is always better to have a straightforward beginning. Being extravagant does not pay aesthetic dividends always and for that you must put your dream on a plain sheet of paper sketching your thought. Remember a simple design can also be very charming.

Consider Illumination

As the 3D wall panels come with repetitive patterns, these deliver amazing ambiance with right illumination. So, you must consider lighting before purchasing 3D wall panels.

Consider Maintenance Required

While most of the 3D wall panels require only dusting and cleaning by soap water, there are some delicate types that need special maintenance. Be sure of the maintenance required before you purchase 3D wall panels.

Paneling Wet Areas

The shower and kitchen are extremely wet areas in your home or commercial settings. You should consider translucent marble panels for these areas. However, 3D glass wall panels can also be used in showers.

Think About Cost

3D wall panels have many varieties with different quality and cost. One should try to strike a balance between these two. You should have a budget and think about the cost involvement before using any 3D wall panel.

Look for Free Installation

All wall panels including faux leather wall coverings are available in a modular form and geometric shapes making their installation relatively simple. Some of the wall panels 3d require accessories for installation and, therefore, you should be sure of accessories requirement.  Many 3D wall panels are also available with free installation facility. Better, opt for that for saving your labor.

Take Exact Measurement Before You Purchase

The 3D wall panels come in geometric shapes of different sizes. You should take an accurate measurement of your space and match that with the dimension of wall panels for minimizing wastage.

How to Shop

Shopping of 3D wall panels should be done based on







Final Thoughts

3D panels are liked by the owners, architects, interior decorators and designers for reinventing any existing interior space or for decorating new commercial and residential interiors. Maybe you happen to be one of them, and this blog aims to brief you on some basic points for purchasing.