3D Wall PanelsLife in 3D is more fun than 2D right? Same goes for your wall décor. Among many other valid reasons what makes 3D wall panels popular for revamping modern homes is their ability to break the monotonicity of the same patterns day in and day out. This happens as their 3D texture can have a play of light and shadows as the day passes and night comes along in case of natural light. Let’s take a quick look as to why these wall panels have achieved new heights of popularity in recent times.

The Diverse, Eccentric Nature

Wall panels have been the epitome of home décor for a long time varying in colors and patterns, but the 3D wall panels are way ahead of the ordinary ones. The varying range of 3D art on wall panels is because of the basic difference in material. Some great options among these variations for home and office décor are:

  • Metal 3D Wall Panels - Shiny by nature, these metal wall panels apart from being durable are great for reflecting light. This makes them look extremely bright and with the right type of light in the room can do wonders for your wall décor.
  • Stone 3D Wall Panels - With their greatest down to earth look, this natural setup can create a great ambiance for office and home alike. A lot of commercial setups like hotels and malls have adapted to this kind of décor in recent years to revamp their look.
  • Gypsum 3D Wall Panels - The ability to be cast into shapes and sizes of one’s desire is what makes gypsum a very popular wall art panel option. They are extremely versatile by nature and when rightly structured look great and lasts long.
  • Brick 3D Wall Panels - For a chic yet rustic look brick has been in use for 3D wall panel art among interior designers. The rough surface gives an incomplete wall look which is a great trendsetter at present.
  • Acrylic 3D Wall Panels - Apart from the elegant, rustic and natural look, 3D wall art also offer vibrant and fun party look through acrylic wall décors. 


Unaffordability Is a Hoax

You might be under the false impression that 3D wall arts cost way more than the generalized versions. That is not the case. Along with the wide range of option regarding material, shape and type comes cost as well. If you take a look at the right marketplace you will find something or the other in 3D wall panels that would suffice your desires for renovation and be budget friendly as well. People fond of decorative wall panels know this for a fact and cut down on hiring interior designers and either go for a DIY or contact the supplier directly for suggestions, so if this is your first time take a look around and you will find great options that suits your needs perfectly as well.

Durability and Longevity

In general most if not all 3D wall panels are water resistant and do not fade with time. Durable because of the strong material they are built from, this is one of the major reasons why interior designers insist on getting 3D wall art for a revamped look. 

Makeup for Your Flawed Walls

Cracks in the walls don’t look very appealing to your clients or guests when they come over, do they? 3D Wall Panels are basically what makeup does to your face. They are extremely efficient in hiding all the wrinkles on the walls and lasts way longer than makeup or wallpaper in this case. 

Limitless Creativity

  • For Washrooms and Kitchen - Hands down PVC has by far been the best option for 3D wall panels in Washrooms and Kitchen. Where water spillage is a common occurrence, PVC panels work great. They are extremely elegant and diverse in nature in terms of colors, patterns and their water-resistant features make them the perfect fit for kitchens and washrooms.
  • For Living rooms and Lobbies - Something unique but bold and elegant is what makes 3D wall panels are great option for wall décor in hotel and office lobbies and living rooms as well. As this is the place with most people at any given working hours, this has to be most eye-catching. Gastro pubs and restaurants have a recent trend of setting up brick 3D wall panels while hotel lobbies go for Metal 3D Wall panels for a shiny look. If you’re hoping to revamp your living room space you can checkout bamboo 3D wall panel options as well, they are eco-friendly and don’t fade with exposure to natural light.
  • For Bedrooms and Suites - 3D stone wall panels have been a classic choice for revamping bedroom and suites in hotels. It blends well with the modern décor. With the perfect cove lights the simple rustic patterns of stone wall panels look extremely bold while not being too heavy to steal attention from the rest of the décor in the room.


And these are just some of the options when it comes to 3D wall panels there’s plenty more for you to experiment with.

What’s the Hype?

You might have noticed the recent trend of 3D wall panels being used everywhere you set your eyes upon, in offices, malls, theme parks or may be a friend’s house. This has been made possible by architects and interior designers who tend to go for these types of wall panels for their durability, longevity, versatility but most of all the saving of big bucks in the long runs for their clients. Generally when you stick to 2D wall panels they are just stuck with changing from pastel décor to vibrant or from traditional to modern with a single type of wall panel. This option of revamping your space increases tenfold with 3D wall art which is because of the texture that offers a great play of light and shadows that can change time to time with different light settings.  This is what makes these babies the best option is the market at present for getting rid of the same old remodeling.