3D Wall Panels Buying GuidePublic landscapes tend to be classy and attractive and they look to impress every visitor with its charm. While designing a public landscape, you need to put the absolute best to use and build the landscape that goes with the purpose of the place. For example, while designing the landscape at a hotel or restaurant, it should revolve around the idea of food and look classy as well.

Walls and Landscapes

Any landscape is incomplete without the walls and you have to keep the walls in mind while panning any design as furniture may give the desired effect in any landscape but without the walls, it will not have the desired finish. But you need not worry as there are smarter ways to convert your normal looking walls into stunning designer ones which can go with classy landscapes.

Wall Panels- Designer Walls

Wall panels are repetitive coverings which can transform any normal boring wall into the desired colorful one. It has a number of other functions and unlike paints; it gives more advantages and also more durable. You can use them on any wall to convert into a stunning classy landscape effortlessly. A modern version of the wall panels, the 3D wall panels, serves better than the normal ones.

What Are 3d Wall Panels Exactly?

You must be wondering what the revolutionary modern wall designing technique is. Well, it is a wall panel with a repetitive 3D pattern on it which makes it more appealing to the viewers and also gives a classy look with lights due to the mesmerizing pattern of shadows. Due to the 3D patterns, it gives a bigger appearance to the room.

Advantages of 3d Wall Panels

  • Protective - who said walls don’t need protection? 3D wall panels cover the walls like a shield and protect them from moisture, splashes, and other harmful agents increasing its durability.
  • Unmatched Elegance - talk about a classy landscape at any plush building or restaurant, the 3D wall panels cover almost all designs and give unmatched beauty to leave the visitors stunned.
  • Hide Faults - if there are any faults in your wall surface, the 3D wall panels will convert it to stunning beauty.
  • Bigger Appearance - the 3D pattern makes space look bigger than the original. Very useful in hotels, restaurants, and bars.
  • A Wide Range of Designs - you may pick your 3D wall panels for any theme as the list of w3D wall panel designs are never-ending. You can go for colorful designs to give your visitors a warm welcome or keep a low key and go for lighter shades. 


So these advantages make the 3D wall panels ideal for almost every wall. No matter what design or what landscape you are trying to create, they will come handy in every situation. They are useful for outdoor as well as indoor walls. The outdoor variety solves purposes like waterproofing, dust resistant, etc. while the indoor variety spreads beauty and relaxing atmosphere.

Where Can You Use It?

The amazing 3D wall panels are perfect for use in any public buildings. They are widely used in the following places:

  • Restaurants and Bars.
  • Hotels.
  • Shopping Malls.
  • Hospitals.
  • Offices and Government Buildings.
  • Corporate Sector.


Apart from these, you may use it anywhere else to greet your visitors and give them a perfect ambiance.

Picking the Right 3d Wall Panels

As there are a lot of options, you may find it confusing to pick the right one for your landscape. Let’s keep it simple and sort the vast choice of wavy wall panels on basis of your place of application. 


For outdoor application, you need to find panels which can protect your walls against moisture, winds, water splashes, sunlight, etc. and also maintain the glow and brighten your walls as well. For such applications, 3D stone wall panels or cultured stone wall panels will serve perfectly as they have an ancient touch along with the vivid appearance which makes them look attractive. 

The MDF or gypsum wall panels may also give the perfect touch, but their use depends on the wall which they are used in. You may want to invest in shell mosaic wall panels or fiber wall panels depending on their requirement.


Almost all wall panels are suitable for indoor applications depending on the room where they are used in. Usually, indoor wall panels can be more colorful and reflective of the subject of the landscape as the beauty will increase a lot more under the application of light. Here are some of the 3D wall panel choices based on the landscapes.

Bars and Restaurants

The LED wall panels will go well with the theme of bars and restaurants as they set up the ambiance for visitors. You can go for some unique touch by using translucent stone panels or coconut panels or wall leather panels. But in case you need a colorful environment, go for the acrylic panels.


The hotel’s rooms can get an amazing transition by using the PVC, stone, leather, gypsum, wainscoting, or wooen 3D wall panels. They will not only give unmatched beauty but also make the room space look bigger. The kitchens can get metal or brick 3d wall panels for protecting the walls from oil splashes. 

Special Advice

  • The 3D wall panels are amazingly versatile and you can go on experimenting and trying new designs before making the final choice. 
  • All the wall panels have certain characteristics based on their parent material. Note them carefully before picking the suitable one.
  • Using different panels on different walls of the same room can be a cool idea. Pick the correct combination first.
  • Use furniture that goes with the 3D wall panels for the best outcome.


A Blessing for Corporate Offices

Corporate offices can get a complete classy and attractive makeover by using the 3D wall panels to keep the landscape tidy and charming. Wooden, gypsum, bamboo or MDF 3D wall panels will be suitable while you can go for further options also based on the place where you are applying or the landscape you want to set up.