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Black 3D Wall Panel | Kimball 002ID# SUR-PLG-002


Black 3D Wall Panel | Kimball 002ID# SUR-PLG-002

Surfaces Plug 002 Poshfelt Hero
PoshFelt® - #SUR-PLG-002 - Colorways: PSH001, PSH300
Surfaces Plug 002 Poshfelt Detail
PoshFelt® - #SUR-PLG-002 - Colorways: PSH001, PSH300
Plug Surfaces 002 Elements
Black 3D Wall Panel | Kimball 002 - #SUR-PLG-002
Surfaces Plug 002 Cutsheet
Black 3D Wall Panel | Kimball 002 - #SUR-PLG-002
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Product Name:

Black 3D Wall Panel | Kimball 002

Product ID:



CSI Creative

Surface Depth:

2" to 8", custom depths available

Surface Length:

24" to 108", custom lengths available

Surface Width:

24" to 48", custom widths available

Surface Thickness:

3/4", custom thickness available

Surface Edge:

Exposed or covered

Surface Design:

Varies, custom patterns and profiles available





Installation Systems:

Clips, Standoffs, Adhesive, Peel & Stick, Magnets, Hat Channel, Fasteners


PoshFelt® 100% Wool Acoustic Felt


100+ Colors


0.45-0.90 NRC


Sizes, thickness, colors, designs and installation systems all can be customized.

Installation Systems

Our ceiling installation systems are designed according to site conditions and deliver extreme versatility while maximizing efficiency. Each solution respects the integrity of the design, is budget oriented and easy to install.



PoshFelt® is a confluence of style, class, and character, where top-tier acoustic control comes standard. Made from 100% natural and renewable wool. 100+ colors available or custom match.




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View More Colorways

Soundcore® is a function-forward convergence of acoustic control, style and economic value. Made from recycled, post-consumer plastic. 50+ colors available.


Color Group A


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Color Group B


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Soundcore Plus®


Color Group A



Color Group B


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Elements gives the design community the opportunity to enrich the built environment through the incorporation of different acoustic textures including wood, stone and metal. If you need a custom texture, see our Infinity offering.


Group A


Group B

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Infinity was created to give the design community a means to deliver an acoustical solution without compromising design. Infinity is the perfect answer to the need for personalization, branding, or simply setting a space apart from the norm with a custom texture solution.






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