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Biomorphic WallID# BIO-BMW-SF


Biomorphic WallID# BIO-BMW-SF

Biomorphic Wall
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biomorphic design
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biomorphic shapes
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biomorphic art wall
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biomorphic furniture
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biomorphic geometry
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Natural Analogs are things that depict nature in an abstract way, whether it's using materials found in nature, or illustrating what's known as a Biomorphic Pattern. These Biomorphic patterns take influences from nature, while also incorporating elements of order, geometry, or utility when used within a constructed space. The Biomorphic Wall uses complex geometry to represent the cellular divisions and veining of a leaf's surface, while also acting as a trellis that can contain climbing greenery, foliage, or planters.



2' 8 1/4" x 8' per panel

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