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Are you tired of ambient noise that is created from echoes and reverberations? CSI Creative has the perfect solution for you. Wall mounted acoustic panels are the key to creating a more comfortable acoustic environment that absorbs sounds and minimizes sound reflections.

At CSI Creative, we believe in offering strategic, unique, and bespoke wall panel products for our clientele. Our huge and diverse range of wall mounted panels such as gypsum acoustic panels, felt wall panels, 3d felt wall panels, ceiling mounted room dividers, modular tiles, carved acoustic panels, sound-dampening art panels and acoustic blades are some of our most popular.

Created from the best technologies, and worked on by expert professionals with years of experience. Our products are inherently durable and display fire-retardant properties, ensuring the complete safety of any space in that they are installed in. Read on to find out which of our products will be able to meet your requirements.

Where Can Wall Mounted Acoustic Panels Be Installed?

Wall mounted panels are ideal for almost all spaces. Especially for areas where floor space is limited and thus, mobile panels cannot be used. Churches, gymnasiums, restaurants, exhibitions, offices, hospitals, schools, and even shopping malls can all benefit from the use of wall mounted panels. Even recording studios are a great choice for these panels.

Based on where the sound is being generated in a room, our wall panels can be placed to absorb reflected sounds. For larger spaces such as conference rooms or lobbies, acoustic panels can be evenly distributed. Even entire walls and ceiling can be covered in acoustic wall panels, much like a wall carpet. It is through the right placement of the wall panels that the perfect sound environment can be created.

We use a variety of materials to create our wall mounted panels. Use of high-quality raw materials that can naturally modulate sounds and noises is what sets our wall mounted acoustic panels apart from the rest. From felt to gypsum, from MDF to reinforced plastic, from wool to bamboo, and much more. With the superb echo prevention and sound dampening properties of all our wall mounted panels, you can be sure to get an acoustically comfortable space.

Here’s A Look At Our Range Of Wall Mounted Panels

Our groundbreaking Soundcore® and PoshFelt® technologies permeate all our product lines. The products under the Soundcore® series are made of premium quality noise dampening acoustic felt. These wall panels are shock absorbent and impact-resistant, making them safe to use and long lasting. All Soundcore® products comply with fire codes and are completely recyclable. What could be a more eco-friendly practice in these times?

On the other hand, PoshFelt® products are made from 100% natural and renewable wool. Intense acoustical control and outstanding sound transmission is guaranteed with our PoshFelt® range of products. The wool used in creating CSI Creative’ PoshFelt® products is completely non-toxic, non-allergenic, 100% renewable, anti-microbial, and hon-hygroscopic. It is also obtained through a completely cruelty-free process. The wall mounted acoustic panels made from these materials are shock absorbent and impact resistant as well.

We have carved acoustic panels, translucent resin panel systems, 3D wall gypsum panels, noise reduction panels for cubicles, decorative modular wall tiles, acoustic blades, acoustic wall coverings, and virtual plane privacy screens. All our products are highly durable, non-toxic, and non-allergenic. They will not rot or change color and will keep you company for a long time to come.

Why Trust CSI Creative With Your Acoustic Panels Requirements

At CSI Creative, we don’t offer cut and dried wall paneling solutions. Instead, we believe in customizing our products to fulfill the requirements of our customers.

In case you do not find the sort of wall mounted acoustic panels you are looking for in our product range, just let us know. We can tweak raw materials and finished products in order to create the exact design you are looking for.

Our team of expert professionals are waiting to help you take your interior design ideas to the next level. Call and book an appointment today.