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Geo Mozaic - Modular Vinyl Floor Tiles

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Geo Mozaic - Modular Vinyl Floor Tiles
Acoustical Insulation

Acoustical Insulation

Outstanding acoustical performance for sound absorption and transmission.
Impact Resistant

Impact Resistant

Impact resistant and shock absorbent.
Fire Rated

Fire Rated

Complies with building fire codes with a Class A rating per ASTM E84.
Enironmenr Freindly

Environment Friendly

100% recyclable, VOC free including formaldehyde, non- toxic and non-allergenic.


Pinnable surface with superior holding characteristics.


Will not deteriorate, rot or change color and is non-hygroscopic.

Geo Mozaic is a system of modular wall tiles with a wide variance in size, shape, depth and composition. These ship as individual panels which can be arranged to your liking for unlimited design potential.

  • Powerful sound dampening and echo prevention.
  • Extremely customizable, made to order.
  • Vivid, popular colors geared for modern aesthetics.
  • Wide variety of applications and forms.
  • Excellent utility in corporate, commercial, hospitality, education and healthcare environments.


CSI Creative

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Geo Mozaic


Premium quality noise-dampening architectural component composed of Soundcore® acoustic felt with unprecedented versatility.


Soundcore® acoustic felt


Custom cutting and designs available.


45 Soundcore® colorways


0.45 - 0.90 NRC
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Name Five Senses Architectural Wall Panel System

Product IDFIS001

ManufacturerCSI Creative

Panel Finish IDWOO001

Reveal IDNRE001

Panel Finish TypesThermally Fused Laminate Panel (TFL Panel), Thermally Fused Melamine Panel (TFM Panel), High Pressure Laminate Panel (HPL Panel), Three Dimensional Laminate Panel (3DL Panel), Wood Veneer Panel, Graphic Printed Panel, Whiteboard Panel, Chalkboard Panel, Tackable Panel, Translucent Panel

Panel Sizes4' x 8' (Typ), 4' x 10', 4' x 12', 5' x 8', 5' x 10', 5' x 12'

Panel Thickness3/4" (Typ), 1/2", 5/8", 1", 1.5"

Reveals3/4" (Typ), 1/2", 5/8", 1", 1.5"

Panel MaterialMDF (Typ), Paper Phenolic, Particleboard, Plywood, Baltic Russian Birch, Acrylic, Glass, Metal, Resin

Panel Pattern 3D CarvingShiplap, Wainscot, Tin, Ripple, Waves, Pyramids, Barnwood, Funnel, Brick, Stone, Planks, Custom

Panel FinishesWoodgrain, Metallic, Stone, Leather, Texture, Solid Colors, Speciality

Color Group A


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Color Group B


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Color Group C


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 alt=Soundcore® Material Guide/images/ico_dl_brochure.svgBrand Guide/images/ico_dl_brochure.svgProduct Guide/images/ico_dl_cad_file.svgCAD .PDF/images/ico_dl_cad_file.svgCAD .DWG/images/ico_dl_3_part.svg3-Part Product Specifications