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If you're looking to foster communication, improve collaboration, and encourage transparency in your office, perhaps it's time to redesign. The best way to go for most modern, open offices is by introducing suspended room divider panels.

Hanging room divider panels aren't just about privacy either. The suspended acoustic panels from CSI Creative help create a calmer and quieter workspace. It brings along excellent acoustics so that dropped objects, footfalls, or even music, nothing can be a distraction for your workforce.

With CSI Creative, you also get a wide choice of suspended acoustic ceiling panels. These come in handy, especially if your commercial space is stretched across multiple floors. The panels can help reduce overhead noise without denting your budget.

However, the best part of redesigning your office with commercial wall dividers is their versatility and flexibility. You can set them up instantly and on-demand. At the same time, the great choice of color, texture, and style is bound to give the space a simple yet high-functioning makeover.

Why Your Office Needs Commercial Wall Dividers from CSI Creative?

Soundcore® and PoshFelt®, with their bold design and effective functionality, can bring a positive change to the decor of any room. Add to that its strong build and noise-canceling capabilities, and it's the perfect cost-effective and responsible material.

With the suspended room divider panels, you can give every room an identity. The options for Soundcore® panels are extensive. However, if you need something special and unique, you can always custom print your design on your panels. You can double down on utility without compromising on visual aesthetics.

Soundcore® allows you to transform the look and feel of any open space in your office. The insulation qualities of the room divider panels cut off echoes and improve speech clarity. It encourages better communication and cooperation, ensuring no ideas go unheard. The strong and trackable surface of Soundcore® panels can be the perfect way to motivate your workforce. The soothing panels keep your team distanced from distractions so that they can immerse themselves further in work. Convert every panel into a canvas of ideas.

Soundcore®- Perfect for Commercial Space

The Soundcore® hanging room divider panels are ideal for corporate settings. It can create the perfect environment to encourage conversation and improve the auditory comprehension of your team. Whether it is the traffic or the drone of your devices, they can all create a stressful atmosphere. Luckily, the acoustic features of our room divider panels do a great job of stifling echoes and quieting the office space. The unique design of Soundcore® and PoshFelt® can blend with the corporate decor seamlessly and give your office space a real identity.

Suspended acoustic ceiling panels from CSI Creative are also great for educational institutions. The dampening acoustic of Soundcore® and PoshFelt® reduces echoes and reverberation, thus removing the need to worry about disturbances. It's perfect for applications in classrooms or hallways for creating a vibrant and quiet environment. We use a special Acoustic Fiber Material for all of our products with a wide variety of choices in color.

CSI Creative hits all the boxes to create a clean and comfortable environment for hospitals. It can create the perfect ambiance to soothe minds and accelerate recovery by reducing the stress of patients. Moreover, Soundcore® and PoshFelt® are also non-hygroscopic, VOC-free, easy to clean, and fire-rated. That makes the noise dampening panels the perfect choice for any healthcare center.

Need Help with Deciding? Reach Us

CSI Creative is unlike anyone else. Our unique impact-resistant hanging room divider panels provide you with outstanding acoustic performance. They're also 100% recyclable, non-allergic, and come with a Class A rating per ASTM E84, making them durable and safe.

Our room divider panels don't miss out on functionality. But we also realize the importance of the appeal when choosing to redesign the interiors of your commercial space. From digital printing, and casting, to molding and sculpting, we use a variety of processes for creating beautiful products. What's more, they're easy to assemble and can be a great DIY project.

Finally, you can also bring your personal vision to life by creating custom panels simply by sharing your vision. We'll ensure to make it a reality. Contact us to book a consultation today to find out the best way to transform any open space in your office.