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One of the most effective ways of curbing noise transmission is the use of acoustic ceiling panels or suspended acoustic panels. A suspended acoustical ceiling system absorbs soundwaves and stops their reverberation throughout the room. They also dampen the noise that is carried out of the room.

At CSI Creative, we offer a huge range and variants of acoustic suspended ceiling tiles and panels including suspended acoustic ceilings, acoustic false ceiling materials, ceiling wall panels, suspended ceiling tiles, felt wall cladding, hanging clouds, and suspended ceiling planks.

Our range of ceiling panels with acoustical properties is ideal for all sorts of environments. Our satisfied customers abound from industries such as healthcare, education, corporate, commercial, leisure, adventure parks, movie theaters, shopping malls, and more.

What Materials Are Used For Making Your Suspended Acoustic Panels

CSI Creative makes use of a large number of materials to create our stunning and effective ceiling panels and tiles. We use mineral fiber, gypsum, reinforced plastic, aluminum, laminates, MDF, GFRC, wood veneer, and artificial greenery. All our raw materials are organically sourced and are environment-friendly.

We also have two groundbreaking acoustical technologies in the form of Soundcore® and PoshFelt®. Both of them offer users powerful sound dampening properties and also prevent echoes. Their acoustical insulation feature ensures high-level acoustical performance for absorption and transmission of sound. Both Soundcore® and PoshFelt® are shock absorbent and impact resistant making them that much more durable.

While Soundcore® makes use of acoustic felt to create acoustically perfect spaces, PoshFelt® makes use of non-toxic and antimicrobial wool to get the same effects. They are also 100% recyclable, non-toxic, and non-allergenic. These materials are also compliant with fire codes for ensuring safety in all sorts of environments. Both PoshFelt® and Soundcore® are long-lasting and fade-resistant.

Here’s A Look At Our Range of Suspended Acoustic Panels And More

CSI Creative offers a wide array of suspended ceiling panels, tiles, and more. Our diverse range includes ceiling suspended acoustic wall panels, acoustic ceiling clouds, acoustic baffles, suspended acoustical ceiling systems, wool felt wall coverings, custom printed acoustic panels, acoustic sliding folding wall partitions, and felt wall cladding. IIn fact, our range of suspended and connected clouds is one of the largest out there. Choose from waffle clouds, profile clouds, stacked clouds, notched clouds, faceted clouds, and much more.

Our ceiling panels are ideal for plenty of functions. Choose to use these ceiling-suspended acoustic panels for privacy or as room dividers. With their tackable surfaces, they are perfect for hanging up items. We also offer custom printing options with some of our products. A larger-than-life movie poster or a serene beach scene, your ceiling panels can be whatever you want them to be.

Our PoshFelt® Dream Screen Office Acoustic Panels are an ideal product for modern, clean spaces. These can fit anywhere. They can be suspended from the ceiling, or hung on walls and windows. With our offer of customizing the carvings and colors on these panels, you can be sure to have the exact product that you have been looking for.

Another of our popular lines is the Virtual Plane Privacy Screen Collection. It is available in metal, felt, MDF, and acrylic materials. We also offer several patterns and laser-cut expressions to choose from when you order these privacy screens. They are perfect for offices and hospitals, as well as for restaurants and exhibitions. Make every space a thing of beauty with these standalone pieces.

Why Is CSI Wall Panel The Right Choice For You

Our promise of environment-friendly products that we make to our customers is what stands us apart from the competition. We believe in creating ceiling and wall panels that make life easier for those around us.

At CSI Creative, our team of expert professionals knows how important it is for a space to be acoustically perfect as well as look welcoming. When you share your vision with us, our team works to bring it to life verbatim.

CSI Creative works with you and within your budget. Go ahead and call us today for a consultation.