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Ceiling Wood Carved FlowersID# BIO-CLP-DT


Ceiling Wood Carved FlowersID# BIO-CLP-DT

Ceiling Wood Carved Flowers
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Wood Carved Flowers for Ceilings or Walls
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Photo 1

When talking about biophilia, the concept of "Natural Analogs" is often raised. Natural Analogs are things that remind us of nature, yet don't try to convince us of their realness. The Ceiling Wood Carved Flowers is a natural analog in the silhouette of a small plant or flower, made to remind people of the natural world without replicating it. These natural analogs provide a necessary break from the solid green in biophilic spaces, opening up your interior design options with a broader palette.



2' 7 1/4" x 2' 9" x 6"

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