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The right sort of ceiling-mounted acoustic panels improves and enhances the acoustic environment of a room by reducing the sound waves reflected off the walls. Our ceiling panels are multifunctional and can make any space vibrant and welcoming. Not to mention, our acoustic ceiling panels are perfect for making any space free of unwanted noise, with improved sound quality.

CSI Creative’ drop ceiling tiles, ceiling mounted sliding panels, ceiling mounted room divider panels and decorative ceiling panels are ideal for use in educational institutions, healthcare facilities, corporate buildings, commercial spaces, restaurants, exhibitions, and shopping malls with multiplexes.

With more than 5000 design ideas that we have worked upon and reviewed to create the perfect prototypes for you, CSI Creative brings to you a selection of the finest acoustic ceiling-mounted panels. Read on to find out which of our products are ideal for your space.

Take A Look At Our Effective and Varied Range Of Ceiling Panels

It doesn't matter what sort of space you are looking to enhance acoustically, we are sure to have the ideal product to complement it. Choose from our large acoustic panels or go for the ceiling-mounted room dividers. Our custom printed acoustic felt panels are also some of our most popular products. With these, you can get your favorite images or brand logos printed and displayed on your ceiling panels.

We also offer modular tiles that are crafted from ultra-plush 100% wool acoustic felt, as a part of our PoshFelt® range. It creates a sort of hushed environment as it filters out all unwanted sounds. You can get these in plenty of colors and designs.

Not to mention, All of our products are highly customizable in terms of size, colors, designs, installation options, and more. It is for sure a vibrant and luxurious experience for the viewer.

How Our Groundbreaking Technologies Are Leading The Way To Innovation

Although we have a huge library of product lines that are innovative and effective, our leading technologies permeate all of them. PoshFelt® and Soundcore® are the cornerstones of our product lines. Both of them offer users the chance to create an acoustically sound environment. While PoshFelt® makes use of non-toxic and antimicrobial wool that is sourced with cruelty-free methods, Soundcore® makes use of acoustic felt.

Both PoshFelt® and Soundcore® are non-toxic. They do not pollute the environment and are resistant to chemicals, water, stains, and abrasions. This means they will look good even years after you have them installed. Their durability and fade-resistant properties also work their magic in ensuring that the finished products remain in good condition even with years of use. In addition, both PoshFelt® and Soundcore® display fire retardant properties and are in compliance with fire safety rules.

Both of these technologies offer superb acoustical insulation and offer powerful sound absorption and transmission properties. They are also non-allergenic and VOC-free. Impact resistance and shock absorption properties displayed by them are also an added advantage when it comes to longevity. We believe in creating environment-friendly products that are exactly what the world needs now.

Choose The Expertise And Experience Of CSI Creative

Our range of ceiling panels is extremely effective. So effective in fact that even a few panels can make a difference to the sound quality of the room. As long as they are placed strategically. If you are unsure of your budget, talk to us. We will work around your budget and requirements to create an acoustically perfect space that is ideal for you.

Our experienced team, with plenty of experience, makes use of a varied range of production methods to create the final product. From digital printing to casting, from laser cutting to thermoforming, and from sculpting to scalloping, we leave no production process untried when we create your customized pieces.

Go ahead and give us a call today to schedule a consultation with us. We can assure you that if you do not find what you are looking for in our huge repertoire of designs and products, we will customize raw materials and finished products.