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CSI Acoustic CubesID# SCCU01


CSI Acoustic CubesID# SCCU01

Acoustic Cube
CSI Acoustic Cubes #SCCU01.1
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Powerful noise control, unlimited style. Our designers and architects have converged their efforts on an affordable material that excels in NRC, while remaining versatile, customizable and next-level cool.

  • Powerful sound dampening for a mindful atmosphere.
  • Extremely customizable, made to order.
  • Wide variety of products, colors and applications.
  • Made from recycled, post-consumer plastics.
  • Markets include education, corporate, commercial, hospitality, healthcare.
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CSI Wall Panels

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Soundcore® is a premium quality, decorative, cost-effective architectural acoustic solution with unprecedented versatility for walls and ceilings. Soundcore® blurs the lines between art and function to solve your design.


Soundcore® acoustic fiber


25+ including wall panels, ceiling baffles, visual screens, 3D tiles, furniture components and more.


Modular design; 4’ x 8’ x ½” - 2”, 4’ x 9’, 4’ x 6’, 4’ x 4’, 4’ x 2’, custom.


45+ colors


0.45 - 0.90 NRC

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Acoustical Insulation

Outstanding acoustical performance for sound absorption and transmission.

Impact Resistant

Impact resistant and shock absorbent.

Fire Rated

Complies with building fire codes with a Class A rating per ASTM E84.

Environment Friendly

100% recyclable, VOC free including formaldehyde, non- toxic and non-allergenic.


Pinnable surface with superior holding characteristics.


Will not deteriorate, rot or change color and is non-hygroscopic.

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If you’re looking to bring some color and excellent acoustics to your workplace, then nothing comes better than our range of CSI Acoustic Cubes. A brilliant solution for commercial spaces with limited area, these acoustic cubes are lightweight and can be easily suspended from the ceiling. Semi-rigid panels which are highly decorative as well as functional, if you’re looking to control the reverberation of noise in your space and don’t have much space on the ground, then these acoustic cubes offer a chic yet practical solution.

A great way to improve the listening environment of your space on a budget and without much hassle, our collection of acoustic panels can be stacked on the floor too to mark out quieter zones. If you’re opting for our acoustic cubes, then don’t forget to install them in different sizes and colors, at different height to give your space a playful and vibrant feel. Not to forget the excellent acoustic performance which will reduce reverberation energy and block sound.

Available in a range of colors, styles, sizes, patterns, finishes, thickness and noise reduction coefficient (NRC) ratings, we have acoustic panels which are effective sound control solutions and ones which will introduce warmth and comfort in the setting till times to come. Perfect for installation in residential spaces and commercial spaces including schools, theatres, offices, hospitality spaces, retail, airports, studios, gyms, swimming pools, auditoriums, healthcare facilities, places of worship, conference rooms and others, these CSI acoustic cubes will bring refined, artistic effects along with brilliant noise control.

Crafted from premium quality materials, our CSI Acoustic Cubes have a highly whimsical and vibrant look and will bring an effective acoustic performance to the setting. Easy to use, clean and maintain, our sound absorbers are lightweight, durable, free of harmful substances and chemical irritants and will give your space a highly exceptional acoustic performance.

Ideal for rooms where the roof is high and where the décor of the space is neutral and monotonous, we have CSI Acoustic Cubes which will fit in beautifully in a large variety of spatial design and interior spaces.

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